Mars Opposite Pluto: June 5, 2021 – Fight To The Death

mars planetMars in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn on June 5th. This is a dynamic and potentially dangerous aspect. Scorpio is co-ruled by both planets and is probably already feeling this. Same for people with Cardinal planets near 26 degrees.

Depending on your nature, you may feel your skin crawling.  You may be plotting or hunkering down. Aries may be sharpening their knife.

Whatever you’re up to, there is precision involved. Precision and deliberation. This is about being deeply committed to a course of action.

If you doubt the power of this clash, this is what happened to me the last time these planets opposed (2019).  The picture alone tells the story.

Mars Opposite Saturn & Pluto: Avoiding Pain

Saturn was conjunct Pluto when Mars ran through Cancer at that time.  It may seem this would be easier but I don’t think so.

Saturn was in it’s own sign at that time. This may be the reason the cut was superficial. In this case there’s pure focus. I would think the intent (Mars) be to kill or to destroy (Pluto) if the target is inert. Like a building.

The attack will be surgical (Mars) and will strike in a way that is personal (Cancer). You can expect it to be cruel by design.

The exact aspect is on June 5th but those who are sensitive to Mars Pluto or Mars Saturn can probably feel this now.  It’s creeping up, isn’t it?  You can expect this energy to intensify daily.

If you hate reading this and have the option, retreating into your hard shell or your hunkering down in your foxhole during this period is completely rational, acceptable and even recommended. Thrill-seekers and warriors rush to the front.

Also note, the moon will be in Aries on June 5th squaring both Mars and Pluto. Libra, look out!  Particularly if you’re between 20-29 degrees.

Update – This aspect is exact tomorrow. If you’re involved in a conflict, I bet it’s intense. There’s a drive (Mars) is to inflict a mortal (Pluto) wound.

This opposition hits my chart, hard.  Yesterday a man threatened to hunt me down and kill my pets. In whatever case, I’ll survive this and be back on deck asap.

How do you feel about Mars opposing Pluto? How does the opposition affect your chart?

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  1. Pluto is trining my natal pluto @26 Virgo so Mars will be Sextiling it. Cancer is my 11th H… will i clash with a friend ir will i know new friends? Pluto Mars oppositions will be in my 11th H but aspecting good with my natal pluto.
    What should i expect?

  2. Libra Mercury @28 degrees. Think I’ll be hunkering down! The opposition will be across my 1st and 7th houses, so a me vs. them situation that I can do without. Hopefully the upcoming Lunar eclipse will let off a bit of steam in the meantime.

  3. Mars will be on my Saturn. I’ll stay away from any confrontation. What I’m worried about is my husband’s SR chart. He’s birthday is June 5th. Pluto is on his AC for two years now, bringing all kinds of transformative shit that he’s not handling all that well. And now this opposition for a whole year.

  4. I am feeling grand cross, that’s what I do!

    The opposition with the moon in Aries will form a grand cross with natal Saturn/Pluto in my Libra 8th house.

    At that day my sister is hosting her baby shower….. *Gasp*

    2 years ago?
    My dad and his gf and I ran into a row so big,that we haven’t talked to her since.
    It resulted in me shutting off my dad for 3 months.

    My dad has already been making such a mess that he is now excluded from my sister’s upcoming wedding….

    Nervous? ME?!

    You must be kidding. My Scorpio eats wars for breakfast…. *Sigh*

  5. My both litlle sons have this aspect in their chart exact, despite being born 7y apart. This energy is so challenging but I do think square would be worse, also now in the skies

  6. Why is it that i cannot find an astrologer who is really diving deep into what is happening in our world thru the lense of astrology. Vaccine related deaths and injuries are skyrocketing and some major themes going on are very plutonic. I don’t understand how this was not seen, foretold, anticipated, or picked apart as the unfolding happened and continues to do so? It is just so big yet not much being said out there.
    Isn’t the vax needle very mars like?

    1. If you say the wrong things, you will be prevented from doing business on web. I’ve been writing about death of business for 13 years! You might want to check the Pluto in Capricorn tab.

      Basically, if you look a little deeper, you’ll find your answer. This is not a pastime for me, it’s my job, my sole source of income.

