Mother And Child: The Moon

crab-in-the-moon“My mother loved children. She would have given anything if I had been one.”
–Groucho Marx

The Moon in the natal chart signifies our emotional body, the way we relate emotionally. It is personified by its sign, house placement and aspects. These are all reflected in our emotional nature. The Moon is the archetypal mother figure. For most of us our first emotional relationship was with our mother or whoever filled that role for us. The condition of the Moon reflects our emotional experience of the mother and colors how we approach relationship in general. We are deeply affected by how “successful” we felt in that first relationship. Each individual Moon processes input differently as the nature varies from sign to sign. What works for one Moon does not necessarily work so well for another. How we integrate the feelings about our relationship to our primary parent has a great impact on our feeling of competency in relationship in general.

For this reason it can often be very helpful when assessing how we approach relationship to examine our own Moon condition but also the synastry with the mother, particularly how our Moons interact. One reason for this is the fact that we often gauge others’ emotional needs through the lense of our own. Mothers tend to give what they themselves would need, and that is not always in tune with the child’s nature. Examining this Moon relationship can sometimes flush out understanding of our own emotional quirks.

For instance, I have a Capricorn Moon while my mother has a Leo Moon. They are not in aspect nor sympathetic by sign. I have Saturn needs and she has Sun needs. However, my Moon is in the 5th house, the Sun’s house, which creates some common ground. My sister, however, has a Leo Moon and her experience of our mother was much simpler. I am more likely to choose to relate to people with Moon signs that clash with mine than is my sister. I accept more challenge emotionally, possibly because it is more familiar. However, my sister tends to be more emotionally stable and satisfied, given her propensity to choose people with Moons in easier aspect to her own.

I also have two daughters. I look at their Moons in comparison to mine and come up with a different picture. One has an Aquarius Moon and the other a Capricorn Moon. While I have an inherent understanding of the Capricorn Moon needs, the Aquarian Moon needs are much easier to fill in general. She has fewer and less complicated needs. I actually have to put more effort into giving the Cap Moon daughter comfort than I do with the Aquarian one. But I have an easier time of it with the Cap Moon daughter than my mother did with me because of my own Cap Moon experience. I may also have a blind spot about the Aquarius Moon daughter’s needs given her propensity to seek emotional space.

Do you know your mother’s Moon sign? How does it relate to your Moon sign? Can you see how that was expressed in your early relationship? And now?

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  1. My mother’s moon is in Taurus. Mine is in Pisces. She needs stability, security and comfort. I need connection for better or worse you know? For us, that made it tough because she was very protected emotionally (square saturn) and I am very open and out there (first house moon conj asc). I could transcend pain. She has a very hard time dealing with pain. It’s hard for me to pin down–this interaction between us. My moon squares Neptune hers squares pluto, there is a disconnect there.

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      Moon in Scorpio with Moon in Gemini Mom

      Moon Taurus and Moon Pisces are usually a great match. But when comparing across charts, it is important to compare an individuals chart. Some people have so much tension within their own charts, that they have a hard time with relationships with those that may otherwise get along with.

      Negative aspects to the Moon will bring out the negative aspects of that Moon sign. Moon square Saturn is a very difficult aspect – no matter which Moon your sign is in, Moon square Saturn people are very often emotionally cold. They put up very tight emotional boundaries. The Moon sign will show to what extent that person is cold and the house positions of Saturn and Moon will show in which area of life this person tends to be emotionally cold. As a Moon in an earth sign, may have an impossible time overcoming those boundaries – definitely stubbornly stuck in the mud.

      Moon square Pluto – watch out! A person with a need to be emotionally dominate and likes to sulk. With Taurus Moon, I can imagine this must be one intense Mama and perhaps stubbornly manipulative.

      Moon in first house does not mean you are open per se. It means your moods and sensitivity makes up a major part of your personality and how people see you. The first house is the House of Aries – if Moon is afflicted, you may be emotionally impatient, defensive, and have a hard time listening to the emotions of others. If positively aspected, you, as you said can transcend pain and are more nurturing and caring.

