Astrology and Communication: Mercury In The Birth Chart

“Just because the message may never be received does not mean it is not worth sending.” Segaki

I read this and it occurred to me I miss a lot of what it communicated to me. I would say at least half of what is communicated to me falls to the ground and the percentage may be far higher than that… say 90%. And I know that’s alarming but I think it’s true and I am trying to figure out why.

Do you fare better? Where is Mercury in your chart and how is it aspected?

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  1. Mercury retrograde in Cancer in 12th.

    By definition, I don’t know what I’m missing. But I do know that, lots of times, I get something after the fact. Like days later, when the conversation or situation has passed, I’ll realize “oh, that person meant xxx.” Incidentally, it also happens with communications I send, I won’t be able to get across what I’m trying to say, but later I’ll realize exactly what I meant!

    I’ve learned to live with the delay and accept that my life is going to have about a 25% misfire rate. I figure I can still learn the lesson, even if it’s late…

    Looking forward to the time when we evolve to communicating brain-to-brain, bypassing the mouth entirely (except eating)!

  2. Mars/Mercury in Scorpio . . . don’t miss much unless it’s the first hour after I get up. Scorpio makes for a very focused and retentive mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. both
    lots of stuff gets by me if i’m busy thinking of something else – and yet often i’ll just be listening with half an ear and the important parts stick. I have a well aspected mercury – in scorpio trining saturn and jupiter. My thinking is very feeling based. I used to think I was objective – maybe most libras do? – and my sister laughed at me – I guess she always knew that my thoughts were subjective – especially with mercury in my 1st house.

  4. Mercury in the first house…I miss too sometimes I don’t listen and go off talking about myself. But when I try I remember very well, moon in scorpio.

  5. Mercury in Gemini in the 11th house–at times I am so busy trying to read what the person is saying, how he/she is saying it and the situation he/she is saying it in I miss the point of what is being said. At the same time I am also trying to figure out what I should say, do and feel. Then comes the hours and/or days of rehashing the conversation trying to uncover all the hidden meanings behind the stuff he/she said and all the many things I said or should have said, felt or done in response so I could have seemed more interested, interesting or funny or sexy or WHATEVER.
    If that sounded confusing, try living in my head for a day or two! It ain’t pretty! Damn that Mercury in Gemini!

  6. I think I miss alot, because I donยดt remember details.. I listen; get the big picture and then forget all the words and details. And what I hear depends alot on my mood and what I beleive the person is going to say and what I’m watching. It happens often that I hear something on recording, either documentary or film, and it sounds diferent each time I hear/see it. Because sometimes I just listen to the words, and the next time I look at the persons eyes while she is talking about something, and it usually feels much different that way then if I am just listening and not looking. The images have a strong effect on what I hear.
    I’m a hopeless mercury in pisces, house 1, opposite saturn.

    I’m unable to give examples of stuff, I just am, i don’t have that part of the brain. I can do it if I’m writing and have alot of time to think, otherwise no. I think this has to do with having all my personal planets on the last signs, which are about the big picture of things. Sag energy.The ruler of my sun and mercury are in sagitarius.

  7. reading back what I wrote it’s interesting to note that for me, to listen means to feel, hear, and see. mercury in pisces is so caotic..

  8. It’s very frustrationg to talk to people on the phone for me, or if they are using sunglasses, it freaks me out a bit that I can’t see their eyes, because I think that’s my main source of information while talking to people. I’m totally confortable on the internet though.
    Sorry to ramble about me, but writing this was very useful in my self discovery ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I don’t miss anything. Except, that which doesn’t interest me. What I do do is second guess that which I am getting. merc. in 12th.

  10. mercury/uranus/saturn t square in fixed signs. (all i’m missing is aquarius)
    saturn’s the one in the middle mucking things up. when i get going, i’m going, but it doesn’t take much to break my concentration.

    and too many inputs at once makes my head explode
    (by the way, virgo ascendant, mercury rulership, yeah….)

    anyway, i’m the wallflower in the corner watching evrything and trying to get a sense of what’s going on from body language and gesture because there’s too much noise and i can’t keep up with the conversation. give me one, maybe two, people to focus on, and i’m fine.

    and i really don’t forget much if i actually catch it in the first place.

