Are People Attracted To A Certain Physical Type?

My sister believed, we all have a “blueprint” around what we’re looking for in a partner. Dark eyes, dark hair, or whatever.

“You’re sitting on a plane with whomever, and your type walks by,” she explained. “You look at him, you can’t help it. It’s the guy you are always going to notice, who is going to notice you…

I have a distinct prototype. It’s embarrassing; blatantly obvious to anyone who knows me. For example, A friend of mine (with a Scorpio moon) was looking through my photo albums some years ago. I had a Scorpio boyfriend at the time.

“You better not show these to him. Everyone in here looks just like him. I don’t think he’d be too happy if he saw these pictures,” she said.

“Well he ought to be happy, he’s my type! What does he want me to do? Be sitting on a plane with him and have some other man turn my head?”

She understood but this did not stop her from making this offering to store my pictures at her house if he and decided to move in together.

Do you have a certain type that will always turn your head? Where do you think it comes from?

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  1. The physical characteristics I like best are intangible ones like a man’s scent or his voice. For the most part, though, I am repelled by overly tall, lanky men.

  2. I do have a physical type (square, muscular, dark hair, pretty eyes) but I haven’t always dated people who fit that description. I did marry a guy who fits it though.

  3. Always gone for green-eyed guys, with any shade of blonde hair (usually it’s ash blonde), the sorta tallish northern european looks. Now my father has green eyes but he’s also short with brown hair, so that can’t be all of it.

    My current guy has medium brown hair and fair skin BUT the most intense, gorgeous green eyes I have EVER seen! He’s not nordic but hispanic which is a novelty for me. His nickname is actually “Greeneyes” and he has Scorpio rising so you can just imagine what those eyes are capable of. It’s the absolute first thing people notice about him. Talk about weak in the knees!

  4. Variety. Definitely like to mix it up. All cultures appeal to the many buttons in me that like to be pushed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a one man woman, committed…. but I can find attraction in myriad of types. Plenty of women I think fall into the HOT category as well. If I like a ‘look’ or a ‘personality’, sizzle just happens.

  5. i like a combination of physical and other traits…

    although i never thought about it or broke it down before, almost every man i’ve ever dated has been tall-6 feet or more. and solid-not overly muscular, not overly skinny. broad shoulders and all that jazz.

    other than that, sense of humor and intelligence are the other big things. the first guy that could keep up with me in the brains department, i married. 🙂

  6. Goddess is my alter ego on this one.

    I like brawny guys with deep voices and stunning intellects. Anything else is gravy! Lately I’ve been paying more attention to bald guys, but I think that’s because my SO is bald.

  7. I think men in general are yummy, but the ones that grab me come in two types. I like them all around six feet tall, though. I also like men who aren’t too thin, because I adore somewhat soft men I can cuddle with. I can handle a some tummy, but not excessive tummy. 😉

    The first type has the northern European look–light skin, light eyes, light hair. Oh, and with “playful” eyes, if that makes sense.

    The second type has dark hair and eyes and slightly tan skin. I’m dating a German/Hungarian mutt and he’s absolutely yummy.

    Oh, and abs… and arms… SEE WHAT YOU DID, ELSA?! Why’d you have to start talking about men?! Haha.. Me and my Scorp. rising… (BTW, yesterday was AMAZING for me concerning the Scorp. stellium…)

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    Strawberry Field

    You’d be hard pressed to find a pattern of physical appearances in ~my~ photo albums. I have eclectic tastes when it comes to physiques.

    Aquarius Asc (Uranus rules my chart)
    Uranus as my first planet (what I look for) in the 7H (relationship/partner)

    Variety, diversity, ‘explore and try everything’ (and yes, I’ve been around the block!)

    One thing I *do* need is (nothing to do with physical appearance) lots of elbow room (aka freedom – a Uranus/Aquarius thing) and *all* my past partners have afforded me that.

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    Strawberry Field

    Marly’s mention of what ~repels~ her makes me think/realize…

    that I am (generally, but not always) *repelled* by both men and women of “magazine cover” look… those cookie-cutter blondes or hunks who are indistinguishable from each other…

    and I see that that is my Aq/Ur at play again.