      Moon square Neptune shows separation between you and your mother (Moon = Mother, Neptune = Loss when squared). Controlling parents sometimes create children who either lie (out of fear of being caught by someone controlling) or who are imaginative. Moon square Neptune shows that you view your mother as someone who is manipulative and/or delusional. Moon square Neptune must guard on how well they recall emotional experiences and should try to be accurate as possible in their quest for emotional validation. Moon square Neptune is exacerbated in a Pisces Moon.

      Your Mom’s aspects shows she was probably raised by a mother or mother-figure who is also controlling, chaotic, or depressed and who is not seen as stable or supportive by your mother.

  2. What an interesting post —

    I think my mother’s moon is in Pisces and mine is in Gemini on the cusp of Taurus (her sun is in Taurus). My mother was a great listener (I’ve always bee a champion talker :)) She always took time to listen to my weepy teenage rants. Even now we talk easily.
    My sister is a Cancer moon and she tends to crystalize my mom and how nurturing she was. She was a nurturing mom in the important ways, but she was pretty laissez faire, I thought —
    I’m a Gemini moon, as I said, and my Gem sun/Leo moon baby and I jive pretty easily. We both love variety, trying new things, asking and answering questions, doing things like puzzles and word games — my Taurus sun/Cancer moon baby and I have a strong natal bond, I think, but he is not as expressive and runs away from my attempts to talk with him about his day or to lavish him with attention and affection. Leo moon has nooooo qualms about receiving love and attention. In fact, he seems to need it. He lives in a cuddly embrace with me lol Cancer moon was like that as a baby, but he’s very independent now. He’d rather curl into a little shell with me at the end of the day, tell me everything at the designated time, and not talk much the rest of the day 🙂 It’s kind of interesting —

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      Moon in Scorpio with Moon in Gemini Mom

      In my opinion, there is a myth about being on the cusp. Many believe that because you are on the cusp of a sign that you display qualities of both signs. This is not necessarily the case. The Zodiac evolves through each sign. Aries = the baby, Pisces = life after death, the spiritual realm. Hence, those at the end of a sign are the most evolved of that sign. Those at the end, the least evolved of that sign. It’s best to look at sign placement less by cusp and more by decantes (Is your sign placement in 0-10 degrees of the sign, 10-20 degrees of the sign, or 20-30 degrees of the sign). Having Moon in beginning of Gemini means you have an emotional need for status and want to be admired for your smarts. Appearing stupid or someone pointing out you are being stupid can make you caught up in your emotions. It’s wear you are the most sensitive. You love to discuss emotions as long as it is in a mental and non emotional way. You find it easiest to get along with those who are more agreeable to your nature than different.

      You may view your mother as being a little bipolar. With a Moon in Pisces perhaps she was at times frantic, a worrier, and undisciplined. This has led to your Moon in Gemini habit of trying to communicatively chase people regarding emotional things as this is how you may approach your mother.

      Your Moon in Leo child sees you as exciting but not as attentive and child like. Hence, they may take advantage of your habit of chasing to gain attention for themselves – shamelessly. Chasing is a habit you have formed so in a way, this exchange will feel familiar and natural.

      Everyone, regardless of Moon sign, is open to love and affection. It is how it is expressed that differs. Moon in Gemini needs to chase since it’s what the have habitually learned in childhood (for instance Moon in Gemini men tend to dislike “nice” girls). Their means of “capture” is communication and showering with attention and verbal expressions. This works for Moon in Leo who loves admiration. However, Moon in Cancer needs a different form of love and attention that will receive without qualms. To Moon in Cancer, or any water sign, the expression of Moon in Gemini emotionally seems shallow. Moon in Cancer needs more sentimental gestures of love and affection and like to make memories – as Moon in earth signs like physical gestures. Moon in Cancer people need to be taken care of and it is likely that you as Mom, do a lot for your Moon in Cancer kid such as cleaning after them.

  3. I wish I knew my mother’s birth information but we never had it as she came here through adoption from another country. Her sun is in Gemini and mine is Sagittarius. We clashed all the time growing up.

  4. “We are deeply affected by how “successful” we felt in that first relationship.”

    Soooooo true….

    My mother is an Aquarius Moon, square Uranus. As for how it relates to my Moon, I share a Uranus/Moon signature (I have Cap Moon sextile 11H Uranus).

