You’ve Survived Uranus Square Pluto

I’m just about sick of living under a cardinal grand cross. We’ve been dealing with this for years, but it’s just about run its course.

The Moon in Cancer, Mars in Libra, Uranus, and Pluto square off today.  If you’re anything like me, you prefer not to fight in a cage. We’re about to be liberated.

The Moon will move out by the end of the day. Mars in Libra will ingress into Scorpio early Saturday morning, and that’s it! This thing is breaking up for good.

Looking ahead, Uranus turns direct on January 2nd.  At that point it will move out of orb of its square with Pluto in Capricorn and we’ll have officially survived Uranus square Pluto. I hope you like where you wound up. It’s certainly been traumatic!

People can shift their focus at varying speeds at various times. Personally, I’m ready to cut and run. I want to quickly consolidate my losses and rush to my future as fast as I can.

I hope everyone reading this sees something positive on the horizon. With a stellium in Sagittarius, this is probably the case. We have hope! There is true hope that many of these horrific stories can wind up ending well, the best for all involved.

If you do feel raw and gnarly today, consider that things really are changing and they’re changing now.

How do you feel about wrapping up this episode of your life?

37 thoughts on “You’ve Survived Uranus Square Pluto”

  1. As a Capricorn Sun and Moon, surviving has been key. I survived pluto conjunct my sun to face pluto conjunct my natal moon … still reeling and dealing with that one … So having pluto squaring uranus has certainly proved a challenge!!!
    I can’t believe I am looking forward to Saturn entering my sign bringing a bit less fire and a little more earth and water 🙂

  2. Uranus square Pluto forced me to quash my rebellious spirit and deal with economic reality. At the beginning of the transit, I had a much grander vision of my future, and what actually happened turned out to be a lot more mediocre. That being said, I achieved more stability and grew in ways I wouldn’t have expected, I even had opportunities I wouldn’t have expected. There were silver linings.

    I’m getting to a point now where my economic strain will be significantly reduced. A better vision of my future, the one I had to set aside just to get through every day, may be able to emerge in reality, in some form. It was a long time coming…

  3. This day has been as f*cked up as I’ve seldom seen!

    I didn’t get the apartment I wanted so that I could get out of my criminal neighbourhood. At work things were like “we’re burning, we’re going down” – which included a fired employee.
    One friend’s mom was just diagnosed with Cancer, he might not be able to finish his education because of misinformation about the economic terms, and the other has just experienced a string of SNAFU’s. So many people I’ve talked to has had a really really rough time.

    I can’t wait for that cardinal sh*tbomb to get the *beep* out of my face. Mercury retrograde doesn’t really make things work easier either.

      1. Thanks just found and was going to post 🙂

        Lots of upheaval, and things feel like the calm after the storm. More of life is the way I need it to work. I can’t say there’s much to harvest but all the crap is cleared, that’s for sure. You know when there’s a spring cleanup and the yard is bare, but it preps it to bloom? Like that.

        I don’t think I could make a bad major decision, ever again, at this point. Minor, yes. But nothing undoing.

        1. “I don’t think I could make a bad major decision, ever again, at this point. Minor, yes. But nothing undoing.”

          That’s a good point. It’s been highly educational, lol.

  4. I feel great about it! My tenth house libra sun was affected by that cardinal energy. Im glad it happened. I dont miss anything i lost.

  5. Avatar

    I’m happy! So happy!

    I think I’ve gotten to expect the humiliation that comes with this period…. it’s pretty painful but necessary. I’m worn, broken but also healing, and have found good people along the way. Like my boyfriend says, the moment you feel confused, that’s when you’re about to learn something new! Haha

    The danger is slipping into the dead same ol’ pessimism (or cycles of the same optimism and constant disappointment). It’s time for something new.

  6. Omg, been kicked into and dragged through the mud facedown for almost a decade with a Scorpio Saturn return in the mix!! Extremely grateful to have made it out alive! Even in the dead of the cold season, I’m seeing the most beautiful flowers randomly out in store fronts like roses and peonies. They were born from the mud! Time to enjoy life after the Uranus/Pluto as a flower!

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    Rita-Eileen Glynn Smith

    This stellium in Sagg is transiting my 12th house, conjuncting my ascendant and mars on ascendant at 26 Sagg. Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces is in trine to my natal Jupiter in Cancer 11 degrees (7th House). Uranus in Aries is in trine with my Ascendant, and Pluto in Capricorn is transiting my natal moon first house, 21 Capricorn, oh, and transiting Mars is conjuncting natal Saturn at 2 degrees Scorpio in 10th house. Suddenly I am noticing an energy. I’m a diarist so I’ll let you know what happens this month…and next.

  8. these years have been so hard , there has been good times too but it never felt safe.I hope the undercurrents of anger have been a part of this , and they will fade.

  9. I can definitely say that these past few years have been a wild crazy ride: they have taken me to achieve my “dream goals” to meet with the reality that they are in reality just really dressed up garbage.
    I have dealt with a traumatic assault which even though was horrible but it brought forward something really grounding in my life. Something I probably wouldn’t have been able to arrive to on my own without the experience.

    The wonderful- I became a mommy (never thought I would be one), remarried to a solid Capricorn man,
    The not so wonderful- had two miscarriages this year. I have had a hack of a year with panics attacks and pneumonia as well, yikes. My husband losing his job earlier this year after we have just relocated for said job across country and having to pay for medical expense…. all the stress and worries that come along with all that…

    The good and bad made me grow up. I am grateful for the education life provided. It’s good for me. I feel relieved to have grown out of my old self because being the old me was tiring, contrived and unfulfilling.

