Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine: Isolation

I got an email from a gal who’s been reading my posts on Pluto’s transit through the 12th house.  The thumbnails alone tell a story. I decided to update.

Saturn has joined Pluto in my 12th house at this point. It does feel heavier but also less gross. I have Libra so I’m grateful for that shift!

Saturn in Sagittarius in my 12th house has provided me a view of my future via breaks in the fog that occur from time to time. I also enjoy strong (and broad) support from ethereal forces. I am scared / not scared of my future in that 12th house (Pisces) two-fishes kind of way.

Saturn will ingress into Capricorn in about two weeks. I expect the rubber to hit the underwater road. I expect to carrying a pack as I make my way down it. I say “down” it, because I know I’m headed to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January of 2020.  I don’t expect that meeting to take place above ground.

Years ago, I wrote about disappearing into the woods. I got this analogy after watching a movie, Defiance. Here’s one of the posts on this topic:

The Year 2020 (Pluto Transit the 12th House)

Turns out, I really did see what was coming. My main wonder at this point is just how isolated a person can become.  There isn’t a single day it doesn’t cross my mind how important it is, I stay on the periphery. I don’t like this. I do accept it.

People ask me about my Lupus from time to time. It remains tamped down. Plaquenil was a Godsend in my case.

Early in this transit, my face was covered with sores for at least two years…maybe three! I rarely see a flare these days because the minute I see a sign of one, I take action. I’ve also modified my behavior to avoid problems in the first place. For example, I never expose my hands or feet or face to cold temperatures.

To me this is the same thing as staying in the woods. The Polish Jews as portrayed in the movie, limited their forays into town, because they understood the risks.

I also avoid people who vex the spirit. When your boundaries are porous, you’ve really got to watch who you interact with. I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

In the movie, people with a common goal and certain values in common, stuck together in order to survive. I would not have chosen my circumstances but seeing as I’ve been thrown into them, I just try to use all the skills and intelligence; the knowledge I’ve been able to acquire throughout my life.  It seems this will be enough. I live in hope.

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15 thoughts on “Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine: Isolation”

  1. Your post could not be more timely. Saturn transits my 12th house, and is half-way through and he moves toward Capricorn and my natal moon. For almost 8 years my husband and I lived, literally, in the woods. To survive and find what values would serve us in the future we kept (mainly) to ourselves to adapt to the environment. Isolation was necessary to build some sense. Preparedness wise I invested in your Saturn Transits 12th House Workshop when Saturn started in; but by the Fall of 2017 I forgot I had (until you reminded me to go look for it in the ‘fog.’)

    What matters to me now is: I’ve studied that Workshop script again and again (after finding it:) to make my way toward and down the Capricorn-Saturn years. I’m no longer in the middle of the woods but know it’s important to remain a border witch living on the edges of contemporary society. The two fishes analogy or characteristics of Pisces are valuable reminders.

    I live isolated in my writing and spiritual practice with my tentacles more public now that we don’t live literally in the woods. My writing is border work and that’s where the unseen guidance makes itself most palpable; lessons in duality and floating happen on the border.

    Yah, that Saturn in the 12th Workshop is super duper!! Thanks, Elsa.

  2. I have saturn in 12th natally conjunct my moon in aries. Underground, hermitage in the woods is my usual haven. I did reventure out recently with a broad, bold plan. . . and it’s backfired. (I know, I know I never learn north node aries says it all, individual trailblazer and all that, but I have a lot of libra including jupe conjunct uranus and south node(5th house) square sun! (8 house)I have terminal over-the-top syndrome with blinkers on reality! ever the foolish optimist too! Sometimes it pays off that stellium in the gambler’s fifth house, but this one has sent me running back to my hermit’s 12 house den in the woods (literally) while I stay involved in useful work from the eagle’s nest, way up top! Heavy transits are certainly stirring the pot and brewing up heady cocktails (blame goes to chiron conjunct chiron in pisces trine neptune in scorpio opposite pluto in virgo)I still harbour a hope that I can really help those I have always intended too – out of true compassion. Perhaps it will be my writing long after I’ve passed on?

  3. Saturn is approaching my 3 degree cap ascendant, today squaring my sun Saturn opposition 29 degrees Pisces Virgo… Following on this period of ‘isolation in the woods’ analogy: we live in a heavily wooded area and my neighbor to the south east side just cleared out nearly all the trees from his property. What was once covered with dense trees is now bare, open to the sun. Shocking development for my ferns and moss. Today come the trucks. Something being built. Bet its shape emerges in early January when Saturn enters the first house.

    Life/astrology is quite amazingly literal sometimes!

  4. One more thing: As to when Pluto moved from its long stay in my 12th and into my first, it was as if many of my deep yearnings and aspirations burst into form. Things I had dreamed of materialized – kind of. My advice to anyone in this period is to be very precise and specific in your visioning!