    Early relationship, hard to say. It’s very complicated. I am the youngest of 4. She was exhausted and had babies in diapers for 7 years straight. She wasn’t mothered by my grandmother, who was an Aquarius.

    Now, my mother is more distant than she has ever been in her life. I think part of that is that she can sense something is up with me (I’ve been in therapy for over a year) and is giving me space. Eg. she went overseas recently and called all the other siblings except me.

    I don’t mind. I need the space to figure things out. So I’m quite grateful for her Aqua Moon at the moment:)

  5. Oh and thank you for posting this kind of thing–it really helps me break it down for myself. My mother’s Saturn is conjunct my IC/Chiron.

  6. Wow Satori, what a wonderful post. I feel like I’ve genuinely learned something reading that!

    On a personal level, I have leo moon in the sixth, my mum has libra moon which is also possibly in the sixth (if my rectification is correct).

    We clashed a lot as kids and there were times I never felt loved enough (oh the leo moon drama). Which I guess explains why I take it so personally now if I don’t get shown enough love in my working environment.

    But we do have common ground in that work pushes our buttons.

  7. I feel this relates to what I am going through, although not through the literal example.

    I find that the relationship I have with my mother is overshadowed by a feeling of distance and abandonment… my mother was very loving and caring towards me when I was little, but we had some really critical breakdowns as I hit adolescence that I don’t think I handled well… she may have been strongly taken aback by the fact that I had to deal with the rage that my father (they divorced when I was 4) couldn’t handle. I’ve always had the feeling that she sees too much of me in him and has trouble loving me as a result. Years later, I feel emotionally abandoned and distanced from her and find it difficult not to find similar traits in my primary relationship now.

    Feelings of abandonment and distance eventually break down into frustration and resentment… and it’s all i can do but to walk away.

    This hurts so much, and hits me from multiple angles, because I am stuck in this pattern of feeling bitter towards my SO when it is perhaps a lack of motherly connection in the first place that left me love-starved and turned me into a dependent in the first place.

    I’m having some major issues right now… trying to crawl out from under chemical dependencies I’ve clung to for most of the relationship to avoid having to “own myself” as someone who can’t be in this relationship. Instead I try to change my self into someone who is different… which just makes me SEEM happy, when in actuality I am still suffering all of these feelings of being tragically wronged.


    I feel so trapped it’s not even funny… doomed to live out this pattern of unhappiness hidden behind a veil forever, because I can’t “be real” without hurting others…?

    For the record, I don’t know my mother’s moon. I am a cancer moon.

    Tell me how messed up I am! GO ahead! I am a shadow dweller, just like Elsa, and I do great work from my shadow… unfortunately, I am constantly torn down by the burden of having to live out a shadow existence in a society that has no understanding of it, even within the very fabric of my primary relationships.

    I am angry, guarded. Hurt.

    And the worst part is, I really don’t know what happened. I feel blindsided. I feel like I’m trapped in other peoples’ expectations and fears, and that they play out through the vehicle of my own fears in the moment.

    Oops, sorry, this reply is probably not what it should have been. (I’m not really sorry.)

  8. Oh, I thought I left the above comment in the “dying bitter” thread, hence the commend about the example at the beginning. I guess I kind of combined the two threads in my head to address the connection between the mother and child relationship and the bitterness I’m feeling internally.

  9. My Moon is Pisces and my mother’s is Aries. She is more me-oriented than I am with my Aries Sun (she has Leo Sun). She always puts her own needs first – jealously and vehemently. If she wants something and doesn’t get it right away, she will manipulate those around her until she gets what she wants.

    She was an okay mother, but we can’t live together as I have always felt like her mother instead of the other way around.

    I have had to come to the conclusion that I don’t enjoy socializing with my mother. However, I feel obligated to stay in contact as she is my mother.

  10. Very interesting post;

    My mother’s moon is in Cancer, in the 9th house, my brother’s a double Sagittarius, they are very close.
    My moon’s in Capricorn, in the 2nd house, my mom is Taurus sun, we get on well despite our opposing moons.
    My son has moon in Leo, 8th house, needs lots of love and attention, I feel somewhat undemonstrative being a double-capricorn, not through lack of feeling, but difficulty in expression.

