Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn – Mountaineer

lilith capricornIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn, the struggles you’ve encountered through your Lilith placement have made you strong and responsible. You learned how to get ahead while others were sleeping.

However your Lilith wounds have manifested (shown by the house your Black Moon Lilith is in), you’ve discovered that security, to the extent that it exists at all, is something you build yourself. Watching other people flail and founder, you realized that no one knows what they’re doing. No one is coming to save you. And even if they were, you wouldn’t want it. You have carried the burden of responsibility for so long that you know no one else could manage like you do.

Carrying so much for so long as made you a powerhouse. No matter how exhausted you are, there’s very little you can’t achieve. And achieve you do. One of the very few ways you gain some sense of safety is through your accomplishments. You probably learned that a list of awards and accolades is the best way to insulate yourself from life’s ups and downs. In fact, this may have been the primary way you received any kind of praise or positive attention growing up. The problem with achievement, though, is that it paints a target on your back, which is something you are well aware of.

Because your way of attaining security creates even more insecurity, you operate from a scarcity mindset. It feels like life is a great precipice, and you’re hanging on to the edge of the cliff by your fingernails. In order to deal with this fear, you’ve learned to develop a stoic façade. You certainly feel plenty of emotion, but you instinctively understand the folly in showing those emotions to the world. Authenticity feels like vulnerability, and vulnerability feels like defenselessness. You know better than to leave yourself exposed. In this way, you have purchased your safety at the expense of your own emotional honesty.

One of the best ways to blunt the effects of Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn is to lean on Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign. Cancer carries a heavy burden as well, and operates with the same security concerns that you do. The difference is that Cancer doesn’t do it all alone. Instead of relying only on themselves, Cancer recognizes that there is safety in numbers. By spending a little more time building emotional relationships with the people around you, you could form a team of allies to fall back on when you’re in need. Cancer also knows the value of people over pennies. On their deathbeds, no one ever wishes they had worked more or made more money. They wish they had spent time developing intimacy with the people they love.

There is so much to say about this placement, but let me say this: Your strength and practicality are so important. You are a builder, and that is your superpower. As you work to create a world in which you can feel truly safe, your skills will be absolutely essential. Just make sure to bring others along for the ride. You, too, deserve support.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn? What is it like for you? 


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  1. I have Lilith in Cap in 3rd house. I recently started thinking about my vulnerability and being brave enough to show it (I want to be more authentic). I feel strong enough to do this. The trouble is, when I show vulnerability, or my real self, people seem to treat me as if I’m weak or stupid. It’s like a gigantic missmatch – like they don’t ‘get’ me at all. It makes me very angry – I can’t work out how to be authentic and acknowledge my shadow when people don’t ‘allow’ me to be me.

  2. You are so spot on that it it’s scary Midara…
    How great a writer you are!

    My BF’s Cancer Sin is almost conjunct my North Node, so this is def. an area I need to build on. I am a powerhouse yes – but from its 9lacement in the 12th, the energy is hard to access. It can feel like this one day and then something else the next.

    My Lilith is almost conjunct Mars though. When I put my mind into it, I can move mountains. Mars is square Moon in Libra, so if you are unfair or treat other poorly, I will whip your ass slow and steady. On the other side, if we team up and you keep up your end of the bargain and act with integrity, I will be your knight in armor.

    I recently worked in a global oil company. The it systems worked too slow. The technical setup was poor, outdated and made everyone miserable.
    The French consultant who was aiding me, didn’t do squat, just gave me insufferable excuses and was an arrogant ass to be honest.

    I was SO MAD!
    So, I set out to prove to them wrong and that I was right. I built a business case and showed them how they lost money every day in thei current setup.

    Shortly thereafter, I was given notice that they was taking a month out to investigate “some technical issues” …. A couple of months later, I heard they was going to switch all the content on the current servers to a whole new provider/setup.

    I was later invited onto a board of members from the organisation which provided suggestions for new development projects in the system……

    My boss and my branch of the global organisation got international recognition through my work.
    But my boss was also a real B*tch.
    When I left, I took their new and exclusive status with me, cause none in my branch knew the stuff I did.

    I find that rather satisfying….

    I usually lift an organisation up when I come into it. But,as you describe – it puts a target on your back. Friends are frenemies …. Especially when in the 12th house.

  3. “One of the best ways to blunt the effects of Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn is to lean on Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign”.

    This is rather easy to do, “wrong” to do and hard to find balance because of South Node in Cancer in 7th house!

    Balance is what is needed and it’s so slippery to achieve. Leaning on Cancer only brings pain (Chiron in 7th) and its hard to resist an urge. Learning NN in first house in Capricorn is heavy task.

  4. I turned 65 recently, and it feels like try as I might in the past five years of coming to appreciate and develop the qualities of Sun square Asc-Jupiter-Pluto, there are just too many indicators, including Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn in the sixth whole sign house, of being driven by a wounded need for total independence. In the early days of our marriage I was subservient to my husband (I also have Chiron in 7H) but now I feel like I’m full on telling him what to do all the time. I have tried to develop more emotional connections with friends, knowing that I will especially need this as I age, and I have come to count on three such people now. I know I need more, though, so good ol’ Capricorn has been urging me to set goals to achieve the change! I’ve known ”working” on relationships is strategic and not welcoming, but this is the first time I’ve read about leaning in Cancer’s direction as a possible counter action.

  5. Most relatable BML in Capricorn I’ve seen. Natal BML in 9th 2 degrees from MC opposing 3rd house Cancer Sun conjunct IC. Life’s juggle.

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