    Most people can’t understand my attractions. The less diplomatic friends (one in particular) have repeatedly said (in disgust) “You find ~that~ sexy??”. And they’ll point out some physical flaw, and I’ll go, “So??? What’s that got to do with anything?”

    I have dated ‘head turners’ (that gets tedious, it really does) and what some people might have considered ‘dogs’ — and every flavor in between.

    Yep. Definitely Uranus/Aq. Had never really realized the extent of it until now.

  10. I don’t have a physical type. I thought I did for a while, but it turns out I was wrong. Depending on various factors in my life, I’ve either gone for very tall men or rather short ones. Slender bodies, pudgy bodies, long flowing locks, thinning hair, blue/brown/hazel/green eyes, with glasses and without…

    BUT! They’ve all been geeks in one way or another. Lately, the preference seems to be for gamer geeks with prominant Aries and Pisces. *shrugs* HellifIknow!

  11. I TOTALLY have a very specific type that i like and one that I don’t like!

    I DON’t like too tall, thin, blond men 😐
    (saturn in the 7th has brought me one of those though, he is handsome but not my type at all. other then that he is the male version of a Stepford Wife, will saturn drive me to commit to him?…we’ll see. )

    What I do love is kinda compact, dark men! black eyes, the arab type, see? usually they have dark thick eyebrows and black eyes, I like fuzzy masculine men.
    I hate the metrossexual type.

    I identify alot with what my fellow Aquarius rising Strawberry said. There is a connection between our 7th house and the type of people we like, I have a preference for leo rising man.

  12. OK this may be a bit odd … but I have a certain type men I like and a certain type women I like. I am more likely to be attracted to a man outside the “type” than a woman outside the type … but I tend to be attracted to things beyond the physical type. Still, though, you make a good point, and a tall, broad-shouldered bear of a man with a bit of a belly will turn my head every. single. time. (and if he’s dark, even better … LOL!) Just like a petite girl with hips on the wide side and a nice ass gets my attention consistently.

  13. Bald men, light eyes, broad shoulders, thick neck…I stop talking (no small feat ;-)) whenever someone like that walks by!

  14. smiling eyes and strong bone structure. strong noses or finely shaped noses. interesting hair: long, none, unusual. a look of conspiratorial smugness. mmmm.

  15. I tell myself that I have one type but I seem to notice a lot of people who don’t fit it, though usually with lanky muscle. I say I usually usually like men with medium length dark hair and sometimes, I think, large intelligent, attractive eyes. I think I don’t usually go for blondes but I have noticed them. Sometimes all a man I like has to do to get me not attracted to them is shave his head or grow long hair. I don’t like men with shaved heads usually or with that much facial hair when it doesn’t look artful enough. I thought I don’t like hairy men but I have been and am attracted to men with chest hair. I’ve got a thing for Aquarians, that’s for certain.

  16. Guys who go off the IQ scale (on the high end :-)), with too much energy. Strong physically though – I do not like small skinny guys, or wiry guys in general. I like a lot of men, all nationalities all colours – but the overactive geniuses are the ones who stick.

  17. I have a preference alright. But I never seem to get it. I’m almost 5’10”, average build, brown hair/brown eyes.

    Tall dark and handsome, that’s what I like. Athletic but not overly muscular. I’m not attracted to blondes or skinny, lanky men.

    My high school sweetheart was dirty blonde with aqua blue eyes. Skinny, a little taller than me.

    My ex-husband was a redhead in youth and turned brown/auburn with age, but his goatee was still red. He had hazel eyes. Same height and average/stocky build.

    The guy I dated after my divorce had dark hair and blue eyes, my height. Slim/athletic build.

    And the guy I’m seeing now has light brown hair and a red goatee (I know, similiar to the ex-husbans) except he has blue-grey eyes. AND he’s shorter than me!! Go figure. Man, he’s a hottie. He has an average to slight build.

    So variety obviously doesn’t bother me. I just know the tall, dark and handsome turns my head first. But it’s the rest of the package that reels me in 😉

    I just wanna feel like a “girl”, dammit! I wish I was a petite little thing. I’m starting to think that really tall guys go for the opposite end of the spectrum.. the short stacks. Who knows?

