How Will Saturn In Pisces Affect Virgo?

Virgo girlVirgo will be directly affected by Saturn’s transit through Pisces.  Saturn will oppose Virgo from Pisces so you’re likely to meet Saturn outside yourself and I’ll explain.

I’m the Virgo, speeding down the road, where I meet a cop!  I look at the cop, he looks at me. That’s the opposition. He has authority. I’m doing the wrong thing so I lose.

I’m the Virgo. I’m trying my best, I am working hard, being a good Virgo, as designed. I run into trouble.  A Saturn figure (parental) sees me struggling, pulls me up and encourages me so I can be on my way.

I’m the Virgo.  An oppressive figure comes along to tell me to stop what I am doing. I am stupid, I suck and I will be crushed if I continue to work and speak as I do.  Here, I need to persevere. I also need a boundary.

Are you the Virgo? What’s happening?

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    Aquarius Lurker

    Thanks for the super helpful scenarios Elsa! I am an Aquarian Virgo and was wondering what was meant by Saturn in Pisces being both helpful and obstructive at the same time. Now I know.

  2. Virgo Moon in the 12th @ 1 degree and then Virgo Asc @27, so Saturn will oppose the moon early on and then the ascendant in a couple of years.

    12th house for me is hard to understand as to how that might work out. I really learn well from scenarios being given as examples.

    So far, I’m been trying to helpful at work, with my coworkers and management, these days my coworkers and I get thanked for just showing up period because we are so short-staffed.

    I asked for a day off so I could go to a family graduation but I was the 3rd person to ask for it off, so I was supposed to be declined but my supervisor talked to the other people and they traded their day back in.

    Could the 12th mean grace from the universe?? I have no idea.

    1. Saturn is already opposing your moon. If you are serving, you are fine. That others sacrificed for you is another good sign you’re on track.

      1. I’m a Virgo rising, Pisces moon. I don’t feel much of anything negative?? Should I? I’ve been excited, even though I feel like things keep piling on me, little minor everyday things though. I don’t mind and most days I like it. Last year was a rough year for me, kept getting knocked down repeatedly with almost everything I did. I totally changed my perspective on things, and my routines and it’s been beneficial. Should I be expecting chaos? The rugged pulled? Or just keep doing my thing?

        1. I don’t know your degrees, but yes. Just keep doing your thing and when you feel pressure to do some “right thing”; do it and you should be fine. 🙂

          1. I checked and my Virgo rising is at 6 degrees and my Pisces moon is at 20 degrees. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    2. @Emma Also worth checking out the ephemeris for dates when Neptune is at 27* Pisces. I have 27* Asc-Dc in Virgo-Pisces too. From my notes, Neptune is exact at 27* from 11th May until 22nd August, stations rx at this degree. In total between May 2023 and Feb 2025 Neptune sits at 27* for 245 days.

      1. Thanks to you Sophiab and Elsa so much! May 11th is the day before the family graduation date that I had asked for off. 😮 wow that is a long time on that degree.

  3. I’m in the cohort of Chiron at 1* Pisces and Pluto at 4* Virgo. When Neptune entered Pisces, my world as I knew it was washed away. I’ve been dreading this year, but maybe it will bring healing and stability to my life that still feels like a roof covered with a blue tarp, waiting for the insurance to pay off so I can fix it. Elsa, are you in this group too? How did it affect you?

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    Tina-Louise Lukaschus

    Thank you Elsa for your always enlightening insights!
    With my Saturn (17 deg) Pisces return coming up in the near future, it’s definitely helpful to know what to look out for! 😊👍

  5. The last time Saturn was in Pisces, I did indeed get arrested for a traffic related mishap, an infraction that would not have even been viable if I had been just a few months older (I was technically a minor and different rules applied to people my age). I spent the next year doing community service etc. and not being allowed to drive by the state. I learned the lessons of that time very well and I think for me doing everything with all of the integrity and carefulness I can will be key. At the end of the transit my judge dismissed the charges and wiped it from my record.

    I also met an older mentor then related to my profession who basically saved me and changed my life forever for the better, and we stayed friends until he passed a number of years ago. He helped me realize I was actually the one in charge of my destiny via how I am in the world. At the end of the transit I fell in love and had a wonderful relationship with the most supportive woman ever, for 8 years.

    So, it can be a mixed bag, as always. Mind your p’s and q’s, Virgos, and it’ll be ok, if not a walk in the park.

  6. Including the retrograde period, Tr Saturn is opposing my natal Virgo Pluto now through February 2024. I am contending with aging health issues.

