Can A Scorpio Read Your Mind?

scorpio card vintageHey Elsa,

I know a girl with probably a lot of Scorpio who basically told me she could read minds or at least guess the tenor of people’s thoughts. She scared me profoundly and now I void her. Have Scorps been known to penetrate minds that far that they know our actual thoughts?

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Dear Data,

Actually I think Scorpio does have this ability for good or ill. They can certainly read mine and I will give you an example:

I spent 3 years with my ex, a man who had his Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. We got along very well. We rarely had a conflict but he told me repeatedly (to my complete bafflement) that he thought I would be happier with someone I could fight with. Guess what?  He was right.

I could go on and on with the Scorpios who have been “right” over the years so I vote yes on the question. Scorpio penetrates; there is no doubt about it.

Anyone else?

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  1. IMHO I do not think you can speak in generalities. I don’t think it matters so much what planets are in Scorpio as what house the sun is in and aspects to it. Some people can have planets in Scorpio that give them the ability to “read minds” and not even have their sun in Scorpio. Others can have several planets in Scorpio and they are in a house or are aspected in such a way that they can’t connect with those abilities.

  2. I’ve got my Mercury, Mars, and Pluto in Scorpio. I also have Neptune in the 1st house and I really think I pick up energy. Lots of vibes. I’ve always hated crowds (also have a 12th house Sun haha) because it’s just too much energy. I can be in a perfectly good mood but the minute someone comes around with all their vibes, with that fake happy face on… I’m outta there. I just don’t like when people think that I’m always trying to read their minds… I’m not, I just get the energy. Trust me, maybe I dislike it just as much as you do. 🙂

  3. YES, a Scorpio can read your mind. A true Scorpio can read anything. I did it today multiple times and freaked my brothers friends out.(who I don’t know) I told them who they were, what they been through, secrets and the future. I also read there Auras, yup I freaked them out. I was right on the button. =)

  4. I am a scorpio and sometimes i think i read minds myself because i hear what they say or atleast what they want to say

  5. wow….. love this topic , even though it’s been posted before. In my experience , I agree with wyrdling & julianwinter…. it’s more of a gut feeling , not actually seeing the words.

    “The only sign that can beat a Scorpio at their game is a Pisces.” Hmmm…. only if the Scorpio is indeed playing games.

  6. What Glenn said. BTW, I have lots of Scorpio and my favorite story is when I predicted my best friend was pregnant. Let’s see her breasts were bigger than usual and they were not boob job perfect hmnnn pregnant!!! Maybe we Scorpios just pay a little more attention to what we see, hear, feel, etc. Throw in a dash of intuition/insight and voila!!

  7. “The only sign that can beat a Scorpio at their game is a Pisces.”

    hmmmm, I’ve got Scorp Moon/Rising (throw in Neptune) in the first trining my stellium in Pisces…

    Does that mean I beat myself at my own game?? 🙂

  8. Can I tell y’all how much this made me laugh with the truth of it?

    ‘one knows a Gemini is going to keep changing their mind anyways, so there’s hardly any point in believing (or disbelieving) anything they say. “I’m going to join a commune of goat lovers and move to rural Iowa.” “Ok, whatever. Have a good time.” Next day: “Never mind that, those people were horrible; I’m going to join a commune of urbanite Mennonites that live in New York City and drive wagons everywhere.” “Ok, whatever. Have a good time.”’


  9. i only pay close attention to what the radio’s picking up where self-defense/protection is concerned. before someone’s finished thinking about how they’re going to come at me, with whatever, i’m gone and they’re spitting into the wind or chasing vapor trails. unless i’m really bored and need to send a message, then i’ll pull out the red cape and play matador until they get tired of a red cape being whipped against their ass each time by.

    the vampirey, parlor game-like “i can read your mind” is boring and, in the wrong hands, invasive and manipulative. that’s toxic; move away from the fumes.

    i have always received a lot of information about people in dreams. sometimes more than i think i want to know. it’s always on-target. it’s also come in very handy, having saved me a lot of time and anguish.

    i have “used” it only once, with someone who had it in for me. i had a dream about the person and casually brought it up. “ya know, i had the most interesting dream about you last night.” (i confess to taking some delight in watching this person’s eyes change as i relayed the dream in great detail.) but from then on i was not fucked with and was given wide berth, as in left alone, which was really all i wanted.

