Moon Uranus: Inability To Attach

electric_mixer.jpgQuiet around here… I guess people have their stomachs in their throats, I know I do.

The Pisces Moon is currently conjunct Uranus and emotions are unstable. Worse, later this evening the Moon heads into the Mars Pluto mess and many have a feelings of dread.

It would be a lot simpler if things were deep and still but Uranus acts like some sort of crazy egg beater whipping things up and also preventing a person from being able to attach.

For example, I would write you guys some deeply stirring Pluto Moon bit if only I could lose the frenetic energy part of this equation. As it is I am unable to settle in and all the planets in Virgo insist people work, preferably like slaves.

The result is an upset stomach to say the least.

Who else out there is churning?

29 thoughts on “Moon Uranus: Inability To Attach”

  1. Ha ha, the queen of churn.

    I haven’t been able to do a damn thing all day. Partly to do with wine drank last night at my dinner party, but I’m just up and down and all around. Something like getting downstairs to do dishes is a three-hour affair.


  2. Well I’m happy that I decided to quit one of my jobs but my co-workers are deeply upset. I know–they actually keep calling me at home today to ask what I’m doing!
    ~”Now I’m washing grapes!”
    ~”Now? I’m making lunch…”

    It’s just weird. I know it’s a good decision and yes it is SUPPOSED to be scary. My SO is disturbed by it, too. I just feel as though I need to mooove. Finish my book. Concentrate on my art. Go find a part-time job and work with people who I don’t know and am completely uninvolved with.

    I realize that a lot of this is grief related but I figure it’s better than running off to Mexico, which was Plan B…

  3. I wanted to tell you guys a nice Virgo story…my crazy sister just got into subsidized housing for single parents and has a beautiful new home!

    She is a Leo with Virgo ASC–Saturn has been hammering her for years and finally she has created opportunities for herself that are really, really positive (she and her daughter have been living with my parents for almost 1 year and the situation was becoming unbearable).

    I’m so, so, so proud of her. She’s 35 and this turn of events is a loooong time coming for her.

  4. *raises hand* I can’t even really explain any of it. I’m just trying to go to work every day and not bitch at anyone. Trying to complain less in general.

  5. Kashmiri, I’m delighted for you and your sister. It’s good to know the constructive results of Saturn. It should give us hope, it should 😉

  6. I am messed up today. Not terrible, just like the rock grinding against rock during an earthquake. I am trying to stay below the radar and keep my grumpiness to myself. My wife and eldest daughter have been supportive. It is good to be able to just let them know that I am not feeling upbeat and have them understand.

    kashmiri- congratulations on your decision and on the good news about your sister.

  7. That explains the feelings of dread I felt this evening that caused me to finally do some personal filing to keep sensitive personal paperwork from lying around the house =)

  8. On one hand my mother got a very positive report on her echo=ocardiogram today at the cardiologist, and that is wonderful & fabulous news. I am thrilled about that.

    Here and otherwise I am having a few health issues along with some aches and pains and, while I was gone today, my dogs (or one of them anyway) put a major hurting on my couch…foam rubber madness all over the house.

    I was also waiting to see if a hurricane was going to cancel an upcoming flight I have on Thursday, but it looks like I’ll still be flying.

  9. Not a bit. Nutt’n. My scorpio boss is having quite the stretch of days though. As for me, I’m more relaxed and creative than I have been in a long, long time!

  10. I had a test I was supposed to take tomorrow which would allow me to start a path to bring me to the career change that I’m seeking (I’m planning on going into nursing, starting pre-req classes at the end of this month, and was testing to get my CNA license so I could actually get some healthcare experience).

    Yeah, so this hurricane came along and scared everyone, and the state agency responsible for testing cancelled the test. They rescheduled me for a day that is a big problem because it is the one day of the week that I’ll be in class. It’s also a month away. So now, while they reschedule again, I’m probably looking at another two months to test on the class that I finished at the end of June.

    To make it even better, the local county has decided that the hurricane probably isn’t going to hit us after all, and we’re relatively safe.

    The state agency isn’t testing anyway tomorrow. So it looks like I’m churned and burned here. 🙁

    I’m a Cappy, I don’t mind climbing the mountain, but damn, I get mad when the mountain keeps moving away from me!

  11. just more things coming up to be dealt with. knew they were there anyway. but it’s rising fast and furious and the bubbles keep popping on me.

    and, yeah, can’t get away from work.

  12. I was doing a lot of escaping from duties today, and it really came back and bit me. Maybe if I’d kept busy? I’ve been getting so emotional out of nowhere all day. Dolly Parton’s song Jolene came on, and what did I do? Started crying! Then laughed at myself because I had no idea why I was literally crying over this song. Then I cried at a commercial on TV, and at the end of the show I was watching. Keep in mind, I wasn’t crying my eyes out or anything, but you know. That description of Moon/Uranus definitely fits my situation.

