Are People Attracted To A Certain Physical Type?

My sister believed, we all have a “blueprint” around what we’re looking for in a partner. Dark eyes, dark hair, or whatever.

“You’re sitting on a plane with whomever, and your type walks by,” she explained. “You look at him, you can’t help it. It’s the guy you are always going to notice, who is going to notice you…

I have a distinct prototype. It’s embarrassing; blatantly obvious to anyone who knows me. For example, A friend of mine (with a Scorpio moon) was looking through my photo albums some years ago. I had a Scorpio boyfriend at the time.

“You better not show these to him. Everyone in here looks just like him. I don’t think he’d be too happy if he saw these pictures,” she said.

“Well he ought to be happy, he’s my type! What does he want me to do? Be sitting on a plane with him and have some other man turn my head?”

She understood but this did not stop her from making this offering to store my pictures at her house if he and decided to move in together.

Do you have a certain type that will always turn your head? Where do you think it comes from?

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  1. My mars in sag rules my imprint with a dash of Scorpio rising. It’s the sporty, rugged, hard-working, physical man. Lots of scruff, not too done up. Love wild, curly hair. I have a thing for intense, neanderthal looking men with muscular haunches. My last one had that forehead overhang thing that drove me wild. The one thing is that they have to be very, very male – step into a room and own it. I have a lot of male/mars energy so many men are just not strong/rough enough for me. They have to be the type who will throw you up against a wall….


  2. I’ve often wished I didn’t have a ‘type’ (and I always have) so I would not limit myself. At least now it’s just blue eyes…I’ve always loved them and my long-term relationship was with a woman with blonde hair and big, beautiful blue eyes. Makes me melt every time…

    At least now brunettes, redheads can turn my head, but it’s those eyes. And I tend to like taller then me, though even petite body shapes can get my attention…basically I do think I’m hard-wired for a woman who isn’t like me (I’m 5’4″, brunette, brown eyes, shapely – not big at all, but not petite). There just has to be something innate that I’m a woman and I want a woman not like myself physically.

    And now I see that I love to have fun with Aquarians (they’re always so bright) yet I want other water women – Scorpios and Cancer in particular. I’m tired of swimming up stream with a woman who is not emotionally and intellectually a match.

  3. My Gemini Mars: Lean, smart, snarky, hair can be whatever but I do lean blond-ish, charming, and young. God forbid something happens to my husband because then I’ll be just another cougar on the dating scene. Ooh, and razor sharp cheekbones. Oh! And light eyes. The prettier the better. I married a Gemini Rising.

    Someone above me mentioned Angel (David Boreanaz)? Well then, I gotta mention Spike. Soooo my physical type.

  4. Going by looks alone? Athletic, but not muscle-bound. Mars in Sag, but I’ve never even dated a Sag… Bookish but not nerdy, fair-skinned with dark hair and glasses, or blonde, but not pretty boys like Brad Pitt. Denis Leary is more like it. Above all, I have to sense that they’re intelligent and fun, and usually I can tell that before they even open their mouths. Something about the expression in their eyes or the way they carry themselves, I guess???

  5. Oh, this is easy – foreigners. Married one – any kind of accent, combined with an exotic look, I am done in.

  6. Earthy – got to be very physical and comfortable handling a woman. I don’t think that’s a look – a quality perhaps. I see it in the way someone moves.

  7. hmmmm
    I’ve dated all different kinds (part. as a teenager) but since I’ve been an adult, I do think I have a type, though I think chemistry overrules all in the end.
    *at least 6 feet tall
    *fair skin
    *definitely not skinny, but not the body builder type either… thicker than average… usu. quite strong with an interest in martial arts
    *hair on the shorter side
    *dark ash blonde/light brown hair with green or blue eyes

    The guy I am quite smitten with fits all these characteristics except he has darker hair and brown eyes…he is of german ancestry though as the last few have been, as well.

  8. I don’t know about a type so much – but for some reason I keep pulling Scorpios and it is getting a bit ridiculous because it never, ever works out!

  9. I picked the last choice, but I’m not sure. I like smart men. Sometimes they have a look, sometimes they don’t. I guess, I’d have to say like Johnny Depp with glasses. Geeks or freaks. Also I like goth looking guys. But really if they’re not smart I’m not interested no matter how they look. Then again if a guy is wearing eyeliner, I’m happy.

    My husband is a geek, although he argues he’s not a geek but a freak. The only other person I was ever seriously interested in, was a musician. They have nothing in common between the two of them. Well, except they are both intellegent.

