Aquarius Sun Or Moon: How Do They Party and What Do They Say?

Yesterday the AMF said, “You grew up in a mud house.” He reminds me of this now and then and he’s right. I did grow up in a mud house and certain things have resulted from that. Things his Aquarius Moon can deal with.

Now someone with a Libra Moon or a Leo Moon or a Capricorn Moon may have a very hard time coping with a mud-house-girlfriend, but to an Aquarius Moon it’s sort of an enhancement. This is nice for me, you can imagine.

Have you ever been to an Aquarian’s party? I have. They tend to invite a menagerie of people. People whose paths wouldn’t necessarily cross. People from different classes, different races, different backgrounds, or whatever. Put ’em all in a pot and stir. Let’s see…

An Italian single-mother-astrologer, with a set designer, with a schizophrenic painter, a trust fund baby, the homeless person they met last week, a photographer, the CEO of some large corporation, their sister’s ex-husband, and the woman down the street who has seventeen cats. There! Dinner is served!

Do you have an Aquarius Moon? How do you feel about homes / houses?

*pictured, my grandfather, Henry building an adobe house by himself. He’s about 70 years old there, a double Capricorn with a stellium in Sagittarius. He believed it in a person’s spiritual best interest to work sun up to sundown, so he did.

19 thoughts on “Aquarius Sun Or Moon: How Do They Party and What Do They Say?”

  1. 🙂 I love everything aquarian. As an aquarius rising, with Uranus on the MC, I get a kick out of shocking people a little and doing unusual stuff.
    I have a cancer sun, aquarius rising friend (uranus on the MC too) 23 years old, who takes a stuffed E.T toy with her everywhere she goes. I’m never bored around her, we always do unusual things together. last week we went swimming in the sea, in the freezing water and rain. Also on monday I got my nose pierced and she came along with me, and offered me her ET toy, a smaller version, and a unicorn toy for me to hold while it was being done. We also took some tarot in the piercing shop to decide whether to do it or not, and the Devil showed up, and we had this scared face on us haha. Then I was said my venus is opposite saturn right now, this won’t be good. But then she encouraged me to do it anyway. It should beore a sin to bore people 😀

  2. My life is all about Aquarius-type issues right now (Aq/Ur/11) and will be for the foreseeable future. Makes for an ‘interesting’ ride… No time to be bored, that’s for sure, although I ~would~ welcome a little boredom!!

  3. I don’t remember where I picked this up, but it was some person in my childhood: only boring people get bored. I decided early never to get bored.

  4. you’ve just described my parties to a “T” – but add in a tattooed lady, an English PhD, and a man who was a pirate in a past life.

    it is a sin to bore people – when you first posted about this, i sent the link to friends of mine and they all just laughed, because i am this exact same way.

  5. I have heaps of libra, but I don’t mind ppl who come from poor/different beginnings. One of my best friends came from a maori ghetto! So ner! But I must admit I don’t like rude, arrogant or dull ppl. Or smelly ppl. My sister is an aquarius and I’m sure her party criteria is different. She has the kookiest ideas, you’d think dna would account for more but we’re very different. It’s like talking to an alien with the same face as you. She’s been living overseas for so long she even intones like she’s reading out of a book-

  6. Cap moon here too, and mud houses are fine by me. But then, I think I lived in one as an infant, so maybe I’m not the best example. *shrugs*

  7. My mom always said “boredom is a reflection on yourself.” At 8 years old, that didn’t mean much to me, but I’ve come to appreciate it as I’ve gotten older.


  8. Just a quick question: I’ve read that you’re supposed to ‘evolve’ through different relationships. If you keep going for the same spiritual profiles again and again, aren’t you just making the same mistakes over and over?

  9. I have an aquarius moon, and I always wanted to live in a tree house. In the town I grew up in there was a house-sized shoe that was once a shoe repair shop, which was made into a home. I longed to live there. Years later I met someone who had lived there, and I was delighted. Never lived anyplace unusual, but I am interested in all kinds of people, the more diverse the better.

  10. Aquarius moon in the 4th house – I have never lived in a mud house or any unusual setting, the house looks pretty normal from the outside but inside the house…well, most people who have visited think it is hilarious. We have an exercise bike in the middle of the kitchen, we keep cereal in the dishwasher, fruit in the microwave and flush the toilet with a screwdriver. No idea why, it just evolved that way and now it’s the norm.

  11. i want some straw bale eco house out in the middle of nowhere… and maybe a place to crash in several interesting cities…

  12. 0 degrees Aquarius Moon here. Sagittarius rules my 4th house and that is where my natal Jupiter resides as well. I prefer large rooms, a lot of open space and nothing confining. Large windows with no window “treatment” coverings – just lots of light coming in.

    But my Moon is in the 5th house, and adds this to the planetary landscape:

    Housework???? Ha! Who cares if my house is clean and tidy? I like clean and tidy, but if having a neat house means I don’t have as much time to do as I please, forget it.

    Just let me do my own unconventional thing at home.

    Oh…. And my computer is always on!

  13. I have a cappy moon and have a yen for quirky, unusual homes with lots of personality. Not sure where this comes from since I have very little air in my chart at all.

  14. Aquarius moon in the 9th house. My decorations are all over the map. I have buddhas,hindu gods,astrology themed decorations, celtic,wiccan, and cross designs. Once I tried to have a cleaning lady and my mom said the reason she prob quit was she(cleaning lady) thought that I was some kinda witch,lol.

  15. Aquarius moon in either 7 or 8, depending. BUT I have Cancer rising! *lol* So while I want an unusual, quirky home filled with luxurious things (Libra 4th, yo), anytime I think about “home” it’s either my childhood home (now sold… *sigh*) or a person that makes anywhere I am feel like home.

    Actually, that person-thing is pretty damned Aquarian, come to think of it. Hee!

  16. Avatar
    Virgo Stellium Aq Moon

    Hi! 4 degree Aquarius Moon in the 4th house. All I have to say is “Where I lay my head is home.” My now husband didn’t understand that (he’s a Cancer) when we first met. We were at a friend’s place for a bonfire and they needed ice or something, and his house was really near by, I said, I can run home and get it. He was all sentimental about it, saying I called his house “home”, blah blah blah. But in reality, I say that about where-ever it is I’m headed back to go to bed 🙂

  17. My sister’s parties were like that, before she moved away from the Aquarius ruled city of our birth. She has Aqua IC (not her Moon sign, though)… She has since lived in many places, but I’m pretty sure that for her, “there’s no place like (Aquarius) home.” <3

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