  11. What an interesting post! My mom has a capricorn moon and I have scorpio. She was the first person i would go to when I was feeling overwhelmed with my emotions. She was very grounding for me and gave great practical advice. Sometimes I would get frustrated by what I perceived as her “detached” approach to my emotions. But I now understand her moon better and am really appreciative of it of our differences. My 4th house scorpio is hard to handle- i applaud her lol.
    In regards to relating to people with similar moon dynamics as my mother- most of my friends have virgo moons. Now that i think about it most of my SO’s have had earth moons too. My boyfriend has a virgo moon. Interesting.

  12. I do know my Mom’s moon sign, she’s a sag moon with jupiter conjunct(in her 4th house) and opposing her gemini sun/uranus. I also have moon/jupiter and they oppose my cancer sun, so we relate on many levels. Add in that our suns are out of sign conjunct (our moon/jupiter’s are a bit out of range to be out of sign conjunct) and her venus/merc are conjunct my sun in cancer. We have lots in common 🙂

  13. I am truly my Mother’s daughter…My moon is exactly conjunct her Aries Sun, and her Aquarius moon is also in close conjunction with my Ascendant. We are very close and rarely ever fought when I was growing up. She understood my need for freedom (Aquarius) within structure (Capricorn), I’m a cap sun conjunct uranus. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom for me, especially since it was just her and I so much of the time in my teenage years.

  14. Sassafrass, please don’t feel sheepish. It’s your story and we now have a transiting stellium in Sagittarius so time is right to tell it, perhaps?

  15. Wow! Powerful! I’m an AQ moon, my mom is Virgo moon. Her sun is AQ. My moon is right on the cusp so I have had some astrologers say I have qualities of a Pisces moon. Regardless I found my mother cold and distant. She has said I was an independent child so she didn’t know what to do with me. My brotheR was easier to nurture. He is also a Virgo moon. I think she projected ALL her insecurities on to him. Made him into a victim. Me, she resented. She makes no effort to form a relationship with me now that I’m an adult. Hard to watch as she makes a lot of effort with my cousin & sister-in-law.

    Thanks for this post!! I’ve spent a lot of time working through the mother issues, but still hard never having that nurturing. Yes, As a AQ moon I need space, but let’s say I got way too much! My moon is in my 1st house so have always struggled with identity issues and not feeling good enough.

  16. My mom is a double Gemini (sun and moon) and her conjunction trines my Aqua moon, falling in my 8th house.

    I have an easy time communicating with her and we understand each other’s emotional needs, but our relationship was turbulent at best for a loooooong time! I have a moon-Pluto sig three ways, though, so I guess that’s to be expected to an extent. *laughs* Whatever difficulties we had in the past are over, now, so we’re okay. 🙂

  17. My mother’s natal moon is in Leo. She competed with me like a jealous bitch and always tried to steal my thunder.

    My favorite Aunt who’s now deceased, and Uncle celebrated they’re birthdays together one year at my mothers apartment. A lot of family came by to celebrate. Anyway, when it came to lightening the cake with the candles, there werent any. Someone suggested to send me and a cousin to the store to get the candle. I then pointed out that there was no store that would have that many candles to light my Aunts and Uncles birthday cake and that we would have to go to the candle factory to get that many candles. Everyone in the room was hysterical with laughter. I hadn’t intended what I said to be witty and funny but it turned out that way.
    Long story short, my mother felt I had taken the attention off of het and so she decided to say the same thing about the candles I had just said but she said it louder. Of course every stood in uncomfortable silence and stared at her.It was quite embarrassing.
    Another time she tried to steal my thunder was when someone complimented me in front of her and she said ” look at me I’m pretty too”.
    Today is my birthday and of course I didn’t get a call. I never do.

  18. cosmickisses2u – Don’t you hate that? My daughter is also a Leo Sun like my mother, but my daughter and I actually have a loving relationship. My mother is also like yours – if the attention is off of her, she will do anything to get it back.

    This woman is 69 years old, and actually got jealous of me and my daughter joking around about a 32-year-old guy we all know. We were joking he was going to be my daughter’s new stepfather – joking, mind you. She actually blurted out, “He talked to me first!” We were so stunned, we just looked at each other. I mean, does this old lady actually think the 32-year-old talks to her because he is attracted to her? We can’t even joke about me marrying him (he’s too young for me, even)? It’s grossing me out.

