Breaking- Pisces With Leo Publicly Confesses: “I was a Poseur!”

I love art. I guess most people say that and I guess I can be a bit of a poseur sometimes. I don’t mind appearing as though I know more than I actually do. I once took a class where the whole point was to discuss “what is art?” Actually, the point seemed more to put down the opinions of the simpler folk and fellate the professor’s ego. Incidentally, he looked exactly like the character Madeye Moody from the Harry Potter series.

There’s a thread on the boards, What Is Your Favorite Work of Art, which got me to thinking. When I strip off all the dreck of snobbery I was exposed to and participated in (48 credits worth), what is my genuine aesthetic? What does my Venus like?

When I pare away my Leo-rising propensity to sucking up all the air in the room and acting like Basil Fawlty on a tear having been knocked silly by a falling moosehead (just my own special low-expression, your mileage may vary), my tastes are actually pretty simple. Aries Venus. I like bold line drawings, heads, bright colors… martial simplicity. Venus is in my 8th house and I like this simplicity with a twist, maybe a little twisted, depth, taboo. That’s my taste: simple and creepy!

What is your most basic aesthetic? Can you pin down the astrology?

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17 thoughts on “Breaking- Pisces With Leo Publicly Confesses: “I was a Poseur!””

  1. hehe, i’m still laughing about that phrase “fellate the professor’s ego”. brilliant satori! i’m going to have to use that sometime.

    i’m drawn to modern art that is quietly cheeky or fun (think lichtenstein or warhol) or geometric (calder, miro). i’m intrigued by stuff that has a feeling of expansion or tension, a moment of hesitation, but not too weird and creepy (dali or dechirico) or brash (i was seriously considering a schiele for my bedroom, it’s beautiful, but ultimately i couldn’t deal with seeing a hairy p*ssy over my bed everyday). i also love tribal/primitive patterns with geometric interest (kilim rugs, etc).

    i think my tastes are influenced by my leo/sag planets (need it to feel liberating/inspiring) moderated by a virgo venus (intellectual interest, not too crazy).

  2. In my house art was not encouraged, it was considered a frivolity. However whenever I would come across a Van Gogh or a Monet they would stop me in my tracks. Now I know why, I have Venus in the 10th house, Capricorn. Love the Old World Masters.

  3. haha satori you crack me up.

    I have virgo venus widely conj pluto @ 9 deg.

    I like all kinds of art. I have a soft spot for outsider art and also the pre raphaelites which nowadays you might as well say you are a big fan of Thomas Kinkade™

  4. Talk about fellate ha ha. I once took a course in early century Russian film, at a college and taught by a former Russian citizen. He drove around in a VW van with a giant sperm painted on both sides of van, and he had a lascivious stare and attitude about him….

    Well with Venus in Sag I don’t like everything but am open to Anything that hits my heart….

  5. Mari- Battle Satori by Salvador Dali! I wish I could paint like that!

    right back atcha, Jilly. Thomas Kinkade. ::snort::

  6. Ahh, thank you, I am such a neophyte. Why didn’t I take Art History, instead of lame Western Civilization history, all lies anyway…

    The news today is that this man bought a bunch of Ansel Adams negatives (from his early years) at a garage sale about 10 years ago for $45 and they are worth at least 2 million. Now I looked at the photos as produced, and really only liked 1 or 2 of them. Although most of the great old black and white photos were produced with hours and hours of meticulous burning and dodging, so this may not be fair….

  7. Hmmm, I’m not sure I can pare it down other than to say I like good art. I prefer art where the person knows what they are doing, and even though realism can be beautiful, I at least prefer it to not all be realism. Love to see brush strokes. Also, I see beauty everywhere.

  8. Excellent question!

    With Venus part of a stellium that hits my entire chart, it took me a while to think of an answer because my tastes are admittedly wide-ranging when it comes to art, but I did finally hit on it: harmony. It must make my eyes dance and evoke an emotion (any emotion will do). If not, I’ll pass it by every time, without fail.

    Venus in Libra/4, with enough aspects to choke a horse. 😉

  9. Cool post! I will take a stab at it: In terms sof visual art I like geometric styles (a la 1950s -70s prints, patterns, spirograph type shit, bright colors) and hyper realistic portraits/scene /depictions (painting, drawing, photography, etc). I also love collages….argh. I love a lot of different stuff actually. But whatever the form I have to feel it deeply and spiritually, and be able to sort of lose myself in it. Symbols are very important to me. Whatever it is is not ususally a subtle look.

    So maybe this is a case of my sun combining with the venus and mars? Variety-loving Libra needs depth (8th house) and feelings of liberation/inspiration/action (Leo) in order to really enjoy art (venus). My Venus and mars is also conjunct in the 8th house so perhaps this just magnifies the effect of the 8th house or what.
    Not sure if I hit the nail on the head exactly with this description however it can also be applied to my taste in music, so maybe Im on to something here 🙂

  10. I like all different kinds too but I guess Im naturally drawn to art thats fraglie and yet haunting sad and dark at the same time. Venus in libra in exact conjunct to pluto in the 8th. I want shadow and light in my artwork. Sometimes I want something pretty but sometimes I just really want something to hit my right where it hurts!

  11. 2nd house Cap Venus conjunct sun/mars sextile Scorpio Neptune and trine Virgo Pluto. The enjoyment of beauty is pretty central in my chart, I am transported by Earth and natural world themes, textures, aromas….

  12. Oh my gosh, Seadaughter, thanks for that link! What an amazing artist, the kids and I were just ooohing and awwwing over his work. o.0 Such beautiful colors, I would love to have just about any one of those (or more, lol) on my wall.

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