Believing The Worst While Doubting The Positive

hellscapeHave you noticed how readily people believe something negative about a person, or a thing for that matter.  All you have to say is, “He’s a drunk” and that person is instantly degraded.  Oh, he’s a drunk, huh?

If people stopped and thought, this wouldn’t happen. If they discriminated?

Have you seen the person drunk? Does person making the claim have an agenda?  What’s their motive? Might there be another explanation for their behavior? There are numerous questions to ask, to see it makes sense to take something like that on board but people don’t do this.

Now this may be controversial but I contend they don’t do it, because they’ve been taught / programmed to suck this stuff right up. Further, we’ve also be taught to take positive things with a grain of salt. It’s intentional and diabolical.

“He helped me with x, y or z.” So what?  No one cares, we want the dirty stuff and who cares if it’s true!

If you take a minute and consider this, you may realize this does happen. If so, advance to next frame and consider WHY it happens.  It’s pretty ugly, really. But this doesn’t me you’re ugly or I’m ugly or we’re all ugly,   I’m suggesting we’ve been hijacked; all of us, to a significant degree.

This is one of the tactics being used for nefarious purpose.  It’s huge even though it’s also tiny. If you can see it, you might be able to gain control and develop you own ways of weighing or categorizing information.

Everything and everyone sucks?  Sorry but that doesn’t sound right to me. Either does the idea that one wrong thing wipes out seventy good things but this is how we weigh each other these days.

I writing this for fellow travelers who also want to exit this psychological hell.  Can anyone see this?

29 thoughts on “Believing The Worst While Doubting The Positive”

  1. Hi Elsa… yes, what you have described in this article fits with my own observation of the modern-day phenomenon of “cancel culture”. I am hoping that Pluto in Aquarius will start to change this, whereby people will adopt a more humanitarian and compassionate approach to life… and to be less swift to assume that rumours equal truth. Thanks for all your insights.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I wonder if I am incomprehensible!

      But I don’t think is normal behavior for a human being. I think we’ve been hijacked / machined into this because this is for sure: it is not how the human heart works. We should also be A LOT smarter.

      I only hope this or something else I try to put out here, registers with someone and leads them to break free.

      This is also for the psych people who are tasked with helping people, same as me. A lot of problems have been given to us… low self esteem for an example. If you can see the machinations behind the operation, a door opens and you can walk through it.

      The type of operation is not new. It been done and documented. It’s conditioning by design.

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    Miriam Schafer

    Again, wonderful insights, Elsa. Yes, the human heart and mind were designed for greater things. Meanwhile, your writings do have the power to open doors in people’s consciousness. Keep doing what you do! Thank you.

    1. Thank you. It’s maddening. We’re born with beautiful minds, unique talents, and everyone is worthwhile and interesting. We should not allow ourselves to be reduced in this way. We’re well on our way to behaving like Pavlov’s dog.

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    Miriam Schafer

    Elsa… I completely agree. We are all born with unique gifts and talents and everyone is worthwhile and interesting. I feel it will be our individual and collective challenge to remember our true essence, as the world at large embraces more technology and AI.

  4. Yes, thank you for your insights Elsa you are not incomprehensible I think your right on.
    The “collective unconscious” (cu) contains what is best in us, but it also contains what is worst in us. ( you already know this). All of the Archetypes, from Addict to Warrior, and everything in-between, have an opposite and they all inhabit the cu. These archetypes have little concern with human ideas of fairness, justice, reverence, morality, etc. They are amoral! They serve a realm that is close to the instincts: They are concerned that nature be served, that evolution take place, that all the archetypical themes be incarnated into human life. But how that takes place, what damage it might do, and what other values might be trampled on in the process is no concern of theirs. They are very noble patterns and energy systems, but they are impersonal forces of nature, each a law unto itself. They move within us, unqualified by human considerations of pity, kindness, love-relatedness, or a sense of fairness. They manifest themselves as pure, raw instincts of hunting, survival, aggression and territorial dominion.

