Blind Spots In Your Natal Chart

Eventually you meet yourself!  I think this was the first video I made after a ten year hiatus… and I don’t think I put it on the blog because I was nervous/embarrassed. But I’m over that now so…

This is also interesting and on topic.

Blind Spots & Core Personality Traits – Yours & Theirs

Has astrology helped you “see”?


10 thoughts on “Blind Spots In Your Natal Chart”

  1. Totally relate to the Venus sq Neptune—that helped change my life (discovering that about myself).

    Discovering my Pluto Rising in Scorpio is what sealed my entry into astrology, also helped change my life…

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    Aquarius Lurker

    I’ve looked and looked at my chart but still can’t see. That being the case, I’m going to forget the chart and just wing it.

    As soon as I wrote that I thought, maybe ‘winging it’ is the issue, chuckle.

  3. Have you ever looked at a chart for a long time – I mean decades- and then one day you see something that is so obvious that it changes everything you told yourself about the chart up to that point.

    This happened to me recently while I was peering at my longterm (34 years) partner’s chart. See, I had always had this narrative that we got along because we’re both Aquarians and while this is true and my Venus is exactly conjunct his Sun, and my Jupiter is conjunct his Moon , that is hardly the whole story.

    What I had never seen before is the fact that he’s got 5 planets and his MC in earth signs. He’s really very very earthy. Not like me at all because I have a stellium in Aquarius. Since then, I ‘ve gone back and looked at charts of friends and family and concentrated only one the breakdown of the elements – air, water, fire, earth – and gotten a much greater appreciation of who the person really is.

  4. ❤️😘truth come knocking, I decided if I have others that don’t like me,boo sux to be them ? I like me I am complicated I went through things I can’t erase,so I am going to enjoy my time on the planet. I can’t help it if others side step me. I guess that’s one way to filter people. I tell my kids all the time half the world is full of idiots. Just smile they didn’t get the opportunities to learn or be expose the way some are. some have a tiger in their tank maybe too many avocados.

  5. Ditto you (Elsa)and BellaDonna – I have Venus sq Neptune and finally understood my crazy ways thanks to astrology.
    Afterwards it seems so logical!
    But there’s always something to learn, even years later.
    It can help to understand and accept things (and things about other people too).

  6. Great vid. Elsa, personal and meaning ful.

    Blind spots? Pluto Virgo con. dec. Perhaps l deny my own capacity for ruthlessness.

    Grand fixed square…ambition?

    How far do l let this run with Algol conjunct sun? Mostly,I chose not to …up to a point.

    Yep. I sometimes go for revenge in equal measure…and it has been very satisfying. Depends on the age and maturity of my target…and if l feel they deserve it.

    A woman l knew in childhood and whom l endlessly supported–did not support me when l needed it. The last time l saw her she told me how she slept with my boyfriend…it was the expression on her face…she was in a job that paid $$$. I got her sacked…she is a Virgo.
    ( Please dont give me the ‘forgiveness’ thingy–without accountability it means nothing and often encourages the behaviour to continue)

    Perhaps l have a few more blind spots.

    I am not all nice and l am not all good.

    Trans. Saturn conj. Pluto/

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    Aquarius Lurker

    My thinking is if I can see it then it’s not a blind spot. Maybe this is why I must talk things over with people like Elsa, or read comments by people on this blog. For me it’s hard to think/feel in a wholly new way to how I always think. Saturn opposite Uranus. What I wish for is a side mirror

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