    1. Haha thank you for your comment! I’m literally days away from Pluto passing over my Ascendant in Capricorn. I’m expecting big changes “around” me to occur. Dreams are definitely telling me clearly and repeatedly what that is in terms of success. I appreciate the validation from someone else whose been “away in the woods” disconnected from the mainstream World – which I’ve fully come to accept and happily embrace for myself!

      Cheers – Shane

  5. Another thing I notice (since Uranus broke away), is I don’t anticipate sudden moves. This is good on one hand because the shock of an attack – ugh. But the relief from that plays another way as in I don’t expect any shocking release or relief, either. This is a slow boat.

    It really is like that movie. When that group went out into the woods, they were going to be their awhile…and have a lot of trials.

    1. I lived (at scraping-survival level) in 7 different places in 3 years (2014-15-16), each move sudden (Uranus) and jolting (Uranus). I managed to stay in only one place in 2017, nothing short of a miracle after the previous experiences. I do feel in my bones another move is ahead but I don’t feel it will be sudden.

      Uranus is still in my Pisces 2nd house, where all these moves have played out (my possessions have come and gone, over and over, like fish in water, left and right).

      Uranus will finally leave my 2nd house at about the time of the Pluto-Saturn transit (Jan. 2020) (exact opposite my Moon in Cancer), at which point I expect another change in where home is.

      I am hoping for stability and durability after that. (Counts on fingers: that’s 2 more years ‘here’: 2018-19.)

  6. Hi, Elsa, Is the Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of 2020 in the 4th somewhat similar to going through the 12th? I’m nervous even though my Jupiter’s in the 4th. And I don’t know if I’ll ever see Pluto leave the 4th…

    1. Hi, libra. Not sure what you’re asking. It’s similar in that it’s the same conjunction but it is not similar in that the 4th and the 12th are distinctly different houses.

      Also, Jupiter is not part of the January conjunction. It 10+ degrees off.

  7. “I also avoid people who vex the spirit. When your boundaries are porous, you’ve really got to watch who you interact with. I’m sure some of you know what I mean.”

    yes. love this.

  8. I don’t like it but I accept it.

    Hell yeah.
    It feels like that. Also, the rubber hits the underwater ground in 2020. This reeks of either getting to the bottom of the sh*t and start digging or sh*t hittibg the fsn for the first time.
    I don’t know if I have any sh*it left to dig up, but Pluto will make sure of if there is, that’s for sure. I just hope I will be at a place where I am able to make something concrete with it. All this time he has been digging thibgs up from the grace, with Saturn here we beed to accept “it is what it is” and get to work. On what I don’t really know cause you can’t *BUILD* something underwater…. Or make anything concrete. I will have to thibk of a way to do do that. How does one run or do other stuff when under water? Case is – you don’t. You have to go slow, there is a tremendous giant wall of water around you, obscuring your vision, speech and everything…

    Thanks Elsa. Again!

  9. Hhmm, porous boundaries. Yes, I’ve finally come to understand that I have this problem, & Mars in Libra doesn’t help with defending the territory.
    So, it’s either “them ” or “me”. Comes a time when you have to choose.
    Being now conscious of this really helps, if only to realize why/how I’m getting screwed.
    Cheers to all those who have the same problem!

  10. pluto 12th house transit brought me here. Will cross back and forward over my ascendant 2019/20 (23deg). And with saturn Jan 2020…?!
    Withdrawal, solitude yes. Moved by myself from country’s capital city back to a tiny hamlet. Neighbours think I am strange as no one is ever at my house and I’ve experienced hostility from them. Jobs, friendships, bloke/love come and gone, been cut off/left high and dry in various ways. Mini crisis after mini crisis (standard for me though, 8th house stellium). Vivid dreams, yes, occassional premonitory. Developed deep interest in astrology 3 years ago. I read the 12th was the house of self-undoing. Yes. But I have learned lessons, recognised negative destructive patterns and stopped them. I’m left with a void though. I’ve also realised my negative thinking has actually manifested negative events in real life. These past years have also been a process of coming to terms with the fact I will not become a mother now, years of panic, dawning of reality, trying to accept. My life has always been filled with inner turmoil. Survived so far though, despite myself sometimes!
    (porous boundaries.. this pisces moon gets ya)

  11. Halfway into Pluto transit in 12th house and now Saturn also transiting the 12th house. I had no idea any of these a year ago, I guess higher powers that be pushed me towards astrology about seven months ago and I cried when I learned of 12th house transits and pluto specifically. Then I found your website today… Everything resonates so much! Moved accross country twice, found and lost jobs a few times, unemployed for three years now, got divorced, fell in love and out of love… mostly isolation though and I despised being alone… so… I am learning to accept and make peace with it. Thank you for sharing these so we know that we are not alone. I still have a long way to figure out what Saturn and Pluto transit really means for me, and what I can to get the lessons and make this transit more manageable but I know I am not alone. So, thank you.

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