      1. Oh! And I do talk about it in consultation. But what’s said in public is tightly controlled and has been for years. It’s just invisible on your end.

        1. Yes that does make sense i guess through the likes of pay-pal and credit card accepting companies, i understand! I will check out the Pluto in Capricorn tab for starts. Thank you Elsa, you and your team do wonderful job!! – I’ve just been trying to dig in deep, very deep and looking for cross references to understand those around me.

            1. Thanks. I needed to hear that stark reality… my natal mars is now exact opposition pluto square eris 26 Aries but 26 libra has alot to do with eagle and dove love melding and values of community wisdom all that so fits well. Its very dicey with community and family and eris and or scrapegoating and saturn transit my singleton aquarius moon 12 lonely.
              But ya the powers can be making one wonder bout rights.

    2. Have you tried WillowsWeb Astrology? A bit conspiratorial for my taste, but she is all over 5G, Vax, Chem Trails etc.

      1. Thank you so much for dropping a suggestion!!

        I am looking more for the human aspect of what we are facing. Prefrontal cortex are shut down and many are operating from the reptilian brain. The lack of discernment is prevalent, it’s like everyone is under a spell of some sort. Many intelligent people around me have pulled the wool over their eyes willingly.

  7. Things are still boiling.
    The cooking cannot last forever. Plates must be served, hot or cold.
    I will not be the only to complain about food poisoning.
    It has become old playing along in this game of pretending that the food is not bad, that we can ignore our issues.

    I want these pots to boil over onto our toes already.

      1. I understand.

        Of course, it would be ideal for justice to prevail, especially when viewed from a larger perspective, i.e. nationally, globally.

        In other, more intimate instances, many just need to voice their feelings already.

        It seems many of us are involved in both scenarios. It is inescapable. There is a mixing of the two as well. Some national material is personally affecting me.

        My voice may not be heard, but my longitudinal decisions will be felt, especially when in conjunction with many other folks.

  8. I wonder what I’m expecting here: I have Mars (of all planets) in Libra 26 degrees! So, on June 5th around 6pm I have EXACT Grand Cardinal Cross together with Moon at 26 degrees Aries. I also have exact current Uranus opposition, TSaturn and NMoon conjunction, TSun and NNeptune opposition at exactly 15 degrees, exact inconjunct TJupiter to my NJupiter, and TVenus trines NVenus within one degree orb. I did not even check half squares and sesquisquares. What am I to prepare for? PS. my Black Moon Lilith is also at 26 degrees cancer BTW.

  9. My natal Mercury at 26 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Venus + descendant, opposing my natal Saturn in Cancer is in a tight spot! I’ve actually been having very difficult conversations about a surgery i will need, which is a life or death matter. All in a day, right?

  10. My Venus in 25,32 degr libra in 9. house (and sun ruler and ruling 4,5 and 9th house) will be involved especially because tr. Pluto opposing tr. Mars involve the Cardinal houses/angles 1/7 in my chart

  11. Avatar

    my north node is 26 capricorn, I don’t know if the transits to nodes are important at all?
    supposed to travel on 5th. birthday on 6th. have to have a look at solar return.

  12. Im a libra with 7 planets in Libra from 17-27 degrees. My boyfriend is an aries with 6 planets in aries and pluto conjunct his rising. My skin has definitely been crawling- and now im terrified.

      1. Hah! No! I am so grateful for the heads-up! He has been acting funny, so this just gives a little support… forewarned and forearmed (i will be retreating into my little shell;)

  13. I have Mars in Pisces natally in opposition to Pluto in Virgo. I have learnt a lot about codependency and avoiding abusive relationships. When Jupiter in Sag squared that natal opposition I incurred some physical damage which I will probably never recover from. So I take Pluto Mars very seriously and appreciate any heads-up regarding it.

