Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius – Neo-Creator

lilith aquariusIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius, the pain you’ve experienced through your Lilith placement has made you independent and unique. You learned that if you don’t set your own terms in life, someone else will do it for you.

However your Black Moon Lilith wounds have played out (shown by the house placement of your Lilith), you’ve found that it’s better to keep your distance from the drama. While everyone seems to be scurrying about like little cogs in the machine of the demiurge, you have pulled way back, recognizing that way if life isn’t for you. You carefully maintain a sense of detachment and separateness. And this has become your go-to way to cope. When in doubt, you pull out.

This can sometimes leave you feeling like an alien. Your identity doesn’t fit into anyone else’s box. You refuse to mold yourself into something other people find more digestible. Instead, you cling to your uniqueness as a way to separate you from the world that you can so clearly see is broken. Conforming to an inhuman system is no virtue, and you know this in your bones. So sometimes you wear your differences with pride because they mark you as something more than the unwashed masses. In this way, you’ve bought your sense of peace at the expense of your connection to others.

But it’s not about being different so that you can be better than others. The problem isn’t that other people are sheep so much as it’s a system that is herding people off a cliff. You see how power is abused, money is king, and normal people are ground up in a system that only benefits a select few. You also know the world can be better. There are a million ways humans can organize themselves, and there’s got to be something better than this. So you’ve become someone who can solve problems on a global scale. Even on a personal level, you find yourself always attempting to find a better way of doing things. Overhauling the system is your default.

Of course, this experience can be pretty lonely. There aren’t a lot of job listings or dating ads looking for an aloof genius bent on saving the world by turning it upside down. Not to mention what a heavy burden it is, always trying to rebuild the world. To mitigate some of this pain, lean on Leo, the sign opposite to Aquarius. Leo recognizes that identity can be something that springs from within you, not as a reaction to what is around you. Leo realizes that detaching from the system doesn’t mean detaching from other people. And Leo knows that any new world has to be designed with heart. Without it, you create the very kind of system you want to dismantle.

I could easily write a book on this placement alone, but I’ll end here: This is one of the best places for Lilith to be. Your ability to see the big picture and how to improve it is your superpower. As you strive to build a world that reflects your ideals, Lilith will be standing right beside you. If you can make sure you never lose the love in your heart, there’s no reason you can’t make your new world a reality.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius? What has it been like for you?

7 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius – Neo-Creator”

  1. it’s better to keep your distance from the drama
    When in doubt, you pull out
    Overhauling the system is your default
    Leo realizes that detaching from the system doesn’t mean detaching from other people
    Your ability to see the big picture and how to improve it is your superpower

    Wow…passages above totally resonate with this BML 14 Aqu (9th but tight conj MC). I’ve always thought it was my Sag Mars & Merc but your article got me rethinking.

    I do all of those things by default my whole life, instinctually. Sometimes I feel an almost physical sensation of zooming out to see bigger picture in my minds eye.

    Your positive affirmations on this placement has buoyed me up. Thanks Midara!

  2. If BLM is the oscillating apogee then yes in aquarius H3. Here’s the kicker, it is conjunct Pallas in my natal chart. I was rambling through some asteroidal stuff in my old files and just read some stuff about Pallas this week. Seems like Pallas and BLM have alot in common eh?

    I have come to love this combo as a function. It is how I function. While it can be frustrating, I have to let the large and in charge do their thing, but I always feel like I am the ace in the hole. I work quietly in the background and build a strong work/function network. Have come to know, I am not cut out for the celebrity show boating. I really would not want that. It is not my function. And those strong networks, they have always been successful because they are real, the right thing, and I suppose that does come from the heart. ( I tend to think that is why people call me lucky. They cannot see my work, so when there are results it looks like magic).

    The only thing I differ with, and this could be the Pallas conj thing is that I don’t want to rebuild the world, just do the right things that are appropriate to the situation and the people around me.

    I was interested to find that Athene changed her name to Pallas to honor her friend she killed in battle. Being in my 3rd house of siblings, there is a very complex familial story that ties Pallas to the sibs and the resultant paternal behavior. It’s a juicy one this conjunction, and perhaps I am yammering on about it because mercury’s home is the standard gemini 3rd?

    If BLM is not the oscillating apogee, then never mind. 😀

  3. How fun to get a read like this. Black Moon Lilith is in my 1st house Aquarius. And Leo is ripe with a stellium of Saturn closely conjunct with Mars and a side of Pluto. HEART full. Alternatively controlled and then out-of-control. And that stellium is sextile Uranus for revolutionizing when the heat is too high or the the pace too staid.
    It’s been a rolling coaster/toaster. I love that you chose to use the verb “dismantle” in this sentence: “Without it, you create the very kind of system you want to dismantle.” The same verb was used recently to caution/warn me not to use some very powerful training to dismantle someone else’s practices.
    Same message and timely one for my Aquarium Black Moon Lilith and 8th House Leo partnership.
    Thank you Midara, this was good stuff!

  4. I have this placement at 0* Aquarius 4th house, placidus. This article is very rich and has given me lots of food for thought. Aquarius is always hard to put into words. I agree it is a lonely placement, for me the isolation comes from the ideas/perspective I have about why we are here. It has been an eternal question since childhood and I seem always to be endeavoring to build a more accurate picture in my head – that is the structural part, it’s ideological/philosophical in nature. Articulating this leads to isolation as few people are conceptualising in this ‘zone’ for want of a better word. The blank response is a common one. Mostly I keep things to myself so as to not feel alien and to retain love and connection (Leo). I don’t want to rebuild, I don’t feel things are broken here, just an issue of a lack of consciousness, which is affecting perceptual abilities. I have cursed these ideas, I have pretended a lot, you wouldn’t recognise any eccentricity externally. As I get older I am accepting it more, starting to speak, I see a lot of change happening too. My partner also has lilith in Aqua so I found a home in him.

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