Love and Loneliness: Different Approaches in Relationship

On this topic I mentioned that Leon, my friend of 30 years was going to the wedding of an ex-love of mine from 30 years ago (Scorpio Cheats Death…) who has been his friend for 40 years. Point being, Leon keeps his friends.

And on that note, he was flying to Michigan for this wedding, meeting another friend in the airport, also flying in for the wedding and this guy, Leon and the groom… well they have all been friends since they were 10 years old! So like I said, Leon keeps his friends.

And the other day I was talking to satori about Leon explaining how his first ex-wife came back into his life about 3 years ago when her ex-husband died suddenly. Her second husband (the dead guy) was a true prick and I’d know because I met him. He was your basic abusive control freak but very sophisticated and although they were divorced he still had an incredible hold on this gal. And I will tell you what a prick he was. Lying on his deathbed, he left her with this:

“I really hope you do something about your anger problem. You know. For the sake of the kids. It’s hurtful to them…”

::shakes head:: Can you imagine? Why can’t the guy just die? She’s got to deal with 2 kids who lost their father and he’s got to take one last parting shot to undermine her.

So anyway, she showed up on Leon’s doorstep and he healed her. They did not become romantically/sexually involved. Leon just let her talk and used his intuition to shore her up. I helped too at a distance because we both loved this gal very much.

But I was just amazed and heartened at the loving way Leon dealt with her. I was proud of him, proud to know him as I watched him spend months slowly undoing the damage inflicted by the dead guy who had spent 15 years telling her she was broken.

Well she wasn’t broken. We knew that, so I supported him in supporting her and about a year later she started pulling away, having met a man she subsequently married.

So anyway, that’s Leon. If he loves you, he loves you. He doesn’t care what you go off and do or who you do it with. If you call him up he’ll pick up the phone. He won’t pick it up for long because he hates phone calls, but you can definitely show up at his house any time, day or night and have a place to stay along with whatever else he’s got lying around.

So this is one way to handle relationships. There are others and I am going to write about them.

Are you super loyal or do you know anyone who is? How does it show in your chart?

(Leon – Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith conjunct in Scorpio.)

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12 thoughts on “Love and Loneliness: Different Approaches in Relationship”

  1. My husband is super super loyal. Sun, Venus, Jupiter in Scorpio. Opposite Saturn in Taurus so sometimes it’s stubbornly loyal!

  2. I am extremely loyal to those I love, family and friends. I do, however, expect such loyalty to be reciprocated, and when it’s not, when that person will not stand up for me like I’d do for them, when they aren’t a 2AM friend, when they openly (and behind my back) judge me, etc…yeah, I find it hard to remain loyal. Civil, yes. I’d still stand up for them, but they are pushed out of my inner circle, usually permanently.

  3. I’m super loyal and am grossly insulted by people who betray my loyalty. I’m not positive, but I think it would be Aries Sun, Merc, and Venus in the 8th house. Maybe Cap Moon helps? I dunno.

  4. Damned if I know whether it shows on my chart. But I have been known to be loyal to the very end (and as I am still alive, that end has not arrived), even when the person I’m being loyal TO has taken a dive into the deep end. As in flown the coop. I still wonder what has happened to some of my friends… 🙁

  5. I’m pretty loyal. Sag moon is philosophical about shortcomings: mine, their’s, and the world’s. Capricorn stellium takes a loooong-term view on everything.

  6. very very very loyal to those I love even though I have Sun in Gem. But when you let me down (hurt me) or cross me too many times I let you go with a quickness. It takes a lot to shake me, but once you shake me I am shook for good!

  7. If I’ve been through a lot with someone, then I will be loyal to them regardless of the ups and downs they’re having, unless they intentionally try to manipulate me. Then I reassess and might walk.

    But, honestly, I can’t imagine having a friend through a lot and not seeing their manipulativeness before that time, in which case it would probably not ever get to the “long term” stage.

  8. No one ever leaves my life forever. When the relationship changes, there might be some time we are apart, but eventually it is replaced by something permanent.
    As long as I don’t have to live with their negative qualities, I am more than happy to see and embrace their positive ones.
    Lovey-dovey Pisces moon 🙂

  9. I think my ability to walk away came about because I am a military brat. We were never in one place for more than a year or two and if I wasn’t leaving a place my friends were. Hated that for a long time cause I felt like I missed out on those life long connections… Now I think of it as a blessing of sorts. At an early age I became aware of the fact that life goes on no matter what (or who) you have to leave behind.
    Have to admit all of the people I have had serious relationships with (friends and lovers) seemed a bit shocked by my ability to be able to let them go once I finally became aware of the need to do so. People tend to go into shock when they go from being hot S**T on a silver platter to being cold P**S on a paper plate! Even had one guy say he didn’t really want to break things off…only wanted me to “stand by” till he was ready to takes things farther.

  10. I’m loyal to a fault (Leo Sun). I even give people I don’t care for the benefit of the doubt, until they cross me, my family, or anyone else I care about. Then, that’s the end of them.

  11. to a small group of people. it takes awhile for someone to fall in to that group. usually. depends on the circumstances.
    generally there’s a need for someone to be tested enough by life for me to get a sense of their actual character while i’m around them. and then i’ll do all kinds of things… if they ask. or if something is obviously really wrong i’ll offer.

    but i’ll drop people with no qualms if they seem poisonous to me, for whatever reason. except my mother. can’t quite cut her off, really. which is an interesting lesson on its own. but those people never “pass” my original testing in the first place.

    so i’m not sure how it counts.

    i have a “kite” thing with venus/pluto/saturn/neptune. with the venus/pluto opposition sitting in each other’s houses (8/2) holding the rest of it together.

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