  14. This Scorpio has been feeling it creep up for days already, getting warnings. This heads up is my third “sign” with the same warning. With Mars in Cancer holding the knife in my 12th house of hidden enemies opposing my nSaturn in Cap at 24° in the 6th hs of health threatening t pluto also there doing a dance with my health for awhile now, I’m ultra watchful. The moon in Aries will be on my MC opposing my n venus at 29 libra on 4th hs cups conj mercury at 0 scorpio at the cusp. This feels BIG.
    When astrology scares me and I can see it coming ( thanks for the heads up Elsa!) I like to use my over active imagination to reframe how these energies can play out in positive ways. Here goes…I will hide away (12 hs) in my physical house (4th hs)and use the Mars energy to cut away the clutter and mess so my home will be beautiful once again( venus libra on 4th cusp) for having clients or friends over for private healing sessions. This ( tpluto)transforms not only the way I work( n saturn in 6th hs) but my reputation (10th hs and t moon on mc that day) I will also do an internal body cleanse to assist my health. The work I do from home has already changed ( t Pluto in my 6th) from doing physical massage therapy ( cant so much anymore due to my own health issues the last few yrs)to a more playful yet powerful use of mental exercises and games for inner transformation and health using a game aptly named The Transformation game and instead of going to others’ homes to do it I will host it in my own home ( loaded 4th hs in Scorpio) once I cut out (Mars in Cancer)the extra junk/clutter no longer needed in my home and body since I’ve gained 50 lbs as well as my home has added baggage. So,consciously using the potentially scary energies at play in more desirable ways since it will play out somehow so we might as well be proactive in its use even if it means hunkering down and staying home to do it safely under my own thumb. The alternatives that go through my imagination are super scary and I dont wish to be a victim of it playing out in those frightening ways!
    So,taking it on and owning the energies!

    1. That’s fantastic Michele! I love your spirited action taking. May you feel yourself being smiled upon

    1. I’m sorry I’ve been slow to answer this, it’s a great question.

      Mars will ingress into Leo on June 12th, which will change the game. So really, this is slow build with what I think will be a large pop and then a clean up period and move on, though you may be haunted.

  15. I just realized back in June 2019 I lost my mother.. I have a natal moon at 28 degree Capricorn. I hope next month’s transit won’t be this bad!!

  16. Transiting Mars will fall right in the middle of my Cancer 1st house Mercury/Mars/ASC/SN mash-up while Pluto is sitting on my NN in my 7th and the Moon will be squaring from Aries one degree from my 9th house Chiron. Maybe out of aspect, but keeping things lively will be my natal 3rd house Uranus down in Libra at 14 degrees.

    How do I feel about it, I natally have Mars sextile, Pluto, by one degree, know the energy, learning the difference in placement. I’m shored up and I have no plans for Monday, but also have my game face on because no plans does not mean it won’t come to me. Of more interest to me is that 4 days later, on June 9th, is my Mars Return for 2021, and by this time, there will be no squares to the Mars/Pluto opposition and at this time I’m in my Transiting Pluto trine Natal Pluto cycle. Working hard towards my NN, using my SN skills & traits.

    I’ve more been working with other trines in transit for me right now. Jupiter is 2 degrees trine my Moon & 3 degrees trine my Sun. Saturn is to the degree trine my natal Gemini Saturn. Other blessings at this time for me are Mercury conjunct my natal Venus by 2 degrees and Venus conjunct my Cancer Sun by 2 degrees and the Sun conjunct my natal Saturn by 1 degree. The conjunctions are easy to feel and access, and making hay while the sun shines on these trines.

  17. When will this ever end for me? My god I thought 2020 was bad enough: my Saturn at 23° Capricorn (my 2nd Return no less), conjunct my Jupiter, squaring my Libra Sun at 26°, getting hammered by everything and now Pluto. Then everything in Aquarius starts squaring my Neptune/Mars/Mercury stellium in Scorpio, not to mention Uranus opposing. Then my Pisces Moon 2° (now conjunct Jupiter) opposing my Pluto and squaring the dang eclipse, and now this? I can’t take it anymore! What the heck does the blessed Universe want me to do, turn myself inside out? Arggh.

    1. Interesting that I also have Libra sun, Pisces moon, Saturn in Capricorn. Everything has changed and still feels like I’m stuck in the thick of it. I’ve definitely had to learn to discern!!!

