Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Jupiter in Sagittarius Shatters Illusions

Saturn turns direct on April 19th, 2007… and will run right into (aspect with) Neptune. I was thinking about what this might portend and what came to me, is illusions will be shattered.

I am seeing this play in my life. People’s illusions of me are being shattered, primarily. At least this is what I can perceive at the moment and I am very grateful for this! I get tired (Saturn) of being a hologram (Neptune). I get tired of being a projection (Neptune on the Saturn/Midheaven). So let the veil drop! It’s good, it’s right, it’s necessary and I have a story to illustrate.

I was thinking of a time I had one of my illusions shattered and the story is so stupid I think it will help people cope when this happens to them over these next days so I’m going to tell it. My illusions were shattered when I was sitting in court one day and I heard someone lie!

That’s right. People lie in court. ::smiles:: But I didn’t know this at the time. I seriously operated under the illusion that when people got to court and the lawyer or the judge asked them a question… well this required them to tell the truth! Not so? Not so, Elsa, you na��ve little twit!

So anyway, this guy lied. He sat there on the stand he lied but here’s the part that killed me:

He lied even though there were three people in the courtroom who absolutely knew he was lying. And further, he lied about something he had told the truth about for 20 some years! Get it? “Yeah, I did that,” he said for 20 years. But now he’s in court and now he has an agenda and all the sudden, he didn’t do that! I had to laugh! I just laughed out loud. I busted into a snort and a chuckle which got me stared at by the judge, but come on. How can you lie like that? And the answer?

Very easily!

So this was a day one of my illusions got shattered and maybe you can see it was just as well. I really don’t need to be walking around so stupid that I think people tell the truth in court! ::laughs::

So may this story (Jupiter in Sadge) about court (more Jupiter) give you perspective (Jupiter) and maybe a laugh (Jupiter) when some of your illusions (Neptune) are devastated by reality (Saturn) over these next days.

And if anyone can add a story of their own shattered illusions, please do. We can use all the cheer we can get, yes?

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4 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Jupiter in Sagittarius Shatters Illusions”

  1. A positive one and a potential fear.

    My former bosses treated me quite poorly at the end of the job. They’re very well to do in a small rural area and so carry a great deal of political weight for community decisions, projects etc. When I left my mother said they were just showing their true colors to me. I was angry as I said that no one else seemed to see it. Just yesterday I found out that they were harassing another company in town. I’m hoping that this becomes public quite soon. I think it will after talking to my friend in the area he says that it’s about to fall apart.

    The scarey bit. I started dating a friend of 6+ years quite recently. I’m now afraid that my “illusion” of a good relationship will crack even though we’re still in the new happy honeymoon stage. Something about neptune in my 7th house and some bad past experiences. Here’s to hoping for a happy bit and no shattering of illusions in this one area of my life!

  2. Thank you for this post on shattered illusions. I’m halfway through blogging about knowing when to give up on things/situations/people. When is hanging on too much? Do we value tenacity (Saturn?) because we need to believe something else is around the corner (Neptune?)? Anyhow, you’ve given me something to think about. Thank you.

  3. Pluto has been conjoining my Sagittarius Ascendant for a while, and it will be a while yet before I see all the fruits of the labour (Pluto’s still going!) I have a feeling that I won’t know which illusions until after the fact…
    But here’s a good Juptier in Sag story for you:

    On the upside, I know no less than FOUR households (mine included) that have been “forced” to move residence in the last few months. In this city renting can be hell (expensive is the common complaint).
    Every single person has not only found beautiful homes, but in the neighbourhood they were seeking, with landlords they liked instantly and for great rent! I find it fantastically hopeful for the rest of the year!

  4. Looked up the ephemeris for this date. Very interesting.

    Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius
    NN, Mars in Pisces
    Saturn going direct in Leo opp. Nep in Aqu at a close degrees Venus retro going to go stationary direct in Sept
    Sun and Mercury in Aries (where Uranus is transiting now)
    Plus Saturn ingressed to Virgo later that year. Plus Venus in Leo went retro that year too. ??

    Different planets-same signs. I’m thinking we’re going to be revisiting 2007 themes in September-Oct and especially all of 2016. Whatever happened or decisions around relationships, especially around made during that time are going to resurface. Veils may drop. Saturn in Sag is going to square Neptune this time.

    2007 was an amazing, agonizing, turbulent, hectic, life-changing year. Lots of veils and perceived obstacles were dropped but for the better. But do I want to live it again??? That is the question. ??

    Eh. Maybe?? It was a bit like a nauseatingly fun roller coaster?

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