  10. I have had three relationships and they have all been with asians. I am a fair skinned brunette with blue eyes – yet have always been attracted to dark brown eyed men. –
    My friends reckon it’s a past life thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Togi and I have the same likes it seems….I love a rugged man…has no problem with hard laborious work, tall, intense…intelligent…nice big square hands with clean nails, not manicured, just clean….clean, white teeth…I notice teeth and mouth first…a full kissable mouth. Bravery is an instant attraction

  12. Oh heck yes I have a relatively specific type. I like ’em big, tall (over 6′) and hairy because I’m big, tall and hairy. They say you end up with someone as equally attractive as you are. Don’t like blondes and I hate beefy, muscular guys. I like the teddy-bear type though a nice pair of arms is never discounted. Guys who are unattractive to most girls are attractive to me. It must be the Pisces, that whole lonesome puppy thing. However, put most guys in a fine suit and I melt like grilled cheese in July on the equator. Yeehaw.

  13. My sister caught up on this and her type is TALL. I didn’t realize because he men are different colors, however they are all just about 6’4″ as are both her sons…

    This is funny to me. I like smaller, shorter dark haired men.

  14. I had smaller boyfriends earlier in life and then most recent where 6’3″, 6,6″ and 6’4″.

    I never thought I would go for tall men but they just turned up!

  15. Apparently I have two types.

    One is solid with dark hair and a round, smiling face.

    One is taller and thinner with a long face, big eyes, and big hands.

  16. shorter guys – like 2 inches taller than me, i’m 5 ft 6 tall. dark haired, thin-average build and arrogant look .

  17. lean, “moves well” (fluid, athletic) will catch my eye from a distance. a closer look will show character in the eyes. there must be character, maybe something quirky. bombshell bimbo-esque types might as well be statues on wheels. i need to be engaged by something “interesting” that comes through right away and is supported when the words come out. (i’ll run the other way from Little Girl voices. fingernails on the chalkboard. in fact my ears love a “supported” woman’s voice.)

    purely physically, it’s pretty much all over the board, although i have to sense “healthy,” someone who takes care of herself. other’n that, could be black, white, brown, yellow, green, blue, plaid or paisley, i don’t care. i love women.

    but back to voices for a minute, specifically jodie foster’s because, regardless of this or that, i find her to be an attractive woman due in large part to some sort of “character” that comes through. you can almost see the gears meshing and wheels turning when she speaks, after she’s sized something up. she strikes me as incredibly “people smart,” and i like that. her voice, though, is off. choked. comes out strained from some sticking point too deep in her throat. i feel it in my own when i hear her. over-modulated, over-controlled. (given her life, it’s easy to understand.) therefore i am utterly fascinated. she’s someone i’d love to talk to. again, that strong draw to what exudes character.

  18. I mentioned this on the board, but I’ll put it here, too:

    The long-term ex
    Bald, blue eyes, tall, beefy, deep voice, two earrings in right ear, nurse

    Work crush
    Bald, blue eyes, tall, beefy, deep voice (though not as deep), two earrings in right ear, nurse

    Nah… I don’t have a type at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Most intense relationship now is SuperScorp who is
    Bald, green eyes, short, stocky, deepest voice ever heard in a white man, two piercings (not in either ear), not a nurse.
    Close enough. ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Gah! Someone above mentioned dating men who look like their father…guilty as charged. Completely unintentional, but after a while I suppose a trend surfaces. I always thought I liked dark eyes and hair, but the last four men in my life have all had medium-to-blonde hair, blue eyes, and three of them were types that worked with their hands/physically in tune. My dad has a very physically demanding job…

    Do you have to like your type? Hah!

    And I go for, it seems, a variety of personalities but the one thing that always gets me is unavailability. I’ve nailed it down to my fear of commitment, hah. And it’s definitely something that I don’t like…my current ‘relationship,’ if you can call it that, is with a textbook Sag…he has a girlfriend but I can positively hear the panties dropping every time he walks in a room. Basically, he’s one of them, one of those ones that wants to stick his finger in every pie and probably could, too. Leaving the pie most happy, if emotionally messed up. Bastard. But I do think he fits my ‘organic attraction’ type. Um, he smells delightful, his voice makes me convulse, his hands are magnificent–worker’s hands that somehow manage to be graceful at the same time. Oh and nice ankles. Mmm

    Yeah, I’d say I have a type. Now, dear lord, find me one of them but without a girlfriend. Add a splash of loyalty and siphon off the cowardice, and I’ve got me a match!

  20. Avatar
    Kaleidoscope Eyes

    Yep… Here’s the basic framework for most of my physical attractions: Dark/ish hair, blue/gray/green eyes or a combination of those colors, usually very fair skin tone.. and well.. I must admit it… I typically do not find “alpha male” types at all attractive, in fact I find them repellent, I seem to like my men looking somewhat unusual and maybe a little feminine.. sigh blame Aquarius for that? lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I answered “something other than physical”, as I’ve not always prefered the same type. It’s more a feel thing, LOL! Yeah, I’ve got a bit o’cancer in my chart :o). If I see someone and they attrack my attention, I’ll have to go say hi and see if I get that feeling. This even applies for friends, though I’m more open to several attempts either way.

