42 thoughts on “Libra Struggles In Strife-Filled Environment”

  1. I support you Elsa – I also come from an older generation…With a Libra Moon, I can “feel” your emotion and identify with what you say.

    Stick with what your gut says, someone needs to set the standards for decorum

  2. I am hoping Annalisa will come on here and perhaps be better spoken than I am and able to describe how we grew up.

    People would sit around and share their views and their feelings on things and it would have been unthinkable to conduct yourself the way people do now as a matter of routine.

    To mock people who disagreed with you, to call them names and tag them in ways that diminish them, (moron, racist etc.), this is. That kind of behavior would make you an outcast in the world I am from.

    Being discourteous to the host would also be unthinkable. I’m sorry for how this might sound. I am just trying to give you some idea where this is rooted.

  3. Libra Jupiteranus likes fairness and listening, and is interested in what everyone has to say, as long as they’re civil… you never know what you can pick up from even the smallest nuggets and nuances.

    BTW, your hair looks really good, nice shape. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ((Elsa)) I too was raised in such an environment, where everyone was entitled to their own opinion/belief system, whatever- and we were taught not only to respect that, but appreciate it. I’m constantly shocked when a healthy conversation/discussion can suddenly turn people defensive or attacking- it makes me ill as well, so for that reason, you can count on me to be courteous to you (as our host) and all those that join us here.

  5. This video hit my Libra emotions hard. I could feel how this affects you. ((Elsa)) I hope that your boards continue to be one of fairness.

  6. Thanks, you guys. I actually think when Saturn goes into Libra for good, discourteous people… people who lack decorum are going to be rejected as a matter of routine. If I am right, this is chance to take this message on board.

    Very potent topic with Saturn in Libra opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

    We are either going to be free and civilized, OR…

  7. Hi Elsa,

    I agree with what you said, and I hope you become restored sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I hate political/religious discussions/debates. They frequently never end well – the anger just seems to snowball.

    Hope your feeling better soon……

  9. I have not seen these blog posts and if I did and saw what you are saying, I would not participate. I actually got tears in my eyes. I think this type of behavior is deplorable. It’s one thing if you are in the privacy of your own home and you make an “off-color” joke because it is funny, but to call a whole race of people or people with different beliefs names is just immature and gouch to say the least. I also grew up in a home where all were welcome (Aquarius on the 4th)and grew up loving people now matter who they were in their beliefs be it political, religious or whatever. Beliefs are beliefs and not the person and if you can see things from their point of view, it can open up your eyes. {{Elsa}} good for you for saying something!

  10. Elsa, you can count on my unconditional respect and support. After all you do for this blog, you absolutely deserve this.

  11. Thanks again – back with more comments as my head clears.

    My husband has been around the world about 2 1/2 times, he likes to say. One thing he has seen far too often, is kids who are savage.

    These are kids who grew up in a war zone… they become hard core killers at about 10 years old, willing and able to wield a machete. He says you can look in their eyes and see they are hard core killers.

    If we want to avoid this kind of fate for our children and their children, then we have to civilize our children which means we teach our kids manners and to respect other people. Calling half the country a moron runs counter to that to say the least.

    Most the people who read here are women. We are the ones responsible to smooth the edges and soften things. Like it or not, we are.

    We have the estrogen, we are the nurturers and if we fail to civilize our children, we are in fact sending them to war as they grow up. War against who? The “morons” of course. Whoever they might be.

    Smart people are trying to mend fences and shore up their bonds with others. They can see or sense they may need help from the very person (the moron) they alienated a week prior. I don’t want that happening around here.

    I don’t want to alienate you and I don’t want to be alienated from you so please, please, think before you post something here that diminishes another person… particularly for their beliefs, their race or religion.

  12. Thank you for stating this so eloquently and passionately. And more-for putting it out there, period.

    For so long now, and with increasing intensity this last year–I honestly thought it must be me. Too thin-skinned or too over invested, or too …something.
    The stress, lack of sleep, constant worry and strife. I’m sorry for your troubles and simultaneously relieved to hear you speak of them and see others in comments acknowledge it.

