Pluto Transiting 1st House: Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It!

negativeSomeone commented on an old post about Pluto transiting the first house: Lone Wolf. I realized I’d not updated regarding this transit in awhile. I went back to read the post and it referenced an earlier post, Negative Affective Presence.

I’m happy to report my feelings have shifted. This didn’t happen organically. I have a fundamental problem with being a drag on anyone. Taking stock of my situation, I pulled my horns in, as an old Scorpio beau used to say. Whoever smelt it dealt it? I’m not in room to be accused!

No affect is better than a negative affect!  I don’t like living this way but I prefer the results of living this way, to the results of living another way so I’ve maintained this position. I’m unsure how Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius might affect me but I’ll be finding out soon.

Pluto visited Aquarius, briefly, this year.  I can’t say it went well as people in my inner circle suffered devastating blows.  I touched on this here:

Pluto In Early Degrees Of Aquarius: Dates & Details

I saw lives turned entirely upside-down in the time it takes to take a breath.  Meanwhile, I saw many if not most astrologers going on about the wonderfulness of this.

All I could think is, wait’ll it’s your turn.  Not because I wish anyone ill. I just think these people are wrong. Deal with just one sudden, unexpected (Uranus) death (Pluto) and you’re likely to rethink your position.

Someone just posted this phrase in regards to Pluto in Aquarius: “Innovate or die”. This also seems appropriate.

I no longer feel like a long wolf. I may be one but I don’t feel like one. I feel like someone who has made the necessary adjustments to get along, while maintaining my integrity. In most cases this requires I not have the conversation.

What conversation? Any conversation.

I suppose I am presenting a void to the world to a certain degree.  Or maybe I’ve just gone dark, prelude to the new situation to begin with Pluto in Aquarius, for real.

14 thoughts on “Pluto Transiting 1st House: Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It!”

  1. When Pluto first entered my 1st house last year, my mother died. Then it retrograded, and now it’s re-entered the 1st. I am dreading it as 2023 has been an awful year. If there is a plus side to it, I haven’t seen it so far.

  2. I’ve become more Lone Wolf-ish than ever during this transit, and since my 1st house encompasses most of Aquarius, that will probably continue. Most of my attempts to “have the conversation” were ignored and resulted in ghosting, so I quit.

  3. 2 of my SILs died after Pluto entered Aquarius. I’ve been a lone wolf since the Pandemic; I’m still working remotely. Due cataract surgeries and laser procedures thereafter, I don’t “see” the way I did before. Life is changing, but I’m willing to adapt. I’m rolling with the changes/challenges best as I
    can. I haven’t had so many changes since puberty. Lol. Aquarius ascendant, Sun, Chiron, and Moon in 1st house.

  4. Pluto is leaving my ascendant and entering my first house Aquarius. My father passed on the 19 of December and the service was the day after Christmas. It’s been really difficult, but he’s no longer suffering from damage he got from the Covid vax.

  5. My Sympathies. Add me to the Pluto on the ascendent list. Opposite my zero Leo Moon.
    This should be a doozy. I am a hospice nurse. Thank goodness you are here, Elsa; as a Light for us 12th housers. I’m staying in the boat.

  6. When Pluto entered my first house this past march… my mom had a psychotic episode (due to sepsis) and i had to fly across the country to help her file disability. As soon as i landed back in LA, had 2 back to back experiences of having to help young people who were OD’ing on public transit. I felt equipped to handle it all but holy cow there was a lot of death and morbidity.

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