Jupiter Direct: December 30, 2023 -> 2024 Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Jupiter headJupiter will turn direct in the early evening on December 30th @ 5 degrees Taurus.  This shift looks solid rather than destabilizing as the planet will be supported by the sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces.

Perhaps this means the story can move ahead now.  It’s been moving like pond water, if you ask me.  Oh yeah!  Taurus!  Well this is going to change.

It’s been said by me and others… things happen, slowly, slowly and then all at once?  The “all at once” in this equation is likely to occur as Jupiter (the story) moves to conjoin Uranus in April 2024.  This conjunct is hugely meaningful and should be positive for most.  This is particularly true if 22 degree Taurus aspects your chart in a nice way.

I want be be careful here though. In no way, shape or form do I believe in a fairy that twinkles away the significant problems in the world, but the changes that come should be positive in some way.

Keep in mind a person’s, perspective or their beliefs are extremely powerful. Matter of fact, my sister (Sagittarius moon conjunct Jupiter) talked to me about this 30 years ago. She told me if someone “believed” something, forget about it. There was no talking to them.

I had no idea what she meant a the time. I surely see this now.

Point being, your beliefs or your truth, could change radically in the next four months, liberating you in ways you’d never dream of today.  It’s going to be exciting!

How do you feel about the upcoming Jupiter event?

30 thoughts on “Jupiter Direct: December 30, 2023 -> 2024 Jupiter Uranus Conjunction”

  1. Exciting? It squares my Venus in 7th, conjuncts my 4th house cusp, and opposes my Midheaven. Life has been so hard, I don’t know what to think anymore.

  2. Being an old storyteller I love the possibilities of Jupiter conjuct Uranus right on my North Node in the 4th or 5th house depending on the way I look at things. A bright better home situation or a kiss to my creativity/children/grand children! Yeah out of the muck and onward🥰

  3. Opposite my sun and saturn. Life has become so difficult I can’t put it into words. Things happening, I could have never imagined. Saturn transit to my 4th house.I hope spring brings a truly new and happy beginning.

  4. I’m quite a Jupiterian person – Sag Neptune, NN, IC; Sun and Mercury in 9th, Pisces descendant, and Jupiter conjunct Moon in Pisces. I really rely on Jupiter and when its rx it’s always noticeable, there just isn’t that lift or antidote to Saturn. I’ve been feeling the need for the station for a couple of weeks, it’s just time now. I think Uranus conjunct Jupiter relates to divine timing, I think Jupiter relates to magic, the magical. It is definitely one to watch, although difficult to predict any outcome.

  5. “Moving like pond water”, yes, this is the case. It can be demoralising over time to not see manifest results to efforts, whilst maintaining belief in the endeavour. I hope everyone gets the lift they need.

  6. I’ve been looking back at all the Jup/Ura conjunctions of my lifetime, this was very interesting. The first was from Dec 68 to July 69 in Libra, close to my AC in the 12th. I was only 11/12 years but boy, Uranus crossing my AC a bit later was the start of a major transformation – and the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus prior to it got the boat out of the harbour. The second conjunct happened in 1983 and saw me on my first road trip, all the way from Germany to the US, with husband and two small kids, ages 4 and 2. We traveled by plane and car, without setting a route in advance, New York,Chicago,LA, SFR, Denver..on the way to the NY Airport we had a flat tyre in the middle of the highway and had to abandon our rental there in order to catch the flight. No cellphones but amazing people who sprang into action and made it all work out. I was 25 and found out a lot about myself and the world – that conj took place in Sag in my 3rd which explains why my Sag Sun was happy. The conj of 1997 took place near my Venus in Aquarius in the 5th – we had just relocated to South Africa and it was a chaotic, yet liberating year. The conj of 2010/11 around the Aries point was near the cusp of my 7th house. Exactly during this time I came across and started to learn/study the work I am doing now, I had just lost my husband to cancer and what I found has given me much more than ‘work’, I made many new friends and now belong to a network of interesting and diverse people across the world. The 2024 conjunct will happen in my 8th and yes, I am looking forward to it, I try to prepare for it and ride the waves of opportunity.