    If an individual qualifies these archetypes by human values, by a sense of love, and moral responsibility, they are wonderful strengths. If you are not aware of them, (most people are not) they dominate you, you become the archetype…..your just a brute. You probably know people like this as well as I. What if you are brought up in a family like Archy Bunker?
    Everyone is born with several archetypes. These reside in the cu. Add to this your “shadow” which resides in the “personal unconscious” and lastly, add again the projections from your parents in your family of origin. There is a lot of “stuff” to move through on your way to wholeness and being “moral”. The path to “Positive thinking” is very long and hard

    1. Thank you for this good description of all the more or less conscious/unconscious influences.
      It puts things in perspective.
      But still not very easy to control, I guess, depending all the “bagage” one commes equipped with.

  5. This article reminds me of this quote:

    When someone does one thing wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right


    1. First time I ever commented, had wine, but tbats not unusal. Absolutely live my life like this, trying to get past hearsay. We are all valid

  6. This also happens frequently in dating and relationships. You’ve heard of the “ick factor”? It’s a similar theme, judging someone and ruling them out as a potential, or extricating from an otherwise good connection, due to the flimsiest of reasons. People don’t want to stick around and work through issues anymore!

    Mentioned this before, but I attribute this to Neptune in Pisces. Wanting ultimate ideals and perfection in others, leading to impossibly high standards. Everyone must be flawless (polar opposite Virgo).

    But the reality is, nobody’s perfect.

    Or to quote The Good Place, pobody’s nerfect! 😁😂

    1. Yes! And my point here is we have been socially engineered to do this to each other, which turns on the self. They’re never good enough, but either are you! Everybody failing all the time… great! Lovely!

      It’s perverted! But a person can un-pervert if they can see this. Yes, we have this power.

        1. I want to answer this but it defies being summed up. I mean, yes. Sales. But it’s much more than that. You might say, it’s to control, but that also leads to why? To what end?

          I have some pretty good ideas about this but when I try to communicate, I get a blank slate for the most part… or worse!

          I am trying to introduce these topics anyway, because understanding them is key at this point. As for my self-interest, I have some! I want people to talk to about reality, so that’s a big one. But the other thing is my clients these days are having to deal with this stuff and they want someone they can be candid with – and real solutions to real problems? You’re operating in this world as-is. I don’t think it’s too smart to move slowly at this point. I’m sorry but if you’re not catching on my now, you’re behind. Not you, personally. It’s a general statement.

          I guess, I am trying to tip people but also let my clients / potential clients, know that I am well versed in all of this. I started messing with it in 2014-15. Pluto’s transit through the 12th is a long one!

          As for rising up, people are only rising up against their neighbor, if that. You’ve been around here a long time. You know I have been writing about killing business and stuff like the human spirit for 15 years at least.

  7. I read an interesting article about cancel culture. It was compared to the early Puritans. They also publicly shamed people and were intolerant. Guess what? People got tired of it all and they lost members. I think the same thing will happen with all the negativity. It won’t last because people will want something else.

  8. We’re completely sold on stories, to the point that we don’t know what happened to us, as individuals. Saturn in Pisces is going to bring us up short.

  9. Mass media>the internet>social media has simply allowed tactics like mkultra to reach the masses. I sense that most people are running on more than 90% programming, the rest of their humanity is lost somewhere in the Sunken Place. I don’t like it. I don’t think this gets undone easily, if at all. And I witness it resulting in people hating each other MORE and not hating the programming or the programmers. They just keep eating the programming. Where do we go from here? Thanks for writing about this, Elsa.

    1. Ultimately Kate you are the final arbiter in all thing. Why did you let mass media, the internet, social media, and other sources into your space? Why did you disregard or abandon your discernment?
      Granted, they played a major part in at this historical time but I’m sorry that does not abdicate your responsibility as a Human being. It is to ease to blame and point fingers after the fact, this way of doing business is part of the old system which is crumbling before our eyes world wide, a new way must be established.