  11. Mercury in Aquarius in 3rd house (heh, if I read my chart right, of course). I have a tendency of over-absorbing information/conversation, looking for undertones and ulterior motives. But that could just be my paranoia talking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Mercury (4th House Taurus) in a T-Square with Uranus (MC in Scorpio) and Saturn (7th(Placidus) or 8th (Koch) in Leo).

    Now that everyone has commented, I’ve clued into what’s being asked–sorry Elsa, it’s not you, it’s me.

    I process on most levels. I have just realized in the last year that not everyone processes like me. I know, rocket science, eh! But I can’t tell you how often in my life I have THOUGHT someone understood a situation in a similar way, because I have picked up a signal from them. Only to discover that their signal was unconsciously given, and in actual fact…
    I don’t even know if this makes sense.
    I have Mars transiting my Mercury and my Sun right now, I don’t know if I should be unleashed on the public LOL!

  13. I do not know what I miss, I try not to miss anything, but I do know that I overinterpret.

    I also think that 90% of what I communicate to others is totally missed. I have Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius in the 9th conjunct sun, moon, neptune, midheaven and mars, square asc and saturn, trine jupiter.

    I talk fast, and a LOT, so maybe people ignore me ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I used to think that I missed very little. Well I was wrong, I miss a lot. I live in my head so much. Always mentally moving on, not taking the time to listen properly. I can only process a small amount at a time and anyway it’s harder to hit a moving target. There’s something that makes me feel very vulnerable when I really pay attention.

    Mercury is in Gemini retrograde in 9th, conj venus, sextile Pluto, trine Neptune, sesquiquadrate Jupiter.

  15. Mercury in Aquarius in 10th. Conjunct Venus, Conjunct MC.

    Sometimes I find that a small or incidental detail that occurred to me during some event or conversation is actually the important thing that i failed to focus on at the first. Sometimes I completely forget things that got said, either by me or by others.

    But I seem to have a rock-iron memory for things that happen, or get communicated, from places of great emotion (positive and negative). And I seem to pick up on non-verbal communication at least as well as I do the more conventional variety.

  16. Mercury conjunct Mars Cap, 8th/9th House. I don’t miss much at all nowadays. However I’m really good at one to ones – as too many people talking together can do my head in.
    What about people’s Progressed Mercury? My P. mercury was retrograde for 40 yrs which gave much trouble in comprehension. I felt it go direct and now mental faculties are much improved. thank goodness.

  17. Hi Elsa,

    My mercury is in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Scorpio which is on my ascendant (well XII House).

    My mercury is conjunct Sun and Venus: let’s say my ascendant is Scorpio, Uranian, Mercurian, Sunshine (lol) and Venusian….(as well as Jupiterian).

    A sextile Mercury Uranus makes people speaking and thinking very quickly and strangely…I always have too many ideas… approximatly 1 new idea/minute…lol (difficult to remember all of them…)

    During Mercury retrograde I met a very clever astrologer: He told me: “Hello Mercury retro, I have some parents buried in Paris…” Then I answered him: “hello I am your dead grand mom! I am so happy to talk to you!” (Mercury retro in Cancer). Very scorpio…

    I met people I hadn’t seen for a long time as well: but that was after the retro…

  18. I used to think I didn’t miss much, but in the past few months (three, four?) I’ve noticed a distinct drop in my mental processing. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I’m absolutely ~hating~ it! I feel so slow and clinically retarded. Ugh.
    On the upside, my fiance and I have been having many, many talks about our communication styles in the past six months, so at least that hasn’t been impacted as much. I hope!

    2H Mercury conjunct Sun in Leo, Saturn in Virgo.

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