  19. @Isernia
    I wish I had read your post sooner. I’m cracking up hysterical!!!
    I guess we just got stuck with lunatics for mom’s LOL!!!

  20. My 4th house sag moon is widely conjunct saturn, conjoined twin with uranus, opposite chiron exact conjunct vesta. My sag mother was born on a new moon eclipse and that’s exactly what she does to me. Her mercury is also conjunct my moon; she’s emotionally abusive and incredibly manipulative but she’s my mom and I want to love her. But it hurts all the more when she does something manipulative or repeatedly puts me down to make herself feel better. She doesn’t care about my emotions, but she deeply cares how I respond to her because she needs the narcissistic supply.

    When I’m around her I get hurt. Easily. She literally cannot hear me when I try to ask her to stop or try to show that I’m uncomfortable. Her ego protects her. If I get angry or show that I’m upset she attacks. Her mars is on my pluto and her uranus is on my mars.

    It is so incredibly difficult for me to wrest my power from her control. She’s all about power and knows just how to get it from others. After even a mild attack, I still need hours of isolation to decompress.

    I have other mothers, though. Maybe because I have moon-uranus I have always been able to find surrogate moms but I always feel guilty for “cheating” on her. That’s my cancer side talking.

  21. My mother is a Taurus moon and I’m a Scorpio moon. It’s never been a successful relationship. She just plain does not like me. And I don’t really like her. But we do love each other. I guess. Not like I love my son though. He’s a Scorpio moon too. I get him I think. It’s intense between us for sure. It can be really emotionally exhausting dealing with him. I’m sure I was the same way for my mom. My emotions were always just really annoying to her. And still are. Which is why she’s not allowed to see them.

    My relationship with her has had a profound affect on me.

  22. My mother is a Cancer moon. I’m Virgo moon. I really felt her moodiness, never knowing what the mood would be when I came in the same room as her so I am always feeling out vibes to this day. She broke my heart when she callously explained why (I was about 6-7) my older half brother (whom I worshipped) would no longer be visiting. I love my mother but I saw her as very critical.

  23. My sun is leo and my moon is capricorn. my son’s moon is leo and his sun is capricorn. I feel this must mirror of signs to be significant, but have not found any definitive information on how to interpret this.

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    Moon in Scorpio with Moon in Gemini Mom

    My mom doesn’t know her birth time and the Moon changes from Gemini to Cancer on her birth date. However, I am pretty certain it’s Gemini. I have a Moon in Scorpio and I find that I always compare my Moon in Gemini friends to my mother. My Moon in Cancer friends are focused on domestic things, which my mom is not even as a Cancer Sun. She’s messy, is always on the good, is committed to her social engagements moreso than anything else, and as a grandmother, is a good story teller to my niece and nephews. She is sporty and loves volleyball.

    As a Moon in Scorpio, I never felt connected to her even though we communicate everyday (and she’ll track me down if I go M.I.A. when my Moon in Scorpio needs alone time lol). And for a Moon in Scorpio, connection is important. When I was younger, I used to think I was adopted like “how could I ever come from this person?”. She likes the chit chat – even on big issues – but she tends to loose interest in the conversation gets too deep or requires actual facts (Mercury also in Gemini). My Moon is in my 2nd house (House of Taurus) and I have always felt pressure from my mother to achieve a certain level of financial security as to make her feel accomplished as a parent. She is consistent and makes my favorite meals upon request. But I do view her as being stubborn and dense when I bring up her lack of emotional support. She supports me on a social scale and shows up to every celebration. But when my Moon and Scorpio is taking in too many emotional undercurrents from around me, she checks out and thinks I’m starting trouble.