    Yes, I’m a Libra, so maybe it hits harder? I don’t know. But what I do know is right and wrong and common courtesy that recognizes and respects legitimate differences, honest dialogue and debate. I was raised in this vein, too.
    How ever would you hope to either 1) persuade another of your position or 2) understand and perhaps be persuaded or 3) have deeper faith in your convictions by having tested them in ‘the marketplace of ideas’? There are extremes that are deal-breakers, but even that has a fair-warning semi-formal courtesy clause.

    Discord and nastiness for its own sake or as shortcuts to an agenda is physically painful and demoralizing. Lately it seems to pop up in nearly every aspect of life. I hope you are right about a change brewing. That would be nice.

  13. Definitely lots to think about with this one, Elsa. I read a blurb from Andie MacDowell today and she was talking about her kids and manners, how she taught them to say “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Sir” and that it was the little things like that that made them better as a whole, independent person.

    I read a very popular celebrity news blog that’s known for it’s member participation and brutal comments. The demographic is mostly 18-25 year-olds. Some of the comments and modes of operation are just out-of-this world inappropriate, rude, and mean. I wonder if this is the effect of and increasingly anonymous community.

  14. (((Elsa)))
    You have a terrific approach and I think it helps others to understand it. I’m appalled at the difference in people who have this guidance and who don’t.

    I was raised with respect and offer it but do get incredibly hurt when I don’t receive it in return. I’m learning to shut the doors and slowing down instead of lashing back. Out of respect for myself and the bigger picture.

  15. Libra moon, too. Lots of people are feeling hurt and disgusted (at least that’s a word I’m using lately to describe my reactions), and from here it looks to me like this Libran sort of reaction is happening all over, and I’ think it’s very important. The one who is sensitive enough to cry over this is critical. The world needs it, yeah? It registers with people, and it needs to register. How dissonant and fucked up is it when you stare tragedy and neglect and violence in the face then just do the “business as usual” all around it? I vote yes, too. Cleanin’ up. An old mentor of mine used to say: the tears aren’t the hurt, the tears are the healing.

  16. Get some rest Elsa, take a warm soothing bath to relieve Mercury’s transits, and also remember your vitamins, calcium, & magnesium, yogurt & spinach ~ all good for the astrologer’s mind.

    Oh, and one more thing we Capricorns like to say when it comes to applying tough love on others ~

    “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

  17. Oh, this is what astrology is about Elsa, judicial astrology too. What a life we have? If people only knew what we have to go

    Have laugh Elsa ~

    “…My nerves are completely shot. Do your have any idea of what it’s like to sit here night after night watch, and this endless parade of human debris floating by?”

    “Yes, sir, of course I have.”

    “Oh no you don’t!”

    For more, see ~

  18. i enjoy civilized debate… greatly. i think it broadens my perspective and adds depth and strength to my philosophy. it was a big shock to encounter people who don’t care about exchanging/refining ideas, so much as “winning.” took me a long time before i realized that there was no point at all to try to communicate there…..

    i’m used to engaging in discourse with people who i presume came to their own opinions through their own process and respecting that, even if they’re in a totally different field from me. and expecting the same degree of respect from them. i, uh… get ragingly furious with people who don’t debate “fair”. think it’s my mars in the seventh. i kind of lose my ability to structure an argument at that point.
    and, uhm. we try to keep politics away from the dinner table. sometimes it spoils the food. besides, i find philosophy (broadly speaking) a lot more fun.

    which doesn’t mean i don’t step in it sometimes, too. i find watching my thinking (and thus my speech) is an ongoing job. it’s easy to learn bad habits. particularly in our present media environment. would like to see more models of effective libra behavior. because my “just shutting up and walking away” doesn’t solve the problem, simply removes me from it.

  19. What makes me sad is that so many of my friends hurt me on a daily basis by writing things on Facebook or other social sites that offend me and other people I love. I have opinions and deeply held beliefs, and part of that is that I listen to and can love others with different opinions and beliefs and perhaps even learn from them. But I can’t learn from someone who is calling me names and I can’t respect someone who completely disregards others’ views without some thought and decorum, especially if people are being disregarded because of what they look like, where they live, who they date, or where they worship.

