I Hate My Grand Trine!

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Not butter

Ahh, Grand Trines. Smooth. Harmonious. Eeeeeaaasy. What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, our natal chart comprises the energy we use to navigate life. Know what else in life is that easy? Nothing.

And that’s the problem. Having 6 planets involved in a Grand Fire Trine, I can confirm that the energy really does flow. School was easy. Relationships were easy. Life was easy. Uh, right up until it wasn’t.

When I was in my late teens, Pluto came along and Kicked. My. Ass. I had no idea what hit me or how to deal with the devastating fallout. I was falling and there was no one to catch me.  A Grand Trine doesn’t insulate you from pain. It doesn’t stop Pluto (nothing stops Pluto). What it does do is make everything so smooth and easy when times are good that you don’t develop the coping skills you need when things are bad.

You know that old adage about hardship building character? Turns out it’s true. Coping skills are like knives. If you fail to hone them and keep them sharp, all you can cut is butter. Pluto is not butter.

So the next time those squares in your chart are giving you trouble, try to take a different perspective. It may not be fun, but when shit hits the fan, you’ll be ready.

Do you appreciate your hard-won coping skills? Any other Grand Trines in the house?

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20 thoughts on “I Hate My Grand Trine!”

  1. During my initial journey into astrology, I discovered I had a Grand Cross and didn’t like it, pining for more trines/sextiles.

    I learned a few years ago that it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise. Thanks for bringing light to this topic.

  2. I have a Grand earth trine. Looking at it more objectively, it feels blissfully clueless at times. Because it also includes moon and Jupiter, it can be stupid optimistic, too.

    I wouldn’t call it a curse (for me). Life is going to throw you lemons and monkey wrenches, so you’ll learn until you get it right.

    1. Hey, fellow Grand Trine-r! I like your perspective! You’re right – if there’s a lesson you’re supposed to learn, the universe will make sure you figure it out one way or another.

  3. My 4H Gemini Mars trines my 8H intercepted Libra Sun. I find my Mars “fuels” my low-wattage Sun.

    My 11H Sag Saturn squares my 7H Virgo Venus. Relationships start and end quickly. I over analyze them. This is tough.

    On the upside, my 11H Sag Saturn trines my 7H Leo Uranus. My closest friends are older and proudly share their metaphysical talents. In fact, I’m getting together with a few of my astrology friends today!

  4. anonymoushermit

    I once knew a Sun in Sagitttarius trine Moon in Leo friend. She got lazy easily, but her life wasn’t easy, either.

  5. Hell yeah, in with a bang, midara! Yeah, I don’t have a lot of Saturn so I don’t always know how to use Saturn transits wisely. I don’t know if I get out better than I came cause all I feel is the pressure paralyzing me. Also when my 12th house mars was even less developed, Mars conjunctions and Mars squares really changed my behavior. Right now I don’t think I’m doing a lot with my Mars Pluto so I’m meeting people who are “energetic.” A Pluto transit is a terrible thing to waste.. maybe I’m not “self aware” enough to do anything with and and could derail my life..

    1. Haha, thank you! I have Leo, so I have to make an impression!

      I wouldn’t count yourself out like that. With those drawn-out outer planet transits, it takes a while to get your bearings, and even longer to see the whole picture. And for the record, I don’t think you can waste a Pluto transit. He’ll get his point across no matter what you do.

  6. You hate your grand trine? That is the GT talking for sure. It’s all about awareness. Be glad you have some ease in your chart and make the most of it and everything else.

    1. Well, the truth is that I love it in the way that I love every part of my chart. It’s all me, so I’d better accept it, right? But I did want to dispel some of the myths. It’s nothing like the cakewalk it’s made out to be. There will be more to come on this topic, so stay tuned. 🙂

  7. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “A Grand Trine doesn’t insulate you from pain. It doesn’t stop Pluto (nothing stops Pluto).”

    Amen to that Sista!
    Tr. Pluto currently on my natal Sun 12H… WHEW!!

  8. Dated a man with Mars/Pluto/Venus trine.

    Boy did he become lazy in love. And a scattered energy too, as Mas and Venus (conj) was in Gemini.
    He couldn’t make me feel he was into me that much, he just wanted the hunt, and so when another quick-witted girl at work passed his nose, he went that way (Neptune in 5th – shady romance…) and kinda forgot to tell me.

    I have blocked him on various media, he dumped me on a text message after 8 months. Has taken me a long time to get over ??

  9. Avatar
    James Slattery

    So true! This isn’t mentioned enough in astrology texts. Natal aspects don’t over-ride negative transits and coping IS difficult. It does give you the chance to seek wisdom through victory!

  10. Avatar

    I don’t have a grand trine but I am only a few degrees off.

    I have a lot of planets in fire signs.

    I agree on the coping skills though although, I would not change my chart. But my friction has come through my squares. This leads to behaviours that actually impact others and the world rather than just more “thinking”.

    Also music, musicians often make songs out of their squares.

    Saturn though even in trine creates friction. There is no stopping Saturn either.

  11. I kinda drop and roll; I am 60
    Trouble can wear many hats
    Mine stem from ego ,family and work
    Once I retired my super cape
    Less and less trouble
    My ego I am filing down
    Nitemares go away with sunlight
    I cope well I still bruise though
    Yes proud to cope

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