Black Moon, Scorpio Moon, Pluto Moon, 8th House Moon…

scorpio braceletSpeaking of astrology and timing, today’s Moon / Venus / Pluto hits my chart hard as does the Sun, Black Moon conjunction in Scorpio and things are popping. I’ve enough going on I should probably just put on my black clothes and simmer, but I have a storytelling gene and fact is I can do two things at once so I may as well.

So Moon Pluto, the black Moon, Venus with Pluto… these are all signatures of a powerful (or powerless) woman. We’re definitely talking about a woman, one back from the dead, or from your past.

With Venus involved there is a love relationship or maybe just your vanity on deck. In whatever case all this stuff is swirling around all of us and if you happen to be like me (or the soldier, whose angles are involved) then it’s very, very personal.

“I had this thought about your mother,” I said, today on the phone with the soldier. “You know how she took those pictures of me and then kept them for almost 30 years? She released them when she wanted something to move in the world. Something happened when she did that.”


“Well I think it’s the same thing as you learning all the songs on that album,” I said. “And then you released them. Don’t you think these things are related? I think you and your mother have more in common than you think. You are both pretty… something.”

“I guess. I try not to think about that.”

I laughed. “Well listen. She had no idea why she was getting those pictures of me when she got them. And you had no idea why you learned those songs. But when you people let loose of this stuff, look what happens? Something happens and it’s shocking. So obviously you know what you’re doing even when you don’t know what you’re doing. You have inherited from her and I don’t think you know it.”

“Okay, P. Okay.”

“Well okay, then. I just see the correlation. She’s got the pictures, certain number of years pass and she releases them. You learn the songs, same number of years pass and you release them. Both events change me, I can’t help but see you’re related. That and there is a cycle completing.”

He’s got Moon Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house. How can they help but operate in tandem like this?

Are you aware any patterns in your family?

4 thoughts on “Black Moon, Scorpio Moon, Pluto Moon, 8th House Moon…”

  1. I’ve got a relationship on deck, sort of. He’s definitely interested, and I’m interested but there’s a distance factor, and with jupiter cnj my neptune in teh 12th house I’m (saturn sq. sun) afraid that its all justa big delusion. Also, the moon is cnj my natal moon (ninth house) square pluto and I’m looking at a move to London enabled by a woman. The universe is defintiely moving. I just don’t know what its doing yet.

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