Budding Astrologers… With Capricorn Risings

Regarding that picture when I was 9, my sister wrote:

“That dress you are wearing came in this package someone gave us for rodeo week. We had to dress rodeo for school so someone gave us three dresses, that was one. The other two were gingham and ugly. (I decided.)

I had a thing for velvet and that dress had some velvet so I was considering it very carefully, so were you.

I decided I couldn’t wear western. I decided I hated western wear on that day and you ended up putting on the dress. Everyone thought you looked cute so Henry took your picture in it, remember?”

I responded:

“That was Halloween! You are dressed as a ghost! You have a long white sheath thing to the ground with a black veil. (snip)

I thought this stuff came from goodwill but now remember the box and the gingham. I know I loved that dress – I thought I was a total rock star. It had sequins you know.”

She wanted the wanted the whole picture so I found i. I cropped out sibs out for their privacy but they are there.

I think she looks like a dancer, already. And someone with a body that can wear clothes.

I think I look like someone ought to find me a karate class. I would definitely like to kick some ass.

We are barefoot because we don’t have shoes. Not that is it concerning, at least it was not concerning to me.

I note that we both have good posture, courtesy our Capricorn. We already had astrology books by now. Minds expanding, we were on our way!

For the record, this is what we looked like when we were, Low People in High Places

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  1. You’re both beautiful, and I can very much tell that your sister has a fashion gift. I think the rodeo dress is pretty sweet, too.

  2. Here is what she says about her clothes:

    “I loved the flowing feel… Let’s face it, I’m in black and white, I’m feeling dramatic, I could dance in it and if you recall, I danced around that house constantly to that damned Neil Diamond!”

    We always had different tastes.

  3. You were lucky growing up barefoot – they say that we lost our connection to the planet when we started wearing shoes, the rubber soles insulate you from the natural energies. So you two were running around absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom Mother Earth had to give you – probably why you’re such a good astrologer now, and probably why so many people don’t ‘get’ you.

  4. No, I am not the Neil Diamond fan – just to keep this straight.

    Our mother listened to Neil Diamond obsessively along with Simon and Garfunkel.

    Annalisa and I had no music of our own until we were older… in our teens. I was probably 13 and she was 15 when we got this little plastic record player. She has ONE album and I had ONE cassette tape.

    Mine was Jim Croce love songs and I have no idea where I got it because I did not buy it (no money) or steal it (not a thief).

    I think she did buy her album. She was working as waitress by then, or maybe her boyfriend bought it but in whatever case, it was at those ages I talked her into moving to town with me.

    That she did this was remarkable because I was always trying to talk her into performing exploits with me (I had Libra, did not want to go alone) and I could only get her to do about 1 of every 10 things I thought of.

  5. I wore that dress until it rotted off me. That’s lace around the hem and it started coming undone… drooping down in places. I was so pissed I had to act like it wasn’t happening but eventually it got worse until the dress (rag) was no more and I was still pissed because I wanted people to see me in the thing and obviously still do!

    In fact, I wanted to put that picture on the cover of my book and no one knows what to say to me about that.

  6. “Do you know how hard it is to please people, entertain them and stay out of trouble all at once?”

    I think two out of three is the best I ever accomplish.

    Love the dress, love the pic of little dancer Annalisa. Thanks for sharing! And thanks to Annalisa for hanging around. It’s good having you here.

  7. well i was about a year away from stealing a truck there which I thought was a perfectly fine thing to do.

    As a matter of fact, I saw no problem with it (nor did I think it unusual) for 30 years right up until I wrote about it on the internet and people reacted. I am telling you up until that day, this was no important to me than having breathed in my life and then when HQ told me I was a little criminal, I was flabbergasted.

    We had a big fight over this as a matter of fact. I just didn’t see the big whoop of taking that truck and as of today I can only see it slightly, sort of like seeing a slice of pie when there is a whole pie there?

    See, the whole world says it’s a whole pie so I have to take their word for it. This taxes a person by the way. You have to constantly invent (Neptune) reality (Saturn) based on a reality you can’t see, smell, hear or touch.

  8. I love that pic, you girls are adorable. I can tell your sister is the fashionista, she looks like she is going to burst into a Barbra Streisand song,lol. You look sweet but with the “don’t f*ck with me” vibe.

  9. I totally note dht eposture! hahahah . .Also . . Annalise is looking at the audience and you’re looking at what?

  10. Sweet Jesus this music is killing me *snort*

    I love the dress, but even more than that I love that picture! Talk about showing personality!

  11. omg! you girls rule!! I’d totally play dress up with you guys. I used to wear “costume” type dresses all the time, everyday until they fall apart. What great posture! I love love love the hair!

  12. wow. you’re quite a pair of individuals.

    and beautiful. but, eh. i have an eighth house venus and it looks for different things than other people might.

    i loved those kinds of dresses as a little girl (i even had the pigtails!) moved to someplace with lots of snow and then gave up on being girly for a long time. finally figuring out why.
    but the picture has always struck me… there’s a sense to it of a way of being i’d forgot.
    even more so with the two of you 🙂

  13. I told the soldier about Low People in High Places – going to the bank with Henry last night. He doesn’t know that story or any stories like that from me. Realizing this was a revelation.

  14. Pretty girls. I can’t believe you didn’t have shoes. That’s just bizarre. I’ve always been told I have to wear shoes or something bad will happen to me. My mother is a barefoot contessa tho lol. I used to step in glass a lot.

  15. I laughed when I saw your picture this morning Elsa. My niece has this look a lot- much to the despair of her mother! That little chin tilts as she accesses the situation and possibilities; and when she intuitively figures the “hottest spot”, and you see the grin and glinting eyes, you better step in or get out of the way! Because the next thing that happens (whether word or deed) is guaranteed to produce an explosion. I’ll bet you were good fun!

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