      1. Exactly, LOL! I think I’ve been changing for several years, but this last year+ has been a lot like being caught in a vise, one that keeps shifting and pressing, but never letting me go!

  18. Mars * saturn in scorpio and pluto * saturn in scorpio. Whatever does this mean? The two sextiles with natal saturn. All I know is you ain’t kidding about being deeply committed to a course of action. Make hay while the sun shines.

  19. Dear Sarah, I am sending you a virtual hug with empathy. Yes, the Universe does want you to turn yourself inside out with the same compassion I feel for you. I am also a Libra Sun,but 7°, and during my second Saturn return in 2010 I was dealing with a Pluto square and Uranus opposition. The trauma period started earlier when t.Neptune and Chiron opposed my n.Pluto and Mars and I got a leukemia diagnosis. Over seven years my life completely changed. I lost everything that I thought was important, my career, my mother, my health, my marriage, my youth, and finally my house. And, the world was going through trauma, too! You remember the Japan tsunami in 2011, the financial crash that peaked in 2010, the bloody uprisings and revolutions and resulting immigration? We’re still reeling from our actions. Pluto demands we look hard at our shadow selves to heal deep wounds. Libra is all about the Other. I needed to look deep to realize that I had sacrificed my inner being to please others, and while there were rewards they were superficial compared to the joy and inner peace I found when I sought my soul and became my authentic self. There’s nothing superficial about Pluto transits. (And, the USA is in our Pluto return, peaking in 2022!) I’m sending you lots of good wishes, Sarah, because I know from experience that you have strength. You’re shaking your fist at the universe and yelling, “enough already!” Just the fact that you asked the question, “what does the universe want from me”, means you’re on the right track. Much love.

    1. Hi Witchy1, thanks so much for the kind words. 🙂
      Indeed I have been going through an intense personal change since at least 2016 (2010 actually), and it just seems to get more intense each year. Looking at the astrology helps me to understand it all and deal, so really my “shaking my fist” is just drama, LOL! You are 100% correct, this is all about stripping away That Which No Longer Serves, finding out who I really am, and learning to love her too.
      For some silly reason when I was younger, I had the ridiculous idea that life is “supposed to get easier” as one gets older. Or at least that the Gods, the Universe, and the Planets would cut me some slack later on. (I see you, stop rolling on the ground laughing.) 🙂
      I sympathize with Hazel’s question as well, and I see that Elsa has an understanding about the things I also see happening in the world, it is one of the reasons I am here on this particular astrology blog, because of course none of this is just about me – it’s about Earth and Humanity itself changing inside out. I welcome this… now that I have woken up to a few truths anyway. It took awhile, and felt like being dragged kicking and screaming at first. Now it just looks like a mountain to keep climbing, and I am ready for more.
      Wishing you all the best. xo

    2. Sarah, I’m going through my 2nd Saturn return and everything you said relates. I’m at 29 degrees. Thank goodness I was introduced to astrology, how else do people survive the trauma/drama?!

      1. Wow Jan I was just saying that to my husband recently: “Thank God I have astrology to help me make sense of all of this… otherwise I might think I was going crazy.” When I first was thinking about my coming second Saturn Return back in 2018, I had it all neatly in my mind what the dates would be, “this is when I will really feel it, this is when it will probably subside” etc etc, and of course completely forgetting that there is an ENTIRE CHART to look at, lol. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in personal pity parties too, bemoaning my experiences, feeling “unlucky” and looking for answers. But that looking is what brought me to places like this, and those emotional dives gave me a much better understanding of myself too. A light bulb finally went on the other day too: If, (as I do) I believe that we incarnate into lives with the purposes of our charts built-in, so to speak, (North Nodes, aspects, etc) then it has to follow that we CHOSE to synchronize these personal experiences with the transits with world events, with the changing conciousness… it may even be the dang point of my being born, this time at least! This day, this very hour of that Mars/Pluto impact hitting us personally – that was baked in from the moment we were born.

  20. Good afternoon. I used to be with somebody. He broke up in November 2019. He lives with somebody now. But, I still thinking of him. I was surprised to see how many contacts our synastry had. I am thinking now that he was there to make me learn something. Which report (Midara or Elsa) do you suggest to help me to move on? Thank you.