    And believe it or not, I love my life. I LOVE and appreciate my husband, I love my family. I LOVE being a mommy to one amazing happy healthy baby. I am happy to have just enough to get by and a sound and solid goal to work towards, with real hard work, dedication and experience, being able to work towards life in general with my husband. It’s not terribly glamourous or sexy but it’s real.
    I no longer care if I have the best hair or clothes (being in the fashion and beauty industry and all), I am just happy I am kinda healthy.

    What this transit made me realize is that you don’t need much to have a good life, it’s all in perspective and attitude. You have to accept reality and that’s not a bad thing. Limitations are good; hard work and challenges are rewarding in and of themselves.

    Humility is a wonderful thing, it’s inclusive and inviting. People really aren’t so bad after all. We are really all dealing some tough shit, give a little GRACE (my daughter’s middle name), it sure goes a long long way.

    So I guess what I got from this transit is GRACE. To give, to have, to be.

  10. Elsa wasn’t the cardinal grand cross in 2014 and wasn’t the uranus pluto square also 2 years ago already …. what grand cardinal cross has lasted for “years” as you say at the start
    I referred back to the 2012 article but there was no indication it went out to 2017
    I’ve been through what i think is an 11 year phase which has shown strong signs of transitioning away this last several months but had some grand finales in the last 3 months to make sure the circle properly closed from that start time in 2006
    I noted one of the commenters also referring to being dragged through the mud for a decade also….what fun !

    1. Yes, that was the last exact aspect but the planets (Uranus sq Pluto) are still within orb so other faster moving planets fill in, it creates a Cardinal Grand cross so we revisit this.

      You can see it in life, all around you. Repercussions…

      But now Uranus and Pluto a truly separating. It’s like seeing something fade in a rear view mirror.

      See this: Expect to lose a 10-year chunk of your life.

      1. wow…that’s it…that’s what it was…and i’m just emerging…they say you become aware of the lesson when the lesson is complete – feels that way !

  11. Well, this afternoon I had a few instances of “Geezuss, when will it end??!! Will it (N)EVER end??!!” tears welling up and the dam breaking, in different parking lots and my car. (Courtesy transiting Moon in Cancer over my natal same.)

    Then tonight, in angry/outraged reaction to an article in my local paper, I wrote a polite but deadly Letter to the Editor… which I printed, “sat on”, then shredded and deleted from my computer. (Courtesy transiting Mars in Libra over my natal Mars-Merc in Libra.)

  12. “We’re about to be liberated.”

    Yay!!! I’m so due!


    “I hope you like where you wound up.”

    Not entirely. Some good has come of the madness, but mostly, it’s a matter of me *choosing* to “like” where I’ve ended up. I’m still somewhere on the continuum of “fake it till you make it”.


    “It’s certainly been traumatic!”

    That it’s been!!!! And I *survived* it!!!!


    “Personally, I’m ready to cut and run. I want to quickly consolidate my losses and rush to my future as fast as I can.”

    So do I. I recently cut Something Bad from my life because it would have impeded my ability to run to my future.


    “I hope everyone reading this sees something positive on the horizon.”

    I don’t have anything *tangible* to hang my hope on, but then hope by definition wouldn’t be hope if it were based on tangibles, now would it? I just feel it in my guts.

    The past couple of months, it has come over me, this hope, like waves gently washing over me, coming and going, but always coming back. Very refreshing and heartening after the long, mad, brutal Storm.


    “How do you feel about wrapping up this episode of your life?”

    I am soooooooooooooooo ready.

    Bring on The Future!!!

  13. “There is true hope that many of these horrific stories can wind up ending well, the best for all involved.”


    You’re right. I see so many good things on the horizon! I defintely didn’t see this coming 3 years ago. All the terrible things that happened really did turn out for the best.

  14. I have five cardinal planets in my natal chart, it’s been a huge shitshow since 2009. Been broke, bankrupt, unemployed, underemployed, and my SO has cancer. If this doesn’t end soon I’d rather the universe just humanely euthanize me already.

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      corinne pettrone

      KaD, you are not alone, 7 cardinal here … mine started in 2009 also, same shit except the cancer part.


    2. I’m so sorry. For me, I’m just starting to get that my old life isn’t coming back, but I still have lots of days I’m like a walking ghost in my own life. Please hang in there and wishing you the best!

  15. It’s been one helluva ride and all that has happened is by far and away too much to summarize in one comment. Plus has dust hasn’t fully settled because all this cardinal energy isn’t over for me yet. I still have Uranus hovering back and forth over my MC, shaking my home life up. Saturn-Pluto stellium of 2020 will oppose my 12th house Mercury exactly. That looks a bit grim to me.

  16. i feel like the cage is open and this crab will not be for boiling broiling or being chewed on
    i promise myself to put song in my heart and let it teach me to feel my way into what”s next and its ok to be little ole me!

  17. I am so excited for the change, and feel things changing! This transit has affected my work mostly. I got a new position, just before the 1st hit in 2012. It changed my life upside down, schedule (long hours), relationships, lifestyle, work relationships.. we were sitting on top of each other in this bubble at work, and everyone would argue and complain about each other, and all that is coming to an end. We are having a remodel and getting our own cubes, we got a new boss who is turning everything around in a very positive way, she has changed who we work w/starting in January and will be changing our schedules. My son started going to bed later so I can actually see him when I get home from work just this week! Things are looking up!!! I’m so excited for the new changes!!

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    Mariela Linares

    Wow!!! All happened suddenly but deep inside I know it is for the best. I will recuperate in short time. A beautiful 1 year relationship was just broken over a stupid overreacting.

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