  22. Definately tall, strong but not bulky- more long and lean, long hair, big hands/forearms, chest hair and even facial hair is good, sleepy eyes, full mouth/lips… yup, that about describes my hubby to a T. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I like men who have some Taurus energy in them. There’s just this yumminess about that that i love. I can always sense it. I have venus in Taurus. The rest of what he looks like isn’t really an issue.

  24. Apparently my tastes haven’t changed much in 3 years. Same answer as before, but I might phrase it in a bit more detail now.

  25. Apparently I’m some sort of a self-appointed pointer out of beauty–like a “Docent of the Divine” perhaps?
    “Oh look! Aren’t her eyes pretty? Wow, look at his hair! Hey, can you believe this guy’s voice? Like an angel, listen! Ooo–cool shoes. Look! and on and on…
    TAB-ism…”Yeah, C–but you think everybody’s beautiful”. [which is a stretch…but maybe not much of one]

  26. If it is a relationship with any type of committment, I am looking for more than just physical appearance. If you are talking about physical attraction, there is only one common trait. I like men! I like them tall, short, muscular, slender, dark, blonde, red head, asian, black, caucasian, blue, brown, and green eyes. It made dating fun.

  27. Definitely…tall, dark, and handsome is what attracts me. Hate to be a cliche, but I can’t help myself! I dated a guy who was a couple inches taller than me (I’m 5’7), and was blond and fairly thin. It was odd for me because I’m pretty lanky and have dirty blond hair. I felt like if we got mugged, I would be the one to defend him. So I’m more drawn to taller, very masculine types. I’m thinking Chris Noth, but I also like foreign ones. No male models though, since I think they need to have some sort of quirk which will draw them to me, not just trophy-spouse status.

  28. A study I read somewhere a long time ago showed women pictures of different men. When the women were ovulating, they were most attracted to more manly, muscular men. When they were not, they liked men will softer, more feminine features.

    I had an aha moment when I read that. I like two types: tall, lean and slightly feminine – and if my gaydar is off, I am attracted to tall, lean gay men which doesn’t do me any good. The other type is shorter, very broad in the chest and shoulders, the kind of guy who plants both feet firmly and stands in a challenging masculine way.

    Now that I am no longer ovulating, I’m am much fussier, find fewer men physically attractive but notice there are so many more beautiful women than there are sexy men. Hormones.

  29. Dunnea, someone mentioned awhile back that the hormones in birth control pills (and possibly food?) may be responsible for women being attracted to feminine men. I don’t know but it’s an interesting theory.

  30. I voted for preferring a type, but I have to say there have been very wide variations in my ‘type’!

    He must have a good nose, that’s essential. I like a strong, straight quite big nose, not fleshy. Other than that, I like medium height, being only 5ft 2ins (though one of my greatest loves the Italian was 6ft 2) – ideally 5’9 to 5’11. I like a man to be fairly slim but not thin, with broad or at least square shoulders, and to carry himself with confidence (no slouchers please, and no ganglies). He must be well-proportioned and ‘well balanced’ – ie move well.

    I’m not fussy about hair colour except I prefer blond or very dark to light brown or red (the Actor has reddish/auburn hair but I’ve never had a proper gingernut). I don’t mind bald but I don’t like facial hair and I don’t like too much chest hair either.

    In fact I quite like the androgynous look – or did when I was younger… One’s tastes do change with time! I can accept more weight now than I would have 20 years ago ;^)

  31. I have a type. I can’t seem to pin it down to anything but feminine yet not too feminine. It also has to do with a longish hair.

  32. I always sort of knew I had a type, but I was cleaning the pictures out of my old computer about six months ago and I saw a very definite pattern, with a couple variations here and there.

    My pattern is tall (I’m tall, so they must be taller), medium brown to black hair, brown/hazel/grey (never blue or green) eyes, broad shoulders, narrow waist/hips, lean swimmer type muscle (or parkour runners), nice well proportioned hands and forearms with lots of tattoos, a prominent nose (like BP) and crooked teeth- straight teeth kind of weird me out unless they’re naturally that way.

    I am an artist and my men become my muses so they must look good (to me). I have noticed that while most of them would be considered good looking by the general populace, I do like strange features that I’ve never seen on anyone else before. For example, I have an ex who has the most extraordinary nose- the way the tip of his nose and nostrils are shaped is very unique- I don’t really know how to even describe it.

  33. I voted for ‘something other than appearance’ because I love a good, confident voice in a man – and more importantly one who has something to say!

    I’m with StrawberryField on the aqua rising – never been interested in stereotypically ‘gorgeous’ men.