  10. I agree with anyone who has said “people broadcast”. A whole LOT of people do. I have to say I don’t always especially want to know, but what can you do?

    Any person who outright declares such a thing is trying to intimidate and “power over”. I don’t really know what the original writer meant by “voiding” them but you certainly CAN block such a thing if you want to. It’s quite possible to shield your thoughts. Someone way up there advised reading up on psychic protection and I agree that this is not a bad idea if you are bothered.

    In the board discussion about astrological indicators of psychic ability, I mentioned an incident where I DID actually sense someone picking through my brain. As I can be mildly telepathic at times I basically loudly blasted “FUCKING STOP THAT” at him and he was very startled. He probably did things like that all the time without people even noticing. A lot of people just aren’t that aware.

    My husband is super psychical (Scorpio Asc, Neptune rising) and totally reads me all the time, but it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I really appreciate it because he has my best interests at heart, always, and can tell me some pretty useful stuffs :).

  11. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    I’d like to think it’s not so much reading the minds of others, but reading their process. For me, it’s not so much telepathy as it is really getting to understand why people do the things they do, and taking an educated Scorpio guess about their behavior or potential behaviors…

  12. Max, thank you. I can’t believe you still have the strength and the eloquence to say it nicely. I’d personally love to have someone like you (or any mature scorpio) around. Sounds like you provide a lot of insights and a lot of solace to many people. I find that inspiring as hell, and I’m not one bit scared someone will “read my mind” and find out what episode of Friends I watched last night.

  13. One thing about husband I forgot to mention is that he always seems to know who is basically decent and who is not, sometimes at the instant he meets them. I have been close to several Scorp rising individuals and they were all like that. I don’t know if they’re reading energy or simply more attuned to body language, facial tics, and so on, but I have seen it many times.

  14. I think it is the “reading of temperature”.

    “Disagree with that. Anyone can beat Scorpio at their game once they know how.” – Have to agree with Elsa on this one… been around TOO many to know. It’s fun though… me being a double Sag and all…

  15. I don’t think I can read minds, but I can read motivations..sense feelings…know intuitively when someone’s manipulating or covering up the truth..or just plain hurting. It’s like a guage that’s just built in I guess. Gemini sun in 8th with aspects to Pluto, and a Scorpio moon. I have used this energy for ill before, mostly because I felt threatened, and I let my observations out willy nilly as an act of self-defense. Since that can backfire on me I find I have to be very careful. On the other hand, I’ve come to appreciate this energy as a real gift. There are times when someone says something—but the tone of their voice doesn’t match what they’re communicating, and I almost always sense what the real truth is. Sometimes I have to let go and just trust that the truth will come out, regardless of what I know inside. And there are times with close ones when I know intuitively how to steer a tough conversation based on this inner knowing. But who do you admit that to? I’m so glad there are others like me!

  16. This is a very interesting topic. One of my favorite questions to ask anyone is “If you could have ONE super power, what would it be?” More often than not people, regardless of sign, answer with mind reading. And my question to that is, “do you REALLY want to know what every jerk out there is thinking?” I’m Scorpio sun, Cancer moon and rising, I think it would be cool to be a healer.

