Weekend Love Forecast – Run-up To The Full Moon In Gemini

tree and lightsThe Taurus Moon spends Friday night moving closer and closer into conjunction to retro Jupiter as newly minted Sagittarius Mars squares Saturn. The mood is comfort seeking (BIG time), but the brakes are locked up on a rollicking good time.

For some this could work out smashingly. What if you can’t go to the party because of some impediment… have to work, car broke down, etc… What if you didn’t really want to go in the first place? What if you are the type to get a huge charge out of not going? Sounds perfect to me.

So if you do want to go, look out for that impediment early. Deal with it responsibly. Work with that energy.

Venus in Libra widely squares Pluto all weekend, so what we want may be tricky. Desire is intense, and the options are steamy; but keep in mind that volcanic passions may not be what’s best in the long term. They can flame out or be too troublesome for comfort. Or they might be just what you need. Time will tell, so give yourself time.

Saturday night, the Taurus Moon heads into conjunction with retro Uranus as Sagittarius Mercury closes in on its square to retro Neptune. This mood is also pleasure-seeking, but here novelty is the spice. Where Friday night had obstacles, Saturday night has confusion. It may be that we’re merely unsettled because things are unclear, but it’s also possible to encounter outright deception.

What’s worse is that we may deceive ourselves. We may want to believe what’s being floated, or we may genuinely misunderstand what’s being said. Again, fore-warned is fore-armed. Keep your options open, and ask for more information. Mercury-Neptune perfects after Monday morning’s full moon, so don’t run your mouth ahead of your brain, and pay attention to what’s being said (or implied). There’s more than one way to stay ahead of this curve. Get creative!

On Sunday, the Taurus Moon finishes up with a sextile to retro Neptune and a trine to Pluto. That Venus-ruled mood exerts a calming influence and a chance to even out the playing field. Keep your focus on what you want and need and you’re tougher to fool. You might even find some hidden gems because of it.

Sunday afternoon the Moon moves to Gemini with a square to Saturn then finds an opposition to Mars in the night. The airy mood of Mercurial rule is a striking difference from solid Taurus, but Saturn keeps whimsy in check. If frustration mounts, don’t lose focus – as Mercury-Neptune tendencies are doubled. Look for the action, be patient.

Overnight, the Gemini Moon opposes the Sagittarius Sun: the full moon. This culmination takes place opposite Mars and square Saturn, highlighting some harsh, past action. It means an end, but with Mercury square Neptune… do we know what end just yet? I’d play your part with cards close to the vest till you DO know.

The full moon takes place at 4 Gemini. Where does it hit your chart? Do you have any weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Run-up To The Full Moon In Gemini”

  1. Along with the Full Moon in Gemini, we have the ruler Mercury enter it’s shadow zone at 22 degrees Sagittarius. It will return to this degree just after New Years Day when it stations direct.

    It already feels like a Mercury retrograde! Both the Gemini Full Moon and Mercury will be out of bounds, giving an almost Uranian wildcard feel to the energies.

    Take note of what happens now, to get a feel for the upcoming Mercury retrograde on 13th December!

  2. That Moon-Sun+Mars-Saturn t-square is going to crush my natal Moon and Pluto. And I’ve got man drama at work. I am nervous.

  3. This full moon is building up in the middle of the 5th house. It is highlighting where I have behaved childishly. I began to feel some guilt…not a good feeling. I am going to process these emotions slowly…I usually need time to sort out.

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