      1. Who said I abandoned my discernment? Who said I don’t take responsibility for myself? I left the friggin’ comment, the comment is not about me but it is my opinion. Thanks for the pedantic lecture (talk about pointing fingers).

        Trust me, pal. I rebel against the system in every way I can short of becoming an actual hermit and I don’t fall for the victim trap… but from my perspective? I don’t see the systems crumbling. I see people crumbling. Communities crumbling. You might think that’s a positive thing and for some ultimate good. I don’t see the world in that kind of simplistic view. I see it for what it is, in the here and now, where people are presently living their lives and dealing with consequences of actions not their own and not in their own hands. Not about some hypothetical Brave New World. Kudos to those people who are aware and managing to keep it together in their spirit, health and personal matters. For most that is the absolute best that can be done.

        1. We all walked into the internet, having no earthy idea what would happen when we got here. It’s also been a slow wheel turning, frog boiling or what have you.

          Also, we were tricked from birth as were are parents and grandparents so it’s easy to understand how it got this way.

          But now it is being revealed. “Why” is still being debated. For good? For ill? I have Libra; I can’t decide and I could argue either position.

          In my opinion, the most important thing you can do is learn to identify a liar. You are not going to get truth from a liar.

          This is a core thing. Maybe its THE core thing. The liars are everywhere, on both sides. All the stuff you hear about people lining up for comforting lies is true. The truth, in this case, is bitter. Very bitter.

          It’s also stated, people don’t want the truth, they want confirmation they are right. The internet delivers this in spades. Something make you feel bad? Click over to your current source of hopium, coddling or whatever your drug of choice. Distraction? Maybe go buy some more crap you don’t need, from the same people who oppress you. Go look at someone in pain so you can feel superior!

          Was it here I said, we are all nearly, Pavlov’s dog? I think this is true. Anyone feel good about that?

          Who knew the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are merely red herrings. You find out about these things as a child and that’s it! No more secrets are being kept from you! It’s brilliant.

          And please note, these fake things get you to spend money, lots of money. Does it not make sense there are other fake things that make you spend money?

          This is not directed at you, Kate. Just blathering.

          1. Elsa, hoo boy I can think of some fake things that made me spend money. My loss is the food bank’s gain, I guess.

            This also made me think of why I got a smart phone. Jack asked why I let media, internet etc. into my space.. Well, I’ll tell you why. Back in 2010 I moved to a new city and found that I could not for the life of me secure a place to live, enroll in classes, or get a job interview – why? Besides a lack of connections, I could not compete with people who had smartphones in an insanely competitive market. I always said up to that point I’d never get a smart phone, but I ran into a situation where I became obsolete without one and it felt so demoralizing at the time. It feels like something worse than being tricked. Now, maybe I should have joined a commune in some rainforest somewhere, to stay legit.

            Random thing: Most homeless people where I live are glued to a smartphone.

        2. You say Kate the comment is not about you it is your opinion. Let me ask you why do you separate your opinion you made from your person . If your opinion (which is written words) are not from you than who are they from, who owns them Kate?
          Your words are energetic, very energetic they are your energy, your words are YOU and YOU are your words. Words help manifest the reality you see. If you do not like what you see than change the picture it all goes back to you, you are a co-creator.

  10. Its much easier to be negative than positive.

    I have been labeled and dismissed for much of my life; It was thought for a long time where I have been interbed for the past 24 years that I was in a world of my ownm had no idea what was gong on, until an incident where it was made cleard I did know what was happening and could put 2 and 2 togetherm since that point people have been saying hello to myself on passing, its really weird.

    On the other hand I also jump to the negative as far as siyuations are concened, but over the past year or so, I have been somewhat surprised by the opposite happening.

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