The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The signs can be divided into Triplicities, thatโ€™s groups of three, also known as Elements

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces make up the water signs.

Water is flowing. It is the medium of the emotional tide. People with a lot of water in their charts tend to be tuned into to a vast undercurrent that allows them to feel their way through life.

Each water sign represents a different form of memory.

Cancer is long term storage. All the important bits, the highs, the lows have been held tightly here. Cancer people tend to be sentimental. That’s not just a slip of ribbon in the drawer, that’s their childhood. What may look like flotsam to you is to them a purposefully kept key that starts a time machine.

Scorpio is deep, hidden storage. All the fears, the rage, the anxieties, the sadness that has been denied gets jammed down here, pressure packed and forged into dense coals. The more that goes in, the more the pressure builds. Scorpio people understand the need to purge to maintain the integrity of their secret underworld. They deftly mine the recesses of innerspace (theirs, mine and yours) looking for those potent nuggets of power to incinerate.

Pisces is short term memory. In the blink of an eye. In the blink of an eye. Many lives can pass you by. Pisces people have been around the universe so many times they have learned the most important moment is now. Masters of theย ephemeral, love and let it go school of transcendence, they, er, um, ย I forget.

Do you have water in your chart? Please, tell us about it. (Like actually tell us in the comments, don’t just send vibes.)

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31 thoughts on “The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces”

  1. I have moon, pluto, saturn and mars in scorpio. Hidden? Repressed? Pressure? Purging? Oh yes ๐Ÿ™‚ My middle name is Catharsis, thank you very much.

  2. “Cancer is long term storage”

    LOL!!! Ok that’s just too funny, as last night my little one was saying I have a memory like an elephant!! You know what, that’s probably right, I could even remember stuff from previous generations/lives if I really wanted/needed to.

    I’ve got plenty of water in my chart and yes, I’m an emotional person, but with a cappy moon, feel it’s my job to deal with those emotions. It’s taken me this long be able to balance my chart and go with the flow (pun intended! LOL!)

  3. I have Cancer rising, Moon in 4th. Long term storage is correct but Cancer is also a very changeable sign (and cardinal)….cling to the past but the present and future is always in flux. Cancer can be aggressive too, especially when one of our family members is threatened (or we perceive them to be threatened).

  4. That is spot on! love the way you discribe the water signs!
    can relate with the scorpios hidden storage…the need to control emotions like the ones you described.. to keep things in balance. There are outlets for everything, l am looking for more uhmm creative outlets, it sucks when they are unlished on others and l get stuck on them…it’s hard to feel so intens and not have much control over it at times :/ but it’s getting better at least l understand what is happening to me.
    l have progressed sun in cancer, my progressed moon will go into pisces this summer, looking forward to that energy!

  5. @tetsu
    With pluto in aspect to your sun, moon, & merc, you said it perfectly “Hidden? Repressed? Pressure? Purging? Oh yes”. Transiting pluto’s been cleaning house lately and it’s a big YES to all those things, transformations abound around here right now. I think I’m lucky to have a strong jupiter aspect and progressed moon in gemini to help keep it light around here right now ;o)

  6. Very little water (one generational planet, only). Very strong emphasis on the water houses, I think that’s where my intuition and feeling comes from (the act of feeling; not that I only have one feeling, ha ha ha)

  7. Great post Nota! Definitely nailed the Scorpio and Pisces… of which I have both. I would love to comment further, but my Scorpio won’t let me and my Pisces forgot what I was going to say… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Cancer True Node in the 4th. Depending on where I am in the world, this will oppose Part of Fortune in Cap or Venus, both in the 10th.

    Every. Bloody. Second. Head vs. Heart. UGH!

    I’ve discovered that unless I open my heart I will suffer where it matters: love and money.

    Why resist? Um. Hello!? Business is business (!), I keep saying…how am I supposed to get emotional over money?

    Really people. How? hahha Any of you experience this? Maybe the moon is importatnt here…

    Nota, per usual, par excellence! Gratsi!

  9. Hi Nota,

    I have a stellium in Cancer 11th house – for me, if they speak well of their friends, (even those whom they have little or no contact with anymore, if they speak well of their family and their ex-wives/girlfriends, husbands – then I usually place my trust in them. It’s the old adage for me – whatever they say about those closest to them shows their true character, and they will say the same about you.
    If trust is broken, I never, ever forget (or forgive) – Pluto in first house.


  10. Sun, Mars, ASC, Ceres and Eros all in water. But I just found out I have a grand trine in air as well. So I am may not be as “deep” as some water signs on some levels but can relate very well to all the above and Nota’s description. I have a psychic connection with a Cancer Moon gentleman. We always seem to call or know when the other is thinking of them or knows when the other is going to call. It’s very sweet.

  11. Pisces Sun
    Neptune and True Node in Scorpio
    Uranus and Pluto in 4th house
    Saturn in 8th house.
    I am definitely a master of the let it go school of transcendence. In fact, I’m constantly advising other people to “let it go” too. I actually thought that was due to my mega-Aqaurius-detachment. Interesting to learn it’s water-related.

