Who You’re Attracted To And Why

It’s been awhile since we talked about “imprints” as far as a person having an organic attraction to a certain physical type but I like the topic and think it’s important.  Here are some prior posts on the topic that cover various angles.  Saturn in Libra topic because we’re defining tastes.

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Do You Have an Organic Attraction to a Physical Type? Why Is That

Last night I told my husband that I just plain wasn’t attracted to my first husband because he was 6’7″. We got along fabulously but he wasn’t my type.

“You’re my type,” I explained “My first crush was on, Jim Croce. He’s small, with a big nose. He had a huge nose, dark hair and look what he sang about. Love songs AND Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown. He definitely loved love and women but he also sang about beating people up in certain circumstances. He was gonna fight…”

My husband, who was also a Jim Croce fan sang from “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”

“Well outta south Alabama came a country boy
He say I’m lookin’ for a man named Jim
I am a pool-shootin’ boy
My name is Willie McCoy
But down home they call me Slim
Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of 42nd Street
He drivin’ a drop top Cadillac
Last week he took all my money
And it may sound funny
But I come to get my money back…”

“Yeah. So he sings that along with all these pining love songs and I was in heaven. This was it for me! I used to walk around the desert, I had a cassette deck and a Jim Croce tape and I would walk around all day with the thing held to my ear, barefoot and swooning in love. He was my total prototype and then I meet you and what do you think is going to happen? I just about went insane!”

This morning I woke up and was scanning through the Jim Croce songs and it’s just uncanny. I called my husband to ask if he remembered “Working At The Car Wash Blues”. “He says, he’s a genius. Who does that sound like?” I asked. “He’s an undiscovered Howard Hughes,” I said with a snort.

“…Well, I had just got out from the county prison
Doin’ ninety days for non-support
Tried to find me an executive position
But no matter how smooth I talked
They wouldn’t listen to the fact that I was a genius
The man say, “We got all that we can use.”
Now I got them steadily depressin’, low down mind messin’
Working at the car wash blues…”

“And what about, I Have A Name? The first thing you did when I met you was display your pride in your name.”

“And I carry it with me, like my daddy did,” my husband sang. I laughed.

“New York In Not His Home and he’s Walkin’ Back To Georgia. You hate New York and you’re from Georgia! He sings about fast cars too, of course.”

Jim Croce was killed in a plane crash just as he was becoming famous. He was Capricorn with Jupiter exalted in Cancer, opposing his Sun and ruling his Moon in Pisces. Venus is conjunct Mercury in Aquarius…part of a grand trine with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Brilliant man. There’s been no one like him since.

Assuming you have an imprint, do you have any insight into how you acquired it?

7 thoughts on “Who You’re Attracted To And Why”

  1. Annalisa liked Elton John back then. Very different. I would listen with her (and liked him too) when I was in the house.But mostly I would walk around the desert all day, listening to my private music, Jim Croce, which I did not care to share with anyone, lol!

  2. I like philosophers. That’s the only stable characteristic I can discern from all of my long term relationships. I don’t think it was something I acquired. They have a rigorous, detail oriented, logical and expansive way of thinking that I love and is very different from the way I think. I prefer my partner’s intelligence to surpass mine or else I don’t feel challenged enough and get bored.

  3. I had to comment…Jim Croce was my first love! I was just a child and I would sit in a large chair in our living room and listen to my mother’s Jim Croce records and stare at his face on the album covers. I was in love. In love with his face, with his voice and later with his words. I was also so sad since my mother had told me he had died in a plane crash.

    To this day I still love his music and I still love that man! And I agree there is NO ONE like him.

  4. I watched a lot of Remington Steele as a child. So most of my exes are dark haired and blue eyed, and the third, uh…let’s say he has another trait in common with the dude. Either I go for someone like that or someone who looks like Nathan Fillion.

    That said, my celebrity crush these days isn’t particularly my usual physical type so much, but personalitywise, wow.

  5. I like men who aren’t cowardly. Last night we were in a burger place and some men who were old enough to know better (50+) were talking loudly and drunkenly about who they wanted to bang. My bf marched over and asked them very very loudly to watch their language. He has Mars/Merc/MC–couldn’t be quiet if he tried. Very deep voice, too. Some lady thanked him equally as loudly (lol) and I was like–WOW. That’s my guy, there!

    I have Aries Venus/Mars trine Saturn and square Cap Moon. Integrity is very important.

  6. My imprint is fishaholic. Thank you for the cue to Joe Croce… My fishaholic husband and I listened to his songs all day yesterday.

  7. My first crush was on Raymond Burr (aka Perry Mason) when I was very young. My second crush was John Lennon. My guy, who I met and had to give up (too long a story) when I was 26 is devilish, has Perry Mason eyes and played lead guitar. After a twenty year separation we are finally together.

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