    1. Welcome, Marie. I’m sorry you’re hurting. I would go with Midara’s relationship review. Let her know your intention. She can compare the charts to offer what you need to peaceably move on.

    2. I suggest you write down the lessons which became available to you during or at the ed of your relationship and contemplate those until you’re ready to move on. DO NOT get into a new relationship until all the notes you’ve made regarding your previous relationship have become mere footnotes in your life’s story.

  21. i should have divorced him then. doing it now.

    that’s also when someone’s chemo started. it’s just about done. *crossing fingers*

    (i put this on the old post, oops)

  22. I have Mars squared Pluto in my nativity. I have suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse when this nearly-exact square is activated. I plan to isolate myself and hunker down, waiting out this energetic Armageddon which has the potential to end my existence. Other people with positive Mars-Pluto natal aspects will likely thrive. For myself and my future existence, I’ll see you in a few weeks!

  23. I have ruler of my 10th house, Mercury, at 26 Capricorn. My job is on the chopping block. But you know what, I don’t think they have the choice ultimately. I put it in God’s hands. I’m not sure how I got the job to begin with lol; it didn’t look good at the time. So I figure he’ll take me out when he wants to as well 🙂

  24. I have a natal mercury/Mars in cancer in the 10 house close to the MC. Transit Pluto opposed all three. I lost my job contact, my apartment, my friends, and didn’t find a stable job for years.

    1. Hi I don t know what transit was happening but I lost my belongings “bed bugs”, my boy friend, my apt.of 8 years, and felt an undertoe of a knife to my throat so I moved closer to family following common sense. Shortly thereafter the spirit opened to me in vision of dove. I thank yoga. But it was awesome as the church my son married in had dove over the front door. It was so harmonious. Hello god. And I m not a church goer. I grew up in nature abstractly thanking a supposed god for its beauty etc. And then ! So all the loss was not for naught.

  25. I have a family member and an ex (I should have known better than to date him) who have Mars oppose Pluto natally. The one thing these natives cannot stand is weakness. I learned early how to evade and hunker down in a Fox Hole. Thanks for the heads up.

    Fox Holes are not bad strategies. I would say don’t get drawn into any foolishness if possible. I used to anticipate it with a family member, and I would go off into another direction. There is an “Eruption” that is a signature of this as well. I have a sibling that has some of this.

  26. In may case this happens at the same time as the Sun transits over my descendent, conjunct natal Mars, and opposing Saturn on my ascendent. I’m fortunate to live alone on a forlorn island where I practice my painting. The lack of external distraction makes me hyper-aware of how my feelings, thoughts, and general outlook are affected. It has certainly attenuated the sense of calm perfection that accompanied me the last few weeks. I also took an emotional risk by making deliberate contact with my angry ex yesterday. I haven’t had a reply yet but I am fully prepared for it to be acrimonious. If so … I’ll ignore it.

  27. Wowzers back in summer 2019 I hit a critical point in my strained marriage. It was the last time I saw my ex and it was quite volatile. It finally clicked that he didn’t love me. My Venus is in cancer 6° so it’s not a tight conjunction, but reading the story from 2019 I remember thinking “my husband wants to kill me, Elsa’s mower is trying to kill her wtfffff?!”

    1. Interesting….Essie, I realized the same thing and left July 4 2019. It’s been a bloody battle since then dealing with betrayal, alienation, lies….of course my ex is a narcissist divorce attorney. I’m lucky I can detach and look at it from the perspective of the Planets writing the soap opera and I’m but a player. Hah!

  28. I chewed on this for a while, and then felt like I needed to say something. Mars is Personal, Pluto is Transpersonal. There are times that Pluto will run over Mars, no matter what Mars wants. Reality and Circumstance. These things are bigger than us.

    My take on it, is if you don’t want the vaccine, do not take it. Just don’t. I have had several friends die of Covid, and it is a terrible way to go. You Suffocate. Someone I work with is worried about permanent heart and lung damage after a bout of Covid. She is a woman in her 40’s.