  18. “Most people can’t understand my attractions. The less diplomatic friends (one in particular) have repeatedly said (in disgust) “You find ~that~ sexy??”. And they’ll point out some physical flaw, and I’ll go, “So??? What’s that got to do with anything?”

    I can see where you’re coming from, Strawberry Fields!! If I love a guy, I love his flaws too. I’m not being romantic, I mean, I will love his gap-toothed smile, or his hairy back (yup, I’m not even kidding) of his bald spot or his big nose.

    My repulsion for tall skinny men comes from a bad relationship and it’s visceral: I’ve turned white and flustered when encountering this physical type in close settings.

  19. scorpio rising here and i LURRRVE other scorpio risings: dark, moody, intense. the occasional blonde or redhead will get me too, but not as often. i’m a sucker for L – O – N – G hair on a guy. last ex i nearly broke my heart over had pisces rising though, with the most beautiful eyes in the world: large, brown, compassionate. a girl could lose her soul in eyes like those, i know i nearly did, ha…

  20. I find myself attracted to thin, average height, olive skin, dark haired guys. I liked many Asians growing up, my husband is filipino (but is often mistaked for a hispanic). There’s something about those quiet, mysterious looking Asian guys. I also love latin men, but my dad and a few I dated ruined that for me 🙁
    When I was an adolescent, I also really liked black boys. Okay, now that I think about it….anyone is my Lets see…..A Pisces guy really broke my heart. I broke a few Libra hearts. I had an intense relationship with a Scorpio (love/hate relationship)….and that was about it until I met my match…an Aquarius. I never had the chance to date another Leo, but I suppose that would’ve been a disaster anyways!
    For the most part though, I’m not into the typical muscle-man-hot-guy (Vin Diesel-types)…I like them skinny, deep, and FUNNY.
    I also think that 98% of females are just beautiful, no matter what their sign or physical attributes are.

  21. I am very specific about this: geeky white boy intellectual. Tall, thin, pasty, preppy, and always very boyish. He needs to carry himself like an overgrown boy as well, so someone who conveys a combination of naivite and cockyness with occasional streaks of brilliance. And once I talk to them, they’d better have a PhD or other advanced degree or its a no go.

  22. good looking helps, but isn’t necessary. it’s usually something more about character that draws me.

    . er. well. really, it’s a strong pluto signature that gets my attention, apparently 😛 or uranus. i have a weakness for wise fools. (or would that be more neptune than uranus?)

  23. I like brawny guys with deep voices and stunning intellects. Anything else is gravy! Lately I’ve been paying more attention to bald guys, but I think that’s because my SO is bald.

    Looks like I’m SaDiablo’s alter ego. I’ve got a bald, tall, brawny, funky-glasses-wearing, chest-hair-having, bass-playing, Cancer-type man.

    I really, really like this topic of “imprint.” I love the physical qualities my man has, but the type goes beyond what’s apparent. I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone who looked like this guy before, but even my former SO said about him, “he’s your TYPE.”

    My impression when I first saw him (and every time I see him) is that he’s my caveman. Not that he looks Cro-Magnon, but that his whole look sets off pinball machine lights and sounds in my head like I finally found the person that matches my subconscious old-brain baby duckling imprint. He is just IT for me– I never want to look at anything else.

  24. Dark hair, eyes. Men: stocky – pudgy is even OK.

    And I have a thing about forearms. LOL. I always notice nice muscular forearms.

    When I was dating, the person had to have manners and reasonable grooming and not be dumb.

  25. I am a Taurus and I really. Really. Like Scorpios. Yes, I have loved a Leo and a Cappy and even really really loved a Virgo. But I love love love Scorpios. Please. I get it. The next Scorpio you give me, if he adores me more than anyone else in the world, is successful, loves words, adventure, travel, creativity, fun, peace and quiet, the beauty of life, and precious things like animals and art, I am there 100%.

  26. To follow Elsa’s paramaters
    and be a bit physical about it….

    I have Mars in Sagittarius, so to me, physical is:

    and hair
    and sometimes eyes

    Case closed 🙂

  27. I definitely have physical types. Though it takes more than that to keep me interested. But there are people whose looks make my eyes all googley if they walk by.

  28. Smart and witty is a prerequisite, automatically. I don’t even look othersie, no matter the Scorp or the charisma. Well, Scorp, maybe….