  12. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My Cancer roommate is the most sentimental person I know. She keeps EVERYTHING and still emotionally clings to the childhoods she spent at her grandmother’s house, which was sold a few years ago after her death.

    Awhile back she had a chance to see the house again after the new owners had lived in it for awhile (they actually use it as a vacation home) and she was shocked to see that it had changed and the owners didn’t have the same sentimental attachment to the previous furniture and decorations that she had. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So Cancery.

    I have Sun conj. Neptune and Moon in the 12th, so I am very Piscean. From a young age I’ve had difficulty knowing “who I am” because to Pisces the ego is hard to get ahold of. Also have a lot of Pluto intensity (Venus in Scorpio and Moon square Pluto). Emotions can be very powerful for me!

  13. I have Asc., Saturn and Moon in Scorpio; Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Cancer, Chiron in 4th.

    Nota, you hit the nail on the head with this one, great post! I have worked hard to let go of old painful stuff, and the periodic purging you speak of helps. I have also worked hard to integrate all the water in my chart with all the fire, got tired of steaming all the time!

    For me, learning to deal with the heavy water in my chart came with age, experience and being open to *that which is unseen*. Solitude provides the opportunity to sort through and heal old hurts.

  14. I have Sun & Mercury in Scorpio, Moon and Mars in Cancer. Superemotional at times…I feel everything. Love to cook and eat good food. I do keep my emotions on the inside a lot but when it comes out…whoa boy! I am learning to try to let it out in small increments instead of a deluge.

  15. I have Moon in Pisces- I forget what I was doing half way through doing it.
    Pluto in Scorpio… umm… yeah.
    MC in Cancer but I don’t really relate to Cancer enegry, at all so this one is confusing to me.

  16. I have a little of all three…
    Pisces Moon
    Cancer IC
    Scorpio DC conj. Uranus

    Moon is the strongest…with all the woo woo;-) but with my DC/Uranus I find myself hopelessly attracted to the deep, mysterious, intensity of Scorpios and often go into woo woo land with them;-)

  17. Great post. Spot on. My Mars in Cancer ex cries at the drop of a hat. It’s a funny contrast to his macho Aries Sun.

    And with all my Pisces friends, I always wonder what really makes them tick because they’re so easy-going. It makes sense that they’re just living in the moment (something my Virgo Sun has trouble doing).

    I am Scorpio rising with Saturn in 12H Scorpio. Those are my only water placements but they are SO USEFUL! Especially at work, dealing with so many different personalities, I’m able to keep calm because I’m able to empathize with almost anyone.

    It’s interesting that emotions are not highly valued in our culture, though with concepts like “Emotional Intelligence” that is changing. I consider emotions to be just another source of information, signals that we may not be able to rationalize, but useful nonetheless for making optimal decisions.

  18. I’m mostly air, but I do have the influence of moon in pisces..which I like ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes its takes more effort to get control over my emotions than I would like, but I’ll take the intuitiveness and empathy and creativity it brings as an even trade.
    Also have Mercury in Scorpio that pushes me to dig dig dig for information and be a little (yeah..a little..HA!) obsessive sometimes. Matter of fact, mercury gives me fits anyhow. But this element in my chart melds nicely with all the air signs that need to intellectualize and stuff.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. heh I got Venus in Cancer and I have a box of meaningful bday cards (one from my bff when I was 12 ๐Ÿ™‚ stubs of concerts (got A LOT of those ;), old key chain decoration, letters from friends in high school and I love looking thru that box and feeling happy ๐Ÿ˜€

    Pisces covers my 3rd house so having that box around helps me to remember the important and happy parts of my life. Post-its and my phone help me to remember the rest of everyday living and as soon as I’m done with it and it’s out of sight, it out of mind!

  20. I have Sun and Mercury in Pisces; 10th house in my chart –
    they’re opposite Virgo which holds Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.

    No planets in my Cancer 2nd house.

    6th house: Uranus in Scorpio.

    I like long distance travel, a lot.
    Weird states of mind though when I have to traverse ‘ordinary’ distances.

  21. Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune
    Pisces Saturn, Chiron, Ceres
    Cancer in Jupiter

    I feel it before it is expressed in verbatim

  22. I have Water Sun,Mercury,Mars,Uranus…5th house koch/equal..or 6th Placidus…Midheaven

    I’m an emotional thinker,I tend to try to keep my emotions hidden for multiple reasons, I used to want to be a psychologist, I’m empathic,sensitive, dramatic,day dreamer

  23. Moon, Pluto, Nord node in Scorpio, Midheaven, Vesta and Pallas in Cancer, Saturn, Eros and Fortune in Pisces… I have a very great memory for Birthdate and for situation that I live… I also have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Lilith in Gemini and Libra rising, a combo of Air and Water and a lack of Earth and Fire… I go with the flow and I get lost in my mind or dream, nightmare, drama…

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