Neptune Transit Conjunct Ascendant

Neptune gorgeousWhen Neptune crossed my ascendant, I was in such a fog I found myself driving the wrong way on a one-way street.  This may not seem remarkable until you consider it was the street I lived on. I simply pulled out on my own street, having turned in the wrong direction.

People thought I was drunk back then, though I never was. I would explain, I pretty much a non-drinker.  Does a drink every couple of months count? People did not believe me and I could see why! I was freakin’ spaced out!

The fog was so thick, I could not discern my direction in life. I also had no clue the speed at which I was traveling. If was if I were hurtling down the highway with no visible signs or telephone poles to mark my progress in the right or the wrong direction.

When a planet crossed the ascendant, it affects all the Cardinal houses in a chart. Who am I? Who’s my family? Who is my partner? What’s my job or public position in life?  All of these things were obscured from everyone, including myself!

It takes 164 years for Neptune to transit the zodiac which means you may not have this transit in your life time.

Has transiting Neptune ever crossed your ascendant? How did it go?

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  1. I was born with Neptune conjunct Ascendant and conjunct Sun plus Mars in Pisces. Life is but a foggy dream…

  2. If Transiting Neptune conjunct your ascendant makes you/me spaced out how would Neptune conjunct your descendant work? Would I see everyone else as being spaced out?

  3. Neptune transited my ASC/1st house in Capricorn from 1984-1998. From the age of 9-23 for me. Yes, I definitely felt like I didn’t know who I was or where I was headed. I had no concrete idea of what I wanted to do with my life, only that I needed to get out of my small mid-western town – ESCAPE. I moved to France in 1998 for about a year. A lot of day dreaming and living in a fantasy in my mind of what my life was going to be like when I was finally independent and free of the confines of my fundamentally religious Midwestern upbringing. A lot of idealizing and romanticizing borne from an inexperience with life.

    Maybe that was the best time to experience this transit? When you’re young and you can still float through life to a certain degree?

  4. I am living with this confusion daily with neptune conjunct ascendant. It’s very disturbing sometimes, sometimes it’s very peaceful. I had transit neptune square sun and it was not very good but it could have been worse, it was a lesson to discern who to let into my life after this transit was over. I don’t look forward to neptune in aries squaring my rising and planets in the 1st house that’s for sure.

  5. When Tr Neptune crossed my ASC, I discovered a lump in my breast seemingly “coming from nowhere.” Thankfully, it was benign. In the same year, my family moved into our “dream” house.

  6. With my Asc 5 Aquarius I am going to survive all slow planets conjuncting my Asc. The last one will be Pluto and he will oppose my Mars at time, haha
    Neptune on my Asc has pushed me towards spiritual practice, soul searching…

  7. I have a dear friend whose natal has Neptune in a loose conjunction with her Ascendant.

    She told me about the strange circumstances of her mother and birth. Her mom was barely 16 when she had her. Her mother insisted my friend tell everyone that her mother was her older sister.

    Then when my friend fell in love with her first real boyfriend,
    she came home one awful day to find him in bed with her mother.
    To make matters worse, her mother married the boyfriend.

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    James Slattery

    Neptune over my Pisces Asc definitely brought brain fog, confusing communications and mysterious minor illnesses with multiple diagnoses! I was more isolated and enjoyed it. Let up on my fitness routine and gained about 20 pounds while paying less attention to my appearance in general. I started reading poetry and The Bible. Go figure.

  9. Neptune is currently crossing my Pisces ascendant (retrograde). I’m currently getting over Covid (after being double jabbed) and I’m feeling a lot of fogginess and fatigue! But I was experiencing that before I got Covid. I moved to a new area and my new life feels vague and directionless and haven’t fully settled and worried I’ll never settle. The only interest I have is in spiritual stuff. There is a lot of non-activity and spaced-out ness + lethargy. Although I’m kinda used to that energy so the way I see it is that it’s just a dreamy phase I’m going through. I’ve realised that I can’t be out there all the time achieving, building and creating outward success.

    1. Tr. Neptune is currently conjunct my ascendant and I am truly in a fog, lethargic, feel lost, have few interests and I am usually a busy person. When Neptune entered my 12th house I began mysteriously lightly candles and felt the need to mediTate. That was at least 10 years ago. But lately, I just feel lost and confused. I’m trying to be patient and sit with it. Meditate daily and prepare for a new me to emerge. My relationship has gone thru a period of deception and we are trying to work that out, but honestly, I’m still so hurt, I’ve never felt so sensitive and I cry all the time. I feel very vulnerable and I don’t think anyone can understand this except another astrologer!My therapist can’t understand it either – just depression Thank the stars for astrology.

      1. At the time Neptune travelled through my 12th and crossed my Asc in my teens, I began researching the unknown, spiritual, paranormal, converted to Buddhism and I met a several extraordinary masters.but at the same time I was lonely, sad, desperate cut from others with a large glass wall, inadequate. And alone too.

  10. I have Neptune conjunct MC in my natal chart. I am now having Neptune cross my pisces asc.

    I find I am constantly lost and asking who I am. I also live in constant brain fog. I have lost several close relationships due to my inability to relate to superficially.

    I have MANY new skin irritations & allergies.

    I am spiritual now and am very forgiving of myself and waistline right now.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!!

        1. It depends on a person’s sensitivity, I think. It’s pretty common, Neptune sneaks up on people. They are utterly surrounded with fog and completely confused as to why they’re lost. But others are very sensitive to the energy – people who hate it, typically. They can feel the threat of Neptune perhaps 10 degrees out. I use tight orbs so that’s HUGE.

          If it’s coming from the 12th house (as opposed to a square or whatever), it’s more likely to sneak up on you.

  11. Thanks to you all for sharing even though there seems to be a sad and challenging aspect. I’m not looking forward to it. My asc is 2 dgr in Aries.
    Does anyone had a positive experience with this aspect?? I’m only reading bad ones….

    1. When Neptune crossed my ascendant I have become very idealistically involved in introducing novel healing techniques into medicine.I was deeply involved in meditation at that time, and my own psychotherapy. At that time Neptune was trine my Sun amd Ic, trine Pluto in 8th house,sextile my MC plus Natal Neptune, opposite Mars and Saturn and DSC obviously, square natal Uranus. So I did a lot of good things at that time. What was difficult- transiting square several years later to my Taurus-Gemini immense stellum. Disappointemnt, depression, depressions, deception, weakness but I also survived and learned from this

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