  29. Yesterday I was reminded (thanks to youtube) that Anthony Keidis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers embodies everything that I find attractive. He’s beautiful!

    But i also think that a male form of Bjork would be PERFECT for me.

    (I’m a scorpio with an aquarius moon).

  30. I like dark hair and blue eyes. The whole Irish thing. Conservative on the outside, but with devilish eyes. However, it all comes down to mental chemistry. If the chemistry is there, I really don’t care about looks.

  31. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I’m not attracted to tall and skinny.
    Other than that, I’m pretty much omnivorous. Personality matters most!
    Sun in Virgo/8th; Moon in Taurus/5th; Mars conjunct Pluto in Libra; Gemini desc. w Mercury in Libra/8th.

  32. 1) Jaw-line-the stronger the better.

    2) Broad shoulders

    3) Broody, Creative

    4) Dark Hair

    5) Usually Taurus and Aries. Current sweetie is double Aries.

    Think David Boreanaz (Angel) and George Clooney.

  33. Somehow I always hone in on anorexic or used-to-be women with some Capricorn. She’s very feminine (mini-skirt), often secretive, kind of dominating in a discreet way, and the more neurotic the better. And oh how I wish I could change that about me!

  34. Oh yes, she tends to have an oval-shaped or diamond-shaped face and wide mouth, wears bright red lipstick and medium-long nose. WTF is wrong with me???!!!

  35. Hmm dark hair, slim to athletic build, 6 foot. Kind eyes and engaging smile. Although I seem to attract more blonde/red haired men so I’ve been opening my horizon.

  36. I always, and still do, like tallish dark-haired guys. The hairier, the better (Mars in Leo). 😉 I also dig intelligence (Mercury in Virgo, 5th house). I dated a lot of smart, engaging, gamer geek types, but didn’t marry one, strangely enough. Hubby is short and stocky, with curly hair, IS intelligent, but hides behind a “basic guy’s guy” mask. Don’t quite understand it, but I guess it was meant to be.

  37. I either go for:
    (a) tall, dark hair, blue eyes, thin, nice lips and cheekbones
    (b) tall, brown hair, hazel eyes, thin, nice lips and cheekbones.

    I call them “the alpha mode and the beta model.”

    It’s downright ridiculous how I focus on this.

  38. I’ve dated every type but I always fall for intense blue eyes and full lips. Average body, hairless.

    Recently I’ve been thinking about dating a cute ginger because I wanna make cute mixed babies! Mars in Aquarius here!

  39. Athletic and quiet. Intense. Dark. I’m the only person I know who isn’t bothered to admit the men I’ve been interested bear resemblance to my father.
    I don’t think my dad is perfect (we once went on a 6 week holiday and lived in each other’s pockets 24/7, so trust me…it’s not that). But I’ve never met a more appealing personality. It must be because my NN aspects his Sun?

  40. Any male posts? I definitely like the Elsa P look. My wife looks quite similar. Her mother is from Ireland and their appearance is referred to as black irish or spanish irish. A mediterranean influence from generations ago.

    Truthfully, I am attracted to a variety of types. Not too worry though as mentioned on previous posts, I am very faithful and loyal.

  41. Dark wavy hair, dark eyes, tanned skin. Usually of Asian or Hispanic descent. If any of you are familiar with Mark Dacascos (Brotherhood of the Wolf – the guy that plays the Native American), that’s EXACTLY the look that gets me weak in the knees… except… taller – probably about 5’10 – 6’2 🙂

  42. I have no idea. In shape I guess. Intelligence is good too. I prefer taller than me. Nice face, smile.

    I guess I haven’t met “my type” yet… I mean, anyone can look at a pretty guy and say he’s their type… Maybe I don’t have a type. That’s too bad. It’d be good to know what I’m supposed to be looking for.

  43. Avatar

    Looking back at past relationships, I don’t seem to have a specific physical type. But wit and intelligence and the ability to balance my somewhat anxious nature are strong points of attraction for me.

    Thinking about it, I feel that I’m most attracted to tall, older men with nice hands, long fingers and a little meat on their bones. But a talented, witty man who looks completely different is just as likely to attract me. Oh yeah, I also really love beards/scruffiness for some reason.

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