    My students think I’m old-fashioned for expecting manners and my neighbors think I’m weird for expecting my own children to be kind to all and for putting service before winning. I appreciate all that you do Elsa you have always been a truly gracious hostess.

  20. Heather, the stuff people write on facebook (and on their blogs)is so painful to read, I don’t…

    That is the reason I made this video. I don’t want that here because my name is on this blog and even if I am not the person doing the writing, I AM the person who is hosting the site and it does reflect on my character.

    This is a blog were decorum is maintained and anyone who wants a war – well it’s easy enough to find one but here we have order and common sense and people helping and supporting each other. That and we have discourse, diversity and perhaps the art of debate.

  21. I’d add that I have clients of all colors from all countries and all stages in life (young / old). They are rich and they are poor, educated and not, and of every faith (or non-faith) under the sun.

    I like it this way. I don’t want to be bored so when people come on here and bash a group of people they repulse and repel any potential customer that might stumble on their venom and most should be able to comprehend how I am just not going to allow it.

    It’s really none of my business if people want to be savage but it IS my business what goes on in my home and on this site which I have to pay with in a myriad of ways you’d be hard pressed to even imagine.

  22. This is a beautiful video message, Elsa, thank you for the hard core honesty.

    You are right on. Things are becoming more and more polarized, the world over. Itโ€™s just crazy. But of course I am guilty of becoming instantly outraged over the โ€œmoronโ€™sโ€ latest, at least from my point of view/experience/belief system.

    Yet having much Libra, would never intentionally offend anyone or potentially โ€œhurt their feelingsโ€œ. The world is full of contrast. I donโ€™t want the crazies to affect my interior world and sense of peace and that is where my choices and real power lie.

    But you are right, no no no, what is the point in lashing out and hurting someone else?? It may well be my own shadow I am confronting, but I want to keep it to outlets that safe and supporting, not aired for all the world to see.

  23. My libra thanks you too ๐Ÿ™‚
    There’s not call for this in ‘private’ either. Grew up in a home where dinner conversation were horrifying that way, an instance of being glad that children were not meant to speak.

  24. FInally had a chance to watch the video–I dig it. Thanks Elsa. Respectful engagement–sounds good to me!

  25. Elsa,

    I have a Libra moon and stellium in Libra, so I hear you loud and
    clear. And, you look beautiful in the video, even without makeup.
    I zero tolerance for hate on the web, I just blocked someone on FB, because her page was a forum for hate speech. Sometimes you do just have to walk away.

  26. (((Elsa)))

    I’m sorry if I ever contributed to this, because I know I can be strong with my opinions as well. I will try to tone it down some and find more common ground. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really appreciate you for making this blog.

    I definitely could sense how strong your emotions are about this… so please feel better! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I can’t watch this yet, because my computer is messing up, but I agree with respectful engagement. I try, and it kills me when I think someone has taken me the wrong way – especially when I like them. I don’t have a problem with anyone here, but I have my own triggers.

    I’m sorry if I’ve ever contributed to the negative, as well, but I’ve already said that.

  28. Also, not only was I raised to be kind, I’ve always *wanted* to be kind, because I saw nothing good in acting any other way. I was even complimented once, on the fact that I did not hit below the belt. I’ve hit below the belt once, since then, with a certain Taurus, because he kept doing to me, but everyone else? I don’t do that.

    I feel paranoid, when I know I’ve been emotional, and then someone posts something about someone really getting on their nerves, but they don’t say who, and it seems they didn’t address them directly either. Since a thread I’d posted in was removed, I assumed – also, since I wasn’t spoken to directly, after I’d posted, when others were. I don’t know how to handle things like that, so I ask.

  29. Avatar
    Henrietta Choplin

    This post made me cry to know that I am not alone in my feelings about strife… and my inability to be around it for long periods of time. Thank you <3 !!

  30. Im with you 100%. I have a lot of Libra and strife is terrible to be around. It will manifest itself physically in me, especially when I was a child. I lived in an abusive environment and I had to leave.
    As Libras we are sensitive and need protection, given by ourselves and others. That being said we are also pioneers and leaders. I say draw the line and stand by what you believe always and forever. People who criticize and judge aren’t people you would want at your dinner table anyway!

    – late 70s born libra rebel

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