  13. I’m doing okay, surprisingly enough, but fielding a lot of calls from and giving hugs to those who are really under it today/tonight. Today, my job is to *listen*…

    Yay for your mom, loonsounds!

  14. Weird. I was just wondering why my tummy was in knots. However, my Virgo list of to do chores has remained untouched this evening including a cake I was supposed to make – so the egg beater is a nice guilty reminder. 🙂

  15. Pisces moon here, have spent yesterday and today in la-la land. On vacation, was supposed to go off and do something, and instead I’m writing stories, brainstorming creative projects and have spoken on the phone to 4 out of 5 siblings, my mother and my best friend. And also my boyfriend, but with him I’ve been analyzing his divorce/parenting and holding my tongue! I feel like cleaning and organizing too. Is it still Mars in Virgo? I have that too. Feeling the urge to get my house shipshape.

  16. this night has definitely been….confusing!!!

    had a talk with someone I’ve been talking to a lot lately and who I’d want to start a relationship with. Our current status, well I am completely confused as to what it is…. I always needs things spelled out for me. Tonight our conversation left me even more confused and less willing to talk about it than I’ve been. I am Aqua and very uncomfortable deciphering emotions.

    An ex who screwed me over pretty badly then calls me to tell me that he is thinking about hurting himself.

    just very dread filled night

  17. Me! I’m churning!

    After a highly productive last week, yesterday was quiet as far as progress goes…and I was on a borderline anxiety attack most of the day. Had a doctors appt yesterday afternoon, and my pulse was just racing, even though my blood pressure was right where it was supposed to be. (It wouldn’t have been if not for the meds, though.)

    It is like an eggbeater! But one that is still whipping around when you take it out of the bowl. I’ve got shit splattered everywhere! lol

    I haven’t been weepy – yet – but I’m terribly impatient. More so than usual. So much is riding on everything on the to-do list that when I get stymied, the whole thing hits HOLD. Gah.

  18. Churning isn’t the word. I’ve had death and a family (not mine) possibly breaking up and messing up young kids’ lives all go down in the past few days. And both events (Uranus) were totally unexpected. It’s like having two lightning strikes hit, and dealing with the aftermath…the burns and looooooooooong recuperation (Pluto).

  19. That’s funny, PixieDust. I’m on vacation too, and writing stories, and articles, and “getting stuff done!” 🙂

  20. kashmiri, that is wonderful news! congrats to your sis!! 🙂

    Myself, I’m definitely churning…or being churned by others…not sure which 😛

  21. I can’t even talk about it enough to make sense of it for anyone else …. but yeah. As Kris says, shit splattered everywhere and I’ve got one hand over my gut right now.

    I can see it will get better but right now I’ma stick my head back under the covers thanks.


  22. Definitely a strange day and even today,Aug.19 the energy persists. Am laying low, trying not to speak my thoughts out loud too much with Mars/Libra on my Saturn/Neptune in the 7th! Hoping this strange o energy lets up soon..

  23. Yay for you and your Sis Kashmiri!

    I’m a churning away.

    I’ve got a new boyfriend. We’ve been going out for a month and then sunday he asked me to go up to his families cottage this weekend with his family. Which is definitely outside my usual vein (I dated a guy for four years and never met his mom.. ). But I’m goin’.

    My virgo moon is cnj all that stuff in Virgo and my natal Sagittarius Neptune (less so with my venus) which with the Uranus cnj moon all forms a loose n’lovely t-square . . Soooo Freaking out. Very very quietly. And less so today. Yesterday I was off the wall.

  24. I was semi-emotional and on the verge of an anxiety attack all day, until around 8pm Eastern Time, when my mood just lifted – I felt lighter than I had for weeks (except for last Saturday, which was also an amazingly good day, considering the surrounding days). The things that were stressing me out last week, are now barely registering in the same way. Maybe I’ve finally managed to hook into the more detached side of things (I have a lot of uranus aspects in my own chart, and I used to be very laid-back. You’d think this would be easier for me). Mars and Pluto rule my Sun and ascendant – I also have PMS – so I suppose I shouldn’t have been so surprised at the wave of emotions hitting me recently.

    I’m happy for your mum, Loonsounds, and kashmiri’s sister. 🙂 I’m looking forward more and more, to Saturn crossing my ascendant once again. The first time it happened, I was a (very hard-working) kid. Pluto was there, too, so I think Saturn really grounded me during that period.

  25. Thanks everybody! It’s so awesome to see people rise above their circumstances, and it’s even better to see her do it for herself! 🙂

    I’m sending all of my pals in Elsaland some love and good vibes. Times are definitely tough but it’s nice to have people to talk to about, here.

  26. Oh my God I’m so churned up. I really hope this stops soon. I basically embodied Moon-Uranus yesterday and now I just don’t know what to do with myself. Glad to see there’s happy news around here.

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