    Weirdly though I did use to have a type – pale, blue eyes, very dark hair…. like me (ahem) and I never even kissed a guy who didn’t have blue eyes before.

    Love of my life is the TOTAL opposite – dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair. A little like George Clooney in his 20s (who btw used to be my major crush as a teenager). It shocked me! And he’s drop dead gorgeous too – if we hadn’t met online I wouldn’t have given him the time of day cos I’d assume he wouldn’t be interested. But he does have scorp rising so his eyes are full of spark ๐Ÿ™‚

    Incidentally, my dad is in the dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes category too…

  34. Something going on with the eyes – either lively and flickering, or deep and intense, or both. LONG HAIR (can’t really help, go figure). Facial hair, too. Strong/interesting nose. Water and Fire in the Chart.

  35. Interesting ’cause when I was younger my family and friends thought I’m going for the same type of guys, usually blonde at that time. But as I was getting older in my 20s I’ve realized I don’t really have a ‘type’ physically at all. The guys I’ve been into in the past 10 years couldn’t be more different one from the other. I actually realized lately that the looks are not even that important to me. Some of them were quite pretty and some unconventional looking. One thing they do have in common is that they’re all really eccentric, even if each of them was eccentric in their own unique way, which makes some of them completely different from the other even personality-wise.

    One thing I did notice tho is that the guys I fall for usually have very little Water in their chart, or none at all. (The last one had 0% Water.) I lack Water myself and I can’t deal with Water people even on a daily basis among friends and family, and even less in dating.

  36. 1 Funny
    2 Smart, real smart, the smarter the better!
    3 Educated, a specialist or classical scholar
    4 Sexual, really sexual
    5 Charismatic
    6 High ranking in the community
    7 Tall, thin, no excess fat or muscle!
    8 No facial hair

  37. I like very intelligent women of average height, slim and well kept, dark to red hair, no blondes…..always have. The intelligence part is non-negotiable.

  38. I think for me it mostly comes down to a mans strength when it comes to initial attraction. I like a man with a strong voice, a strong physical constitution, charisma and a strong and dominant presence. I can’t be attracted to weakness of any kind in a man.

    This has to be Saturn/Pluto opp Venus in my chart playing out. The man has got to have the Saturn/Pluto vibe.

    I also like a man who is offbeat , quick, interesting and friendly. Uranus ruled 7th conj Jupiter.

    Physically, men I’m attracted to all look powerful in one way or another. Not the trying to hard kind of power, just natural. Natural is very important to me. They all have penetrating eyes and a sensual look about them.

  39. The love of my life was dark haired and dark eyed. My ex-husband was a ginger with blue eyes. And my son’s father was a blonde with green eyes. I guess I don’t have a physical type. All I can say is it just accounts to electricity.

    And if they have muscles that’s an added bonus.

  40. it’s one of the angles i notice when i got into astrology, i also saw that some youtube astrologers notice it in their men, and like to see how their men are attracted to which types of actresses. lol for example, a libra astrologer said her aries rising scorpio sun husband is attracted to libra suns and dated libras before marrying her. I thought wow that is amazing. i too checked out what my husband finds attractive. lol they all pretty much have my energy.

  41. I don’t have a type. There are, of course, women, who make me turn my head. The few of them, who’s name I know, are represented by name asteroids in my natal chart. I checked this and ALL women, who I ever found beautiful and who’s name I know, have their name asteroid in my natal conjunct a personal planet or the DC or in opposition with my Moon! The first girl, who I ever found beautiful (in elementary school) has her name asteroid conjunct my DC. The girl, who I found most beautiful has her name asteroid in opposition with my Moon. All others have name asteroids conjunct either my Moon, my Venus, or my Sun. This is all within my natal and all about personal names, no family names or else involved.

    Please all check, whether you find something similar!

  42. Tall dark and handsome please. Green eyes with dark hair is my kryptonite. And pretty much any guy over six foot 3 with a lean build. Of course if they are mean or not bright or flaky thatll turn me off to a relationship but the hormonal bells will still go off in my system.

    Ive noticed that people are usually attracted to their opposite. Im short (5โ€3โ€™) and very fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and kinda โ€œthickโ€ in the Libra style. Its just amazing how many super tall men are with super short women.

    I think biology plays a huge role in physical attraction. For instance women are usually attracted to men who do not look like their brothers. Thats natures way of dispersing the genes outside of ones immediate gene pool. Then theres the waist to hip ratio that is attractive to men. Facial symmetry is attractive to women.

    Ive always been very repelled (on a subconscious level) by birth control hormones and wouldnt be surprised if it played a part in some womens attraction to beta males. It also might be true that alpha males are not attracted to them because of their lack of fertility. Of course none of this is conscious. It comes down to procreation, even if thats not the conscious intent. Im sure psychology plays a part too but nature is prior to that.

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