    I have had shot one and shot two – no problem. My father has had it, both brothers, my sister, my bil, both nephews, my niece, my sister in law, an old friend in a nursing home (95), everyone she knows in the nursing home. No problem. I got Covid myself in January, and am grateful the variant I got did not go down into my lungs. I had a Flu – pretty sure it was H1N1 december of 2018 that did go down into my lungs, and it scared the crap out of me. I was sick for six weeks. I am the first to get a flu shot these days.

    I had a life threatening allergic reaction to the Hepatitus B series of shots in 2002. I am pretty sure that it was to the yeast used as growth media. Do I think all the health care workers who do receive the Hep B shot should not get it just because I had an allergic reaction to it should not get it so they go on to get Hep B and then Later Liver Cancer (it is a cancer vector). No. I think they should get it. I myself worked with an allergist, did some challenge tests, and was able to take the DTP and the Flu shot with no issue.

    Tetanus is a TERRIBLE way to go. Most of Napoleans troops died of Tetanus and Typhoid.

    Smallpox is a terrible way to go as is Polio. You should read the story of Jonas Salk and Dr Brilliant.

    There is a great program called Living Longer on PBS now. We are so spoiled in America. In the 1800’s you were lucky to make it to 35 years old. At the turn of the century due to pubic health and hygiene measure that number became 65. Now we expect to live to 80.

    Yes – some people are going to react. That is why personalized medicine will be big in the future. Your DNA and health habits determine how you react to everything – so does what your grandparents ate. They took a really great arthritis drug called Celebrex off the market for everyone because a few people had a reaction a few years back….again – personalized medicine.

    So, don’t take the vaccine, but don’t look for conspiracies either, and don’t judge us too harshly who did take it. I will be first in line for the booster shot yearly now, as COVID is now endemic and it is something we will always live with now. It is never going away – we will just learn to live with it – and that is a direct result of how this was handled.

    Did you know that one in every seven person who has ever lived has died of Tuberculosis – look it up. This is another public heath success story.

    I hope I did not come across as harsh – I did not mean to. I am in a rush. I just would say go after real facts and understand the cycle of epidemics that have been the scourge of our world – Plague, Black Death, Tetanus, Cholera, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis, Flu, Polio – now Covid. The world changed in the 20th century.

    Sincerely and in good faith,


    1. Hi Liz. Yes I read every 172 yrs we fall to the bottom. Decline. My mom 92 died in care home 2015 and my pulse was non existent the accu guy said. He refused to work on me. Go home rest don’t work. I was 70.
      By 2017 I had a generous inheritance and slowly started to rebuild. I have saturn in gemini. Lungs arms which were compromised by brst cancer 2000.
      So I read history about what diseases came about.

  29. We’re going to a wedding that was postponed from last June. Yikes! Maybe not the best stars to begin a life together? We were instructed to mask during the ceremony and celebrate maskless afterward. Should be interesting~

  30. I’m having to put my sweetest cat to sleep today, June 4th. He went downhill very suddenly, which I think could be the Uranus Taurus thing for me, sudden change in my daily life, 6th house. It’s for the best, he’s not going to get better, but I thought the surgery we did was going to let him live longer. So my weekend will be spent in mourning for my sweet William, aka Dub.

    1. I’m so very sorry. May God bless you with strength and comfort, and bless your precious “Dub” with an easy transition to heavenly peace, until your eternal reunion. ?❤?

  31. Mars in cancer on my natal oppose transit pluto. Mars return for me. I went bought lots of clothes. I ve waited and waited to do so. Been a ton of controversy around me stemming from I think a venus pluto progressed conjunction which found me the spirit. Yay. Now the residue of gossip is like a wild fire. A grand daughter endured same. Interesting someone was told they would be haunted down and pets killed as I was threatened by stalking threats too.And it is happening by secret exposures of supposed truths leaving me no rights of fair anything. I mean if God choose to reveal can i be that bad. I heard within a hidden male figure planning or intimidating me by saying my body will never be found. Not comfy. But on the positive side feelings surfaced about money. Urgent. Be clear I have money through recent inheritance from mom. (So maybe that will lead to good place-the surfacing)Being conscious , not unconscious drive if it even belongs to me. The police seem to show up near by when I m falling apart. So tomorrows the big show. I just think try to keep a level head. My brother got slashed by a young man recently along with six others. A woman died. All in library. North Vancouver.
    It was serious deep cuts to his forehead, eye swollen and more shallow ones to his back and in my mind we are just an ordinary wking class half decent people. I think that man was charged with second degree. It was called a mass attack. Thank god this is the climax even though my mars will continue in opposition for longer.prayers for peace . Moving on from Aries fighting
    The dove has arrived. 2012 claimed 500 new doves set free on the world for this next 3600 cycle. As after the recent fall theres always been a renaissance. So I like to see hope.