    My younger sister has a Moon in Leo. My older sister also a Moon in Scorpio. My older sister, just as I do, makes similar accusations toward my mother and this sister will take her alone time when needed. My younger sister is drama, drama, drama. She walks in the room and demands attention – but she can be silly, fun, and entertaining. Me and my older sister some times takes a break from her because she is emotionally “too much”. Both my older sister and I have been very accomplished in life except relationships – which have ended intensely for the both of us and have taken time for each of us to let go of. My younger sister is considered more of the “black sheep” who my mother often spoils and makes excuses for her while holding the older ones to higher standards. She encourages the Moon in Leo’s need to be number 1 and does not reprimand her for trying to put others down to build herself up. She thinks it’s me and my older sister’s responsibility to martyr ourselves to make the sisterhood work by reaching out the Moon and Leo and finding ways to appease her. She has this same habit with my Moon in Leo Aunt (my Mom’s sister).

    I also find that Moon in Gemini women – my friends included – are money schemers and love other people’s money. Even my Moon in Leo sister referred to my mother as “money hungry” and my Moon in Gemini female friends like men who are “good financial providers” and “very smart and unconventional” and “stands up to their dad” (their common words).

    My dad is a Moon in Virgo. I “tattle” on my mother to him when I try explaining her lack of emotional support and she becomes detached and indignant – her favorite line “oh, you still on that? That happened 3 weeks ago”. My Moon in Scorpio has learned that if you want a Moon in Gemini mother to be responsive, you cut off communication – something not hard for a Moon in Scorpio to do. lol. My mother always tries to bribe me to talk to her with money. And if I go on a tirade saying “it’s not about money, it’s about [enter emotional scenario]…” her attention is lost again.

  25. My mom has a Scorpio moon. I’m an Aqua moon and don’t require much emotionally but when I was young it was overwhelming. I needed space and she never gave it. I have kids now and totally get it now and am thankful for her.

    I don’t want to offend anyone but I’ve noticed that many Scorpio moons have tumultuous relationships with their moms. I have a Scorpio moon son and I don’t want this to happen to us. ?

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      Moon in Scorpio with Moon in Gemini Mom

      Me being Moon in Scorpio, I often thought that if I ever had a child that they most likely would become a Moon in Aquarius (or Cancer or Libra) based on how I approach my nieces and nephews. Moon in Aquarius often see their mothers as unique. They are introduced to adult things early in life. For instance, I like to introduce my niece and nephews to new foods when as kids, they simply just want chicken nuggets and fries. I also ask them “what are things in the world you want to change?” when they are most focused on just wanting toys. Because they are my niece and nephews I don’t always have the opportunity to take them to different and unique places that I want to. But I could see myself trying to give my kid the most unique life experience possible.

      My older sister who is Moon in Scorpio, has a son with Moon in Leo and daughter Moon in Aries. Hence, most likely, they each see her as being a bit into herself so they find their own means of getting and demanding attention. They also see her as exciting. This could be due to a combination of her Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio. Sun in Aries goal is to be able to focus and express self. Moon in Scorpio can get so lost in their own emotional depths that they obsess about it – which can be exhausting. My sister has had some psychological challenges to overcome and looks at her children as tools to overcome them. She always says that her Moon in Leo sun is her umbrella and her Moon in Aries daughter providers her Sunshine. She does not really take accountability on the emotional responsibility she should have towards them.

      I can imagine as a Moon in Scorpio that I would be a bit of a helicopter parent. I want my kids to be home schooled and, just as my Moon in Scorpio sister, would force education down my kids throats. Who needs toys when you could have books? lol.

      I have an interesting relationship with my mom. It feels more tumultuous to me than with her probably since she is laid-back Moon in Gemini. Moon in Scorpio kids do not trust their mother to provide for them and view Mom as someone who is stressed out. They see Mom as being someone who does not put them first perhaps coming third, fourth, or simply last to other commitments and people. It causes them to be confused as to what their Mom really feels about them. They learn the habit of keeping their feelings to themselves because Mom simply does not want to hear it or think the way they feel is invalid (at least this is Moon in Scorpio’s perception). It is important that Mom is visibly supportive to a Moon in Scorpio child. Your emotional support should not happen behind the scenes. Whatever are the positive things about your Moon in Scorpio that you like, tell them or better yet, show them. Moon in Scorpio are often exposed to negative feedback which is why they learn to hide their feelings.

      For starters, if your Moon in Scorpio is old enough, let her know you posted something about trying to figure out how to make your relationship healthy. A little bit of honey goes a long way because they understand subtleties.

  26. Wow!!! So I have Moon in Gemini and my mother’