Have You Outgrown The Role Of The Ingenue?

2h-Pierre-Auguste-Renoir-French-painter-1841-1919-IngenueA time comes in the lives of all women, when they realize they can no longer play the part of the ingenue.  They’ve got to make a transition and it’s not always easy.  In fact, many women are scared to death to step out of this role and leave it behind.

When a woman does hit this stage, invariably she’s got a Saturn transit going. She feels pressured to act her age, which is no longer seventeen…or twenty nine for that matter.

As difficult as flipping this switch might be, it’s imperative that you manage. Otherwise you become somewhat of a caricature.

I work with a lot of woman in this process.  Basically, “Carol” has to morph to “Carol 2.0”

Have you outgrown the role of the ingenue? Have you successfully reinvented yourself or do you need to work on this? Could you use some help?

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    I started a new (my fiance now) relationship right in the middle of my Saturn return at 29. I had known my ex since I was 14 so I felt like I was stepping out of a kid role when we broke up at age 28. I seriously felt like a kid for 14 years not knowing what direction I was going in. We didn’t really do typical real life things and just stayed home watching dumb videos all the time. He never grew up, because apparently he was arrested recently for public intoxication.

  2. Oh yes! And it hit me kind of hard but I had a whole mess of things going on.

    I realized that growing older doesn’t mean being old.That this life is a journey and stepping out of old roles and limiting beliefs while being in integrity is a beautiful,liberating thing.

    Yes,I’ve had to reinvent myself and I treat myself the absolute best that I can now.I’m learning the Art of self acceptance and I love taking care of myself.How much self beratement I had is incredible as a younger woman. I’m so thankful for the wisdom I’ve gained thus far.I think we can be both responsible and fun,vital,alive as we move through time.Every season has its perks and drawbacks but growing and owning yourself as a woman is a beautiful work.
    I remember freaking out because I had turned 30 and didnt most people do that? I laugh now at societies conditioning. Who cares? What matters is you taking care of you,your business(life and all that entails) and doing what it takes to live a decent life.And you can look good and sexy at any age.

  3. Currently in that process, it´s about taking full *control* of your life, stop living by other´s opinions, validations, mandates, conditioned by other people´s burdens, problems, that ultimately have nothing to do with you.

  4. Since losing my husband 3 years ago, and now 66 I am trying to learn to embrace my age. It’s not easy. 66 is not like 66 was when my grandmother was alive. It’s just not me to crochet, knit or can foods. I still love a party. I want to travel. I don’t turn men’s heads like I used to, but it gets lonely being single. I need a book on” how to be old for dummies”..lol

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        Hildegarde's Noviciate

        I’m in my Saturn Return and turning 60 in September. I think the 2nd Saturn return is the roughest for many women.
        We hit perimenopause followed by Menopause followed by Early Post Menopause and then Post Menopause finishing up with a 2nd Saturn return. The last 8 years have been rough for me but,wow, what a difference. I just reached the Stage of not giving a crap.
        My North Node is in Leo in 11th so it fits beautifully. I’m grateful for the creative and inner child boost. Defying my South Node and Saturn in 5th to not be stodgy. And I love being with women my age. Fierce and spiritual and funny as all get out. No hold bars here!

    1. Hi there, Theres a wonder woman named Wendy Ida who I recommend often.If just for inspiration.70 she is.She has an amazing story too.Be Blessed!

    2. Opalina, I’m 70 and in a relationship. My guy loves cars, specifically old cars. When I moved in with him in May of 2020, he found a 1988 black Mercedes SL (convertible, no less) and I had it restored. Let me tell you something, I may not turn heads like I once did, but that car does! Especially men my age who loved those cars in their hay day.

  5. Hi there, Theres a wonder woman named Wendy Ida who I recommend often.If just for inspiration.70 she is.She has an amazing story too.Be Blessed!

  6. Idk where my Saturn return is, lol.but I know for sure – I AM GOING THRU THIS, at this moment and there is beauty with the pain in finding me again.
    Thank you Elsa, for articulating my feelings perfectly, helps me to know I’m on the right track 🥹🙏🏻🌅💜♏️♒️♑️

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