Big Lessons With Saturn In Sagittarius

There’s always something new to learn. Saturn’s sign, house and aspects; natally and by transit, indicate what a person is working on. The lesson’s build on each other.

Saturn in Scorpio showed us how important is to manage whatever energy you have available. Are you a source or a sink? Are the people around you, life-giving or soul-sucking? Are you deeply entwined with someone who is bad for you? Is your pathology blocking you? Are you deeply committed?

With Saturn in Sagittarius, I’m learning why this work was important. I’m coming to understand the true meaning of my experiences.

I know someone being struck down at this time. It’s as if they’ve been hit with a bat – a BIG bat, at the knee level. They’re going down.

A friend of mine asked, “What would they do if they weren’t married?”  Because their spouse is going to help them, see?  “Imagine what would happen if there was no spouse,” she said.

This hit me like a brick. I don’t even want to think about what would happen. It would be horrible.

Then I see people messing around. They fail to realize they are not invincible. They fail to realize how important it is to have people in your life you can count on.

Consequently, they fail to invest in relationships that are real and possibly gritty at times.  Then they get hit with a bat.

I’m learning to ignore minutiae.  Pay mind the big stuff (Sagittarius). It really is, later than you think.

14 thoughts on “Big Lessons With Saturn In Sagittarius”

  1. Thanks Elsa for this post it helps me at least to focus on the fact that me and my family are not the only ones going through changes. I in fact see it all around me. I have noticed that if you are willing to extend a helping hand it makes everything better for everyone. Seems like everyone I know has something pretty horrific happening within their family or to them directly. I can’t fathom handling some of these things alone. One of my daughter-n-loves cousin who is just a year older than she is has a sever alcohol problem it has aged this young man to where he looks older than me and I’m 61 he is only 36 shocking to say the least. My own daughter was involved in an industrial accident where she partially amputated half the end of her left thumb a week before Thanksgiving. She is single with no children if it were not for me and her man friend she would have to have home health. She still has one more surgery to go through. It is getting better but still it is horrific to say the least. That is just two examples of things I know of and I have heard of and know of at least 10 or more situations that are just confounding and shocking just baffling to say the least. I have no idea what these people would do without someone to help them in their situation. These are not normally dependent people the situation they are in requires them to be dependent on others for help.

  2. Maybe,but perhaps they would develope unshakable faith in the unseen, the world of prayer without the props so to speak. Our path’s are all so unique. I’ve found it hard to generalize.

  3. Elsa, Your story resonates with me most deeply. The Saturn in Scorpio transit a little while back took my husband (35 years married) my best friend (22 years) and my mom (my whole life). I was all alone and I know how painful that solitary path is. Yes, Ann, my faith did deepen enormously and I am so grateful for that. With God’s help I took the first step on that solitary path, I saw the hand being dealt and I played it I didn’t even try to ignore it. Things are getting better now, have a new set of friends and starting to date again, but this Saturn in Sagg is not really affecting me that much ( it’s hitting my 9th house) except that I am so much more aware of the solitary person. I reach out to them whenever and wherever I am. I will never forget how it feels to be so alone. And I cherish each new relationship that I make.
    Aries Rising

  4. Saturn in Scorpio showed us how important is to manage whatever energy you have available. Are you a source or a sink? Are the people around you, life-giving or soul-sucking? Are you deeply entwined with someone who is bad for you? Is your pathology blocking you? Are you deeply committed?

    I think I got this wrong^^^^^ and if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be dealing with the things I am dealing with now had I done it right.

  5. I moved from financial and emotional independence to having to depend on someone for help, when Saturn entered Sagittarius and my twelfth house simultaneously. It turns out that I’m helping the ones who are helping me. I still have painful programming that tells me that I’m a loser. That I shouldn’t ever depend on anyone even if it’s mutually beneficial.

      1. I recently saw two young woman with very strong faith and boy, did they need it. It looked like happiness, calm and an inward beauty that spilled out, flooded the room and all its occupants with Joy. Everyone was smiling. It was a chemo ward. I want some of that. I need some of that. I want to be that. Tall order…

  6. With sun virgo moon Scorpio I’ve had three going in four years of nonstop bs first financially now physically as well as financially. I’m so tired of Saturn. I wish I could nuke it out of the sky!

    I’m sick of being sick all the time always. My natal suns at 25 degrees Virgo with mercury at 20. I don’t know how much better this year will get. I feel like if I take more punches I won’t make it.


  7. Saturn transiting Sagittarius and my 10th house is the best thing ever! Especially after three years of Saturn in the 8th house hovering over my Pluto…

    My work finally pays off again and I’ve regained my social status (GPA wise)!
    If only I was born with it natally…

  8. I think I may have struck gold in this arena…someone else potentially interested in a real commitment. I’ll know more before too long. I’d be willing to move several hours away and get a new job if this works out.

  9. Hmm. I wonder if there’s another element that is making relationships important at this time. Jupiter in Libra? I wouldn’t think Sag has much to do with relationships, except maybe sometimes it has to do with exaggerated independence.
    Also this ties in with a lot of realizations I’ve recently so that’s interesting.

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