    1. Su,What line of study did you pursue after your husband passed? I am looking forward to this conjunction, it makes some interesting aspects in my chart and some new paths are opening up for me, too!!

      1. I did a course in Life Coaching first and then came across a somatic therapy for stress/trauma that really did a lot for me, so I learned it and eventually became a Certfication Trainer. Now I’m training people to get certified in TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) online all over the world. Very rewarding work, it’s 12 years now and I love it.
        The coaching also helped me to make a plan for the future and stick to it 🙂

    1. I will be paying attention, end of February but I am sensitive to this energy. Have these planets in aspect both natally and progressed.

      Mid March, it should be felt and once April rolls around, anything can happen at any time. The exact conjunction is the end of April but the planets are fairly tight through mid May. It should be pretty cool.

  7. Jupiter will be at 11 degrees (8 degrees apart from Uranus) on Feb. 29.

    It will be exact on my DESC that day, which I find interesting since it is technically covering old ground from the summer.

    I wonder if there will be connections from that time.

  8. I had double-whammy Jupiter-Uranus happenings to my chart many years ago… and the biggest windfall that’s ever happened to me happened.

    It was a brief stint, but at the same time, it was so shocking that you are right; it completely altered my faith and view of what’s possible.

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    I have jupiter in taurus. It will be my jupiter return. It’s 20 degrees and in my 10H. T. uranus is sextile my N. uranus. I’ll let you know!

  10. This will be on my Venus/Mars midpoint: sextile Venus and sextile Mars, with both planets soon to enter my 5th house. Probably not much will happen lol

  11. This will conjunct my natal 10th house Venus at 22 degrees. Venus already squares Uranus and my AC natally; is trine Saturn and the nodes. I wonder which Venus spheres will be activated. I sure hope it doesn’t negatively impact finances. Jupiter can mean MORE expenses.

    Thanks for helping us to keep looking up and ahead into the stars, Elsa.

    Wishing everyone the blessings of the season.

  12. I’m excited to see what happens as my rising is 4° Taurus and NN is 22° Taurus. I’ll let you know how it goes but I’m feeling good.

  13. We had Uranus Taurus at the 21° Taurus already between 16th June to 7th July, and again between 22nd October to 15th November.

    So if you have planets/angles (especially between 20-22 degrees of the Fixed signs. Or the other Earth signs), there would have already been events that took place in June/July and October/November.

    You may have an inkling of what is to occur when Uranus arrives again in April 2024, but this time with Jupiter in the mix, which will magnify it. There will also be Venus activating the conjunction come mid May 2024 too.

    May 18th, Venus conjunct Uranus at 23° Taurus and May 23rd, Venus conjunct Jupiter at 29° Taurus.

    1. Thanks for the extra summary. My Sun is 24* Taurus, May 15th, so it looks like an interesting SR with Sun (natal), Venus, Uranus and Jupiter in the mix 🙂

  14. Just to add, those lucky Taurus folk who were born between 13th to 21st May, will have the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus ALL bundled together in a tight stellium! 🎉

    Go check your 2024 Solar Returns! 😍

  15. It’s square to my midheaven. I have a whiff of change in my career, but since this is in the 12th house, it may be something the sniffer doesn’t know!

  16. It’s hitting my sun at 22 Taurus..it’s my 50th birthday this May! I could use some luck and changes ..this winter hit hard and lost a lot of friends, job etc. but April has been on my mind for awhile as a changing point! I am in school to further my education in counseling and rehabilitation but all I really want to do is astrology and work on line. My best friend is setting up a website and wants me to be a partner. It sounds crazy but with Uranus it may just work out. It’s in my 6th house.

  17. I don’t want to be a pessimistic person but Uranus in Taurus is in fall. It keeps giving financial problems. How will the conjunction with Jupiter bring abundance? It will hit my mercury and moon and I really do want to believe that it’s going to bring sudden prosperity but so far Jupiter has crossed over my sun twice which is my 2H ruler and nothing has improved.. The previous Uranus Jupiter conjunction in Aries brought me a few years of prosperity, it was a blessing. Uranus has been torturing me for good especially when it started hitting my personal planets 10H in 2020. I want to believe that circumstances can turn around..

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