Zodiac Costume Party

I know someone who has been invited to a zodiac costume party. Each person attending is to come dressed as their zodiac sign. Apparently the guests are planning to wear beautiful costumes, masks and such. What a great idea!

If you were going to the party, what would you wear?

Do you have ideas for other signs?

8 thoughts on “Zodiac Costume Party”

  1. I would like to ware a sari India, (Virgo house 12) colour: night blue, golden embroidered en nice golden shoes. AND a beautiful mask!
    OR Turquoise sari, silver embroidered.
    Dream on!!!

  2. That would have been a good party!:) As for me, the most fairly wear a crucian costume. I’m Pisces and this is my favorite fish. All would know, that I’m Pisces. But… I prefer to wear bear’s costume. I have strong Taurus, Mars and Moon and I like this animal. Not only because of Taurus. I have 5th house in Leo and bear is honorable for me. Carnavals are under 5th house, my Leo is without planets but I feel its strong. I choose modest bear with my 5th house ruler in Pisces and strong Taurus.

  3. I am born week after New Years
    I would definitely have wide horns to keep some at a distance, and a fishtail for Aquarius rising maybe crystals on horns for what’s coming,couldn’t hurt.hope I don’t feel like a trauma wave, each time I pop up.sounds like a fun party, I always thought a superhero party tights capes virtue etc. would me fun.;light nighttime socializing usually on my New Years list as I tend to be a home bunny.

  4. Oooh, a costume party! What is more Scorpio than a masquerade ball I wonder?

    Hmmmm, I would definitely want to play up the pincer imagery with some cool nail art or gauntlets, something steam-punky that articulates to the fingers. Not completely closed mind you, but something where you can still see skin … more the framework mechanism.

    Also somehow work in the Aquarian and Pisces color palettes as well, but that runs the risk of being mistaken for Cancer, if I dont balance with a properly envisioned stinger tail element. Maybe I could work in a cape or a purse?

    or dare I try the ‘everything old is new again’ fannypack, excuse me, “belt bag” that fashion magazines try to tell me is fashion forward every time I’m out here trying to just get my catfood and lightbulbs at Target????

    Either way, I’m ending with really thick platform boots (the flat, black goth kind, mind you) to really add drama to the ensemble… also I just like to feel tall, and these kind of boots are surprisingly comfortably for my janky ankle/feet to wear.

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