Effects Of Six Planets Retrograde – Chaos!


Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all retrograde at the moment. I have intended to be zen about this. I’ve been successful so far.  However, I can’t help but note the chaos out there. That’s satori’s idea, by the way.  That’s the word she used, yesterday.

The hurricane, the financial markets, the layers of tricks, truth and fiction.  The many, many, many, many dates that doom is set to arrive at your door.

What kills me, is all that stuff is just in the collective. It has little to do with what is happening in you personal life, large and small.

I’m talking about not being able to get plumbing problems straightened out, though I start hiring people all the way back when Saturn ingresses into Pisces.  Stop leaks, right.  Good luck with that!

Then their are the friends who are ill, a business to mind, computer problems and so many concerns; often about clients!  Hey, I’m sorry. You can’t work with people for years and not come to care about them.

There’s all the clamoring for attention and since Mars went into Libra.. well a lot of angst is being projected now.  Not everyone does this, but the odds you might slip and take it out on a waitress (or your spouse) are high right now.

What are you seeing out there?

11 thoughts on “Effects Of Six Planets Retrograde – Chaos!”

  1. I’m suddenly feeling like a boiled frog! Didn’t really notice at first, but all of a sudden, there’s fires everywhere and I’m having a really hard time trying to put them out. I’m wondering if the upcoming full Moon in Pisces is compounding the problem – it’s hard to keep up.

  2. A heavy wave of depression, sadness, and buried anger started last week and overcame me yesterday. I don’t want to talk to anybody! Not even those closest to me. I’m ready to hit a reset button.

    Full Moon in 8th opposite natal Saturn in 2nd.

  3. My daycare keeps accepting disabled children. The staff is decreasing but children keep growing. Today, I stayed in the room with the other caregiver in my room.

    I could have left the room to do prep work, but I always stay to keep an eye on our special needs kids. While she was caring for the majority of the kids, one child kept sticking his hands down his pants.

    When I went to get him to wash his hands, I realized that he was eating his own feces. I was shocked and felt so sad for this child because he needs more one on one care than what we can offer. Me and the other staff have told our supervisors and much higher up, but no one does anything.

      1. I was hesitant to post this, but I really just want to let folks know, it’s probably that Pluto in Capricorn, it’s getting worse out there and to really, really be discerning about where they get care for their children.

        Some parents have already noticed the dwindling staff numbers, poor sanitation/upkeep of the environment, etc. and are pulling their kids from the center. (Thank goodness for those kids. Hopefully they will receive better quality care elsewhere) But to replace those kids, they are only accepting special needs children.

        A lot of my coworkers are going into the public school system, but I may be paranoid about this, but I feel like it’s going to have its own host of problems.

        The psychopath post from earlier made me really wonder if my daycare is being run by some of them.

        Thank you for having this blog and writing these posts. I’m thankful to have a space to share these experiences.

          1. I really appreciate the posts and comments from the others here as well. It was one of the posts from a few months where someone had posted their experiences and it sort of just clicked, that what was happening at their workplace, was also happening at mine. I’m pretty scared of the rest of the Pluto in Capricorn transit. Not for me personally but in general.

  4. Mars is conjunct Neptune in my first house in Libra. If you want me to be the perfect student or employee or whatever I will bust my butt to do that, until I get sick of it, and bolt. You want me to be the bad guy in the relationship? Gotcha covered, buddy, I can do that too. With things as they are now I dare anyone to call my phone trying to sell me insurance or some other stupid thing, but I always seem to manage to be sweet about telling them to f off. This builds a tension in me that makes me sick. Literally. So I’m spouting off a lot at home and my husband is thinking about taking a trip somewhere without me, even though we have friends coming to stay a couple nights this week. Boy, I hope they are ready! And if he does leave, whew! That’s great because I also do better when I’m totally alone wrestling with the end of the world as we know it and feeling just fine. I mean, I’ve got 30 pounds of grapes to turn into raisins, peaches to make into jam, and eggs to collect from the chickens every day so if the crap is hitting the fan out there at least we’ll have snacks.

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