Bonded By Hate (Or Love)

easter bunnySometimes I feel like a wide-eyed child in this world. It happens when I learn something new. Something I’d have never guessed unless someone spelled it out for me. This is what happened, a few dozen years ago when, Satori, explained that people can in fact, be bonded by their hate.

“But it’s a weak bond?” I asked, naive as they come.

“It is not a weak bond. In my experience, it’s a very strong bond that can last for years or even a lifetime…”

Hearing this at the time, I had to retreat and recalibrate my brain. I didn’t doubt her. But it hurt in the way a child is pained when they learn of the Easter bunny.  There was a period of grief and mourning as I assimilated this truth.

Eventually I realized you can be bonded by love or hate and if you hang long enough, you’ll find you’re not longer bonded; you’re bound. I thought was a good thing to know. I’m certain which option I’d rather experience.

I haven’t thought about this for long time. But yesterday, I asked my husband why he thought people had such a hard time considering an outside idea. While offering his opinion, he pinpointed the rage, people fly into as the indicator there is a block there.  It seemed correct.

I woke up this morning, thinking it’s part of being bound.  Bound by love or hate, either one.

If you hate someone, you’ll deny any goodness about them, or spin it into “bad”.

If you’re bound by love, you’ll deny the bad aka “Not my kid!”

This seems a Saturn-flavored thing which is a bit strange.

Have you ever been bonded by hate? How about love?

5 thoughts on “Bonded By Hate (Or Love)”

  1. This is my little “angel” Wendy. She was my older sister, who died at 7. She had cerebral palsy and was mentally challenged. She radiated love, wherever she went.❤️
    For weeks, I have been hearing this song in my head, from way back.
    “What the world, needs now is, love sweet love.”

  2. Wendy had a Stellium in Cancer. Her Sun was Conjunct my Venus. Her Venus was in Leo. What a little love bug, she was.💕

  3. When my son turned 13,Uranus transited his 4th house. It took 1 1/2 years of bound attachment as he cleaned out my bank account, broke into neighbor homes, axed phone cords, disappeared on bike, reported me to cps, as I maintained holding him ( he was my baby). He took measure to overide my authority. My sister adopted him and he lives in the next state over. Aries sun 4th, Sagg Pluto rising ( I have pluto on asc) conjunct Mars ( our mars oppose). Scorpio moon ( our moons oppose) . It’s been 9 years since he moved out and served 5 years in the military. I love him and know we’ll never be close but bound. I’m amazed at his determination to reject his mother. My sister is a Cancer, His n. node is conjunct her sun in the 7th. She says he’s fine and tracked on a life with focus. Great.

  4. From time to time we have used the saying “reaffirming our vows of love and hatred.” cause….44 years together. There’s gonna be trouble, and forgiveness, resentment and joy. LIFE. Humans are complicated.

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