What’s The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned?

education-of-the-virginI was thinking the other day, how a person can get a lot out of a certain thing they’ve learned. For example, I have an inventor friend. His background in engineering has taken him a very long way.

Personally, the most valuable thing I’ve learned is boundaries.  There is no end to the benefits. I think this must be due to my strong Saturn Neptune signature. I did nothing but suffer, up until I learned to set boundaries in life.

How about you? What education has really paid off? Can you outline the astrology?

17 thoughts on “What’s The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned?”

  1. I think Elsa, for me it is: love myself als the person I am. Boundaries is still a lesson for me, I know my own boundaries and limits very well; others sometimes go over mine. I fear that often. That is difficult for me. I see that as rude and I do not always know how to react. That because I don’t want to be rude. Partly this has to do with my upbringing. And: I don’t like people who are rude. 🙂

  2. I agree, that it is boundaries, but also to recognize and accept what I still need to work on. Then there is being able to accept help when I need it, and not just when I ask for it (control issues). I’m sure that I could come up with more, but three are more than the one requested, and they are all important, lol!

  3. That good work ethic and perseverance are what makes one successful, and talent is way overrated. I’ve learned to stick to a course and see it to the end.
    Virgo sun Capricorn moon here.

  4. Lots of lessons along the way.

    – Moving from dependence to independence required me to take responsibility for myself and stop blaming others / projecting my shadow.

    – At about the same time I moved from wanting life to be stable and secure to going out and trying stuff.

    – Moving from independence to interdependence required me to learn about being vulnerable.

    – At about the same time I went from being someone who took a cautious guaranteed approach to someone who all-out chased my dreams and accepted potential failure.

    – Learning to lose was a massively important lesson.

    – Learning to honor my feelings rather than trying to make logical decisions took a huge weight off.

    But perhaps the most important was learning to listen to my inner voice and trust myself.

    Perhaps there are more lessons yet to be learned.

  5. Sag Mercury (29.13) conjunct Sag ascendant (29.40) after Pluto plowed through my 12th house and moved over my ascendant I learned that just because I’m thinking something doesn’t mean I have to say it. In other words, I learned to shut my mouth 😀

  6. Well I learned this the hard way and it’s that actions speak louder than words. I learned that of someone cares they will back it up with their actions and there will be no doubt about their motives. I also learned that I am responsible for my life and no one else can make it worthwhile except me.

  7. Avatar

    I’ve learned:
    1) there is no real “have to”, once you realize what you want and the reasons behind doing these things and fulfilling responsibilities, they become want-to’s.

    2) you cannot make anyone do anything. You can only ask and hope they can give in return. There can be real disappointment… but there can be real joy too. That give and take is part of being in a real relationship with a real person…

    3) No one can make you feel or do anything really. You have a split second moment to decide how to react. Circumstances can make it far more likely to cause you do feel or do something, however 😛 so manage your circumstances as much as possible before they manage you

    4) You can truly only have control over yourself. Everything else isn’t guaranteed, but you can make things more likely to happen through effort.

    5) Everyone is learning and figuring things out as best they can…. Sometimes, it won’t be on society’s schedule. So, it’s important to give yourself permission and time to learn, make mistakes, be wrong and fix it, because there’s no guarantee anyone else will.

    6) Be there and do things for other people not because you want anything in return and not because it’s a “have to” but because it’s simply the right thing to do. No one owes you anything, so just owe it to yourself to strive to do better…

  8. Yes!!

    I’ve learned quite a few:

    -that playing the victim only hurts me.
    -that I don’t owe anybody an explanation nor an apology for why I am the way I am
    -I have the right to say no to company I don’t like without guilt
    -being honest with myself and others is the best thing I can possibly do
    -that real love = real responsibility

    Saturn square Venus
    Venus opposite Neptune
    Chiron in the 10th

  9. Boundaries was good learnin. Right now it is balance. Manifestations of my entire chart is what I am getting. Getting comfortable with my PoF. Took me long enough to find it. And who knows I may get to more new levels on that one yet, too.

  10. Great observation about boundaries, Elsa! Long, long ago i also started setting my boundaries intuitievely – the results were unbelievable good. Then i have discovered knowledge – the conscious way of Life, which is to put it in few words – recognize what is your energyfield and what is not yours; your way or not your way; your kind of people, not your kind of people.

    Rasionalisation – is dull. To find true feeling, deepen into the feeling the world and not thinking the world.

    The question: Why people do this and do not do this? – does not exist for me any more. I am sincerely not interested in why’s, shoulders, woulders, coulders (ishould, i could, i would) – everything and everybody is just the way he or she is and does things the way he or she knows the best at the present moment, – I am free though to not agree with somebody else choices and i am free to not like someone just because they are not appealing to me. I am free to walk away or to stick around as well.

    I am doing the best i can right now right here and i am around people like wise.

    Every thought, every word, every deed counts for the outcome of the intent.

    No explanations required from and towards me.

  11. O yeah…one very important thought on this subject – few sagnificant people in my life have taught me without even knowing it, that they were teaching me this – to love nature, to love animals.

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