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I’m just off the phone with a gal who has Saturn in Pisces wrapping up in 4th house. If you are earlier in this process, this should still help. This gal has a Sagittarius moon so I know she’ll benefit if you benefit.

You’re supposed to shore up your life when Saturn transits your 4th house. It’s slow process, that feels even slower since you’re likely to trend towards depression during this transit.  This gal has been through all that.  Saturn was headed for her 5th house and then what? A retrograde.

All the sudden she’s losing ground, or thinks she is.  It’s like a sinkhole, she’s slipping back.  But not really!

Saturn in Pisces easily distorts things.  You have a small setback or another straw places on your back. It’s easy to think that’s it!  It scares you. You’re never going to get out of this mess!

But we have astrology and a lifetime of experience. We are going to get out!  But when you’re slipping, it’s terrifying.

Now this gal has done all kind of work to secure her position.  She got sober, for one thing.  Sound easy? I don’t think so.  If she can do that, she can do this last little bit.

At the end of the consultation, I thought of an old John Prine song and this line in particular, “It’s a half an inch of water and you think you’re going to drown…”

Is Saturn in Pisces transiting your 4th house?  How’s it going?

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19 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces Transiting Your 4th House – Sinkhole”

  1. Yes, it is and I have Moon Jupiter so I relate. I still have a bit more to go… and then once it crosses into my 5th, it will Rx back eventually as well.

    1. It’s definitely felt veryyy slow. And, I’ve dealt with the depression, the lowness of it. But, it’s been good and I can see that now. It allowed me deep inner time, to get my inner world right, but very isolating to the point that it’s weird to get back out into the world again… to imagine an external “life” anew.
      ‘The slowdown helped me deal with some major health struggles though that would have spun out of control otherwise if I hadn’t been forced to halt.

      1. I imagine Saturn in Pisces is way more palatable than Saturn in Capricorn when it transited my 4th (on top of a second Saturn return).. keep your faith, you WILL make it, and with flying ribbons😊🌻

  2. Yes, it’s in my 4th for a year now, and I have almost two more years to go. I’m thinking of selling my apartment and moving to something bigger but prices are way too high right now. Also neighborhood is changing very fast, old family houses are replaced by buildings. We are sorounded by construction sites. Its getting too busy, noisy and hectic. I’ve been here for 15 years and love my neighborhood but it’s like all the circumstances are coming together preparing me for a change. Is the 4th house connected to our parents? Mine are getting older and need more of my help and care… Definitely not a lite transit😒

  3. Yah, that’s my situation. Sag Moon and Saturn just starting in the 4th house. It’s opposing Uranus and Pluto so work is disturbing me at the root.

  4. Yep, I have a sag moon and venus. Saturn going through my 4th house. As I remember the last time it went through that house my Dad died which was one of the catalysts that helped me get out of my first marriage. Restructured my home.My family.

    1. No. Those are outer planets so any event would be on a macro level, entirely outside your control.

      This is more like something that happens to your generation. The example that comes to mind is student loan payments being suspended and then not. It has a significant affect but worrying is pointless.

  5. Yes I have Saturn transiting my 4th House. We got evicted due to a buying of our duplex we rented and a remodel ensuing. At the time, COVID was still pretty rampant and we were being forced to go into the office three times a week. I was of the age I could retire and my S.O. had inherited his family home 400 miles away. The plan had been to start looking from our place of residence up North for a town we liked and could afford a home in, but that got stripped away and we ended up moving South instead. It has been a case of “We are not in Kansas anymore” for both of us. Not to mention the burden my S.O. has been under trying to single handily repair, paint and is working like a dog so we he can sell it. But first we have to 550 miles back North a few times before we can to find another home or we’ll be homeless. If we were 30, it would not be so bad- but we are in our 60’s. It’s been trying for both of us.

      1. Thanks Elsa! Oh yes! We were going to try and rush but no purpose now. I am pretty resilient and he’s very positive though he gets down sometimes. He’s very Jupiterian thank goodness! Moon and Jupiter conj in Pisces and a Sag rising. I have an 11th House Jupiter at 20 degrees with Merc in Sag. I think all together we are going to be positive but it does take it’s toll!

  6. Yes! Saturn is retrograding into the last degrees of my 4th. Pluto is squaring my ASC. The S. node will conjunct my ASC. I won’t repeat what you’ve said. So spot on! My experience is nearly just as you describe it. I agreed to & was excited about moving to a new city and setting up home, as my husband has a career opportunity here. Yet, all I can see right now is it’s clear I don’t fit into the social agreement. I’m isolated and not resonating with my new home surroundings. It’s as if I’m sinking into a difficult place where I have no choice but to stay. And, all the while I’m reassured to hear this isn’t yet the entire story.

  7. Saturn in Pisces is transiting my fourth house. In addition when I did my solar return I had Venus opposite Pluto in the fourth and a mash up in the 8th house. My husband lost his six year battle with cancer in December. He was 57. I saw it coming a mile away. I had to sell the house to get out from under the six digit mortgage and was a cash buyer for a place half the size. Yes it’s hard but knowing the astrology helped me to prepare mentally for it.

  8. is it the right time to face up BLACK fact with husband, his taking of all incoming monies, leaving me with substantial property taxes, AS he buys new car. I do have to bring matter to his attention, need the right this the best time? my thanks

  9. Currently in my 4th house like the girl in the article. I did as she did in a sense. Also, I thought I was over the man who broke my heart and then here we are again going through it once more because we started chatting a couple weeks ago. 🙁

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