  7. I have a Virgo Moon at 0 and also Pluto in Virgo at 4. Saturn is already opp my Moon in the 9th. I joined a new Meditation group and will be losing a favored teacher from another group, who has been with us every day on line since the pandemic began. Then my SO is a Virgo with a Pisces Moon, Chiron and Jupiter, with a Sag rising. He’s already feeling anxious which makes my Moon anxious. I am having trouble sleeping too. People have said this will be a good transit for me and it might be, but I’m not feeling the good parts yet.
    I will read that article you linked above Elsa.

  8. Hi Elsa, So nice to see us Virgos in the news, it seems we get overlooked a lot by many people. Well, I am probably a number two Virgo example with the parental figure helping me up. I almost never drive fast or unruly as in the 1st scenario and my Aries Rising would never allow me to be in the 3rd example! I usually do very well with Saturnian discipline, boundaries and structure, so it’s optimistic all the way for me!
    Aries Rising

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    Trevor Virgo sun Pisces Moon


    Thank you for writing about this. My first Saturn return ended on Tuesday, and while I have felt the weight lift, my sun is in Virgo, my moon is in Pisces, and I also have mercury and Jupiter in Virgo.

    I was concerned that this transit would be affecting me heavily. In a way it almost feels like two Saturn returns in a row… My sun is at the very end (late 29 degrees) of Virgo, and my mercury and Jupiter are in the very early degrees. Moon is somewhere in the middle.

    To make things more concerning, my moon is somewhere in the middle. I’m worried about all of these opposition timings and the conjunction on the moon.

    I guess it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for me…

  10. This is so what’s happening to my Virgo self. Full moon on Tuesday literally knocked me unconscious for 12 hours due to a fast arising nausea inducing migraine. At work I’m tasked with looking at processes long hidden and sometimes denied by people who complain they are overwhelmed but refuse to acknowledge their part in their own overwhelming situation. I’m the pattern recognizing order-seeking Virgo battling chaos loving hero complex others. I’m certain a wrist slap us in my future. But I hold firm.

  11. God Bless the Virgo. I have north node in Virgo. I miss my Dad who was a Virgo. I also have that opposition. Pluto to Chiron – but more around 5 Degrees.

    Isn’t the houses where this plays out pretty important?

  12. I am a Virgo in the 12th house.

    Right now, I am not in the best health. I am going through the hoops, waiting for bariatric surgery.

    I am morbidly obese. I do not eat properly or eat the right things. My routines is atrocious. I have no routine.

    Its not that I don’t know the problems, its where do I begin.

    “Sunday morning and I’m waking up / Can’t even focus on a coffee cup / Don’t even know who’s bed I’m in…
    Where do I start
    Where do I begin”
    (the chemical brothers)

      1. I hope so. I have a great fear this will not go through or that my health will worsen. I am prone to procrastination, avoidance, or convincing myself things arent really “that bad”… which I know is my undoing. My fear is a driving force, only if I can get off my ass! Lol

  13. Virgo sun@8
    Virgo moon@10
    Virgo South node @2
    Virgo pluto @26
    Virgo Mercury@27
    I feel tiresome and confused…everything feels in darkness. Am confused and don’t know where to start. Feeling lonely and the pressure of wanting a partner is much but I don’t know where to start as I believe money talks.Is my intuition telling me the truth?

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    The Music of the Spheres

    Honestly think Neptune in Pisces is far worse. That’s the kryptonite. Virgo does better than you might think with Saturn in Pisces; boundaries, limits, straight lines, in the 7th solar house brings out all our creative tough-mindedness. Getting real with our hopes/dreams. Seeing what we can do with what we’ve got. Virgos love real.

  15. I like it. I have pluto conjunct my virgo rising23 and 24 degrees. N. Node 7degrees pisces. Saturn orders the to do list that’s always been there. I think about being thorough in what I’m called to do . That’s new. I think it’s actually eased my nervous Gemini nature ( north node squares my gemini 9th house sun) I’ve been patient with Neptune crossing my descendant and objective with all the lost items, Son going overseas with the military,in laws passing on,with copious alcohol consumption. I’m glad to be alive, to recognize the powers of deception in every facet of the world stage.

  16. I have saturn sextiling my early taurus moon, and have sun at virgo 1degree and mercury 2degrees (both in 10th house)- what can I expect?Am supporting my poorly father and my job involves welfare/safe guarding children. Enjoyed your article and always catch up with your daily updates❤️

  17. What about when Saturn opposes when virgo asc 17 and squares my Merc conjuct mh 16 deg?

    When Neptune was doing this I felt paranoid and very edgy, very timid.

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