    I’m a hard-core water sign (moon and Jupiter in 12th house Cancer, plus a packed 4th house in Libra/Scorpio) and operate pretty much on an emotional, intuitive operating system. I’m very receptive to vibes, mood, body language…I’m a sensitive antenna for other people’s broadcasts. The techniques are not comeplex and in the interest of protecting my fellow Scorpio’s tricks of the trade I’d rather not articulate some of the techniques that come naturally to us. Yes Scorpios are intuitive and sensitive, detective psychotherapists that look at human behavior like an erratic puzzle, but our abilities really depend on the person we are trying to read. I can intuit things from people I interact with and not think much of it, but with intimates, it’s spooky. I can feel feelings for people who are not as emotionally aware and foresee how they will react. It’s a fine line to toe because sometimes just because you know something doesn’t mean it’s any of your business. Is it helpful or hurtful, that kind of thing. I took a page from the Joni Mitchell playbook who talked about being painfully sensitive until she learned how to put psychic barriers in place as a measure of protecting herself and I’ve found it very helpful. I feel more like me and more attune than ever before, like a natural evolution of what I’m living in my chart. So being just as receptive, but hanging back gives more power to my gift. It’s stronger because it’s discerning.

  17. Hi All,
    I’m a Pisces Chick & having had several relationships with Scorpio Men, I think I can say that I believe this comment to be true =)
    But BECAUSE I’m a Pisces, I know it’s never such a great idea to reveal this fact to any Scorp…
    Best to just watch them watching!

  18. Neptune/Scorp. Rising – I can sense lots of things. It runs like some kind of sonar, and often it’s pretty clear information in terms of people. I got up and left a party a few months ago because of what I was picking up, and that’s an extreme example of using it concretely. It can be pronounced, but I wouldn’t say mind reading at all. More like, I smell a rat (or a rose) and if things don’t fit/match up, I can get very nervous until I clarify.

    One thing for sure- I’m trying to learn not to second-guess the sense. I’m usually right on, and when I can actually feel my body relaxing in response to something/somebody, it’s going to be a winner.

    Sure doesn’t feel like playing games to me, either. Although, maybe it would not be a bad idea to learn to work it, instead of just reacting to what the old receiver picks up.

  19. I agree with Patrice:

    “Maybe we Scorpios just pay a little more attention to what we see, hear, feel, etc. Throw in a dash of intuition/insight and voila!!”

    We are good at details, like detectives.

    (Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces)

  20. Hey ann,
    Maybe this is some Thing that water signs just do around each other? We are all intuitive & have the ability to scope each other. I really dig that =) Nice to have someone in the park who can play the way you do, so to speak. Also, I don’t think anyone needs to be afraid of this trait- it’s not exactly like thoughts are read literally, I guess it’s a way of putting 2 & 2 together, picking up on non verbal cues & cashing in on your gut instinct? & I’ll just add that I love the way they really can make you feel naked (IF they choose!)=) Woo Hoo! LOL

  21. Autumn @ 65:Max, thank you. I can’t believe you still have the strength and the eloquence to say it nicely. I’d personally love to have someone like you (or any mature scorpio) around. Sounds like you provide a lot of insights and a lot of solace to many people. I find that inspiring as hell, and I’m not one bit scared someone will “read my mind” and find out what episode of Friends I watched last night.

    I’m not sure what I said except that nothing I said way back there in 2008 (has it been that long?) was very difficult to say. I’ll just say that I am, like everyone else, just here trucking, saying things I think need to be said and maybe I’m right and maybe I’m not but those that need it will get it. And those that don’t need it won’t care.

    So there ya go. Thanks for the compliments though!

    [‘I need to get this blog into my feedreader!’]

  22. Always good to see you. Hope you’re well.

    I’m wellish… now. Good to see you as well.

    [‘Hopefully I’ll be around more in the future.’]

  23. I’ve got the blog back in my feed now, finally. I lost them all in the big crash.

    Sorry to hear re: the other.

    Eh. My solar return from last year has Pluto in the 12th. Ouch. The hospital was ok though. The big crash wasn’t but I survived it. The solar return is almost over now anyways, and the next year’s SR is starting to kick in (going by the 90 day rule) so hopefully the next one will be better.


  24. I have a stellium of 4 personal planets (Sun, Merc. Venus, Mars) in the eighth house in trine with the Moon in a less than one degree conjunction to Pluto and I can read minds, among other things. I also have a Gemini Asc.