  32. My daughter a cancer was working on sanding and it jumped up and took a slice at her cheek. Its barely visible now but her moons in Aries.
    This was awhile back but Aries Cancer facial. Bit of a shock to her.

  33. We had a 70 year old lady stabbed 30 times yesterday by an intruder in her home. Too close to home. So random. So my natal mars is at 22 degrees in libra. My 8th house is in cancer. Scorpio sun,and saturn at 24 degrees. I have been sad and on edge. I just thought it was because of my hitting a plateau on my diet and having to reduce calories even more. My ex son n laws Dad passed away but we were not close. So thats not it..I guess its the transit.

  34. Well, it’s been interesting, that’s for sure!!

    The wife of one of my clients told off the agency for their lack of communication concerning hours she was promised. I also had a tiff with the agency based on the fact that they failed to notify me before telling this lady that I was scheduled to work those hours already! WTF. The VA is backed up at the moment too, due to short-staffing (thank you COVID), so my clients pretty much have to make sure their own paperwork and approvals are up to date.

    My housemate has been kind of nosy and paranoid the last few days (tank you dementia). Yep, my skin is crawling. Trying to keep my Aries south node and natal Mars/Pluto square on a short leash.

  35. 12thHouseMars

    My ascendant is at 26 degrees Capricorn. Venus is at 24 degrees Libra, and my natal moon is at 28 degrees Cancer. Help.

  36. Starting around a week ago, where we live has seen more fighting and police being called in. We had a neighbor who was fighting and banging walls and we had to report him to get some sleep. Another Astrologer tried to say the Mars Vs Pluto thing was a good thing. Lol! I don’t think so. People were at each other’s throats all week and no one was willing to give an inch. Thank goodness after today, it will wane off. The manager told my husband that he has had to kick a bunch of folks out this past week and he couldn’t figure out what was going on. I told my husband it is due to Mars versus Pluto waxing into full opposition. Two planets that set tempers flaring. We have certainly heard the screaming matches this past week. Things seem to be calming down today.

  37. I stayed home mostly with natal and transiting mars oppose pluto with the aspect 24 aries moon in my 12th saying someone would blow their top. So far so good. 8 pm.

  38. Following up, the June 5th wedding was lovely and everyone was so happy and beautiful. I prayed during the reception that everyone would stay safe – no accidents, assaults, or injuries of any sort – and, to my knowledge, this has been the case.

    I spoke to my husband on the drive over about these stars and keeping it between the lines all evening. We joked a little that as long as no one got on the interstate driving the wrong way, things should be okay. Would you believe two vehicles did this very thing in our area Saturday / Saturday night? One killed a woman & her four young children…

    1. Geez. Well I m the one on the 5th said alls well but last night I heard there was a car accident on 9th took the life of a young man of 30 ish of our family who was struggling. He was not driving. We are a hurting family.

      1. Oh wow, I am sooo sorry for your loss! That sounds devastating. My heart feels for all of you.I have a son that age, I can’t imagine that kind of pain

        1. I can t either for his mom. Shes losing a younger son to drugs. That leaves her with the youngest.
          She herself is an immaculate perfectionist bodybuilder and worker.
          And the grandmother who throws herself into helping out all the time doing 40 pushups one time. Its the kind of strength got her out of her country to here. Devastating. Agreed.

          1. I should have said 7th. Then I heard of the family wiped out tragically in London was it?. Muslims. Certainly was mars in cancer hitting families in my view. It was 29 degrees today.

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