  25. I don’t think we can really read their exact thoughts.

    But we pick up tells, clues, subconcious communication and run it with our patterns and intuition or something similar to this process, to notice things about other people. I think I have a good ability to have a fairly accurate idea on the past, intentions and underlying motives of people.

    I’m not sure if its the same with other scorpios. But looking for trends and patterns on other people and other situations, allows for a much-quicker interpretation of how the person or situation is or is going to turn out. So when we notice something that fits some trend or pattern that we have figured out previously, we automatically know that this means X or Y. So this could be a reason why we know ALOT about people very quickly and know what they’re about?

  26. I am a scorpio and I can be deep into reading a book and sense a spider on the wall, I can sense peoples emotions and their thoughts, I know when people are following me. But these “powers” arent what they are cracked up to be I usually have dark energy surrounding me, I dont take well to suprise or secrets, I am sad and angry and I sense things I dont want to know I have depression and my sister who is training to become a nurse is disguisted by me. The scorpio sign is a very powerful and very dangerous sign not one to be desired. The scorpion is sometimes used as a sign of satan (enemy who destroys). I am not a satan worshiper. I believe in and love God (Catholic) but scorpio’s can be cunning and evil. But they are can be just as good as they would be evil though but it takes alot of strength to resist evil.

  27. scorpio sun, moon, venus, mercury and jupiter here. NO DOUBT about it, i can sense what people think and feel about me and one of the reason i keep myself under the radar is because these thoughts are distracting as hell! especially with advances from guys, i can sense their attraction (and validated later on) to the point where i wish no body acts that way. People underestimate me i think and that’s the way i like it.

    The ability to ‘sense’ people is distracting, i can’t get anything done. I wish i could live where no one bother me. :)e

  28. I would have to agree with a lot of people that I believe those with Scorpion(ic) energy are much more perceptive than a lot of people, and they pick on the “broadcast” that is silently being projected by others around them. Some are more keenly aware of it than others, but I don’t think this makes them ‘evil’ or scary.

    I’ve said it before, I like Scorpios. What others find repugnant, I find deeply fascinating. Why wouldn’t you want someone to help you on the level that a Scorpio can?

  29. I’ve been told I’m perceptive. I have sun conjunct pluto and moon and some other planets in Scorpio. I wish I could read minds. I feel like I never really have a good grasp on what’s really motivating people. I can intuit things but it’s not such a clear picture. Especially if They’re close to me. It’s easier if I’m not emotionally Involved. I want to be in the moment in my close relationships anyway. Figuring people out puts tem in a box and takes away the spark of life. Or my ability to experience that spark in them.

    It’s ok to let to of control scorpio types! You’ll get more from people.

  30. I recently spent a bit of time with a Scorpio sun conjunct Pluto who could read me. I enjoyed that part but he didn’t know when to stop. It was suffocating. It kind of gave me a glimpse of how my intensity can make people feel.

  31. that’s really great that your ex knew what type of man/partner would be really great for you.
    it’s that kind of super intuitiveness- laser focus that they understand. my mother is very plutonic and she used to say that my sister deserved a more ambitious man, without knowing much of her son in law, but she was seeing more that her daughter has very high taste, very expensive palette. she makes good money but she can’t do her finances well. so she would say that it’s better she married someone who makes more than her to afford her luxuries. But then over the years she also saw that her husband helps her with being more frugal because he knows how to be frugal, plus he’s a good father and husband and very patient. lots of high powered men are not patient and kind and loving. And she would always cry because she is too sensitive for that. her husband provides the support and loyalty that she needs. watches the children and cooks, cleans; you got to see more of the good, the list are stacked higher for her in this. having a list of all the goods and bads for your partner to fit you, because no one is perfect and what makes a person happier in the long run.

  32. I am a Scorpio and I have freaked out my friends before. I don’t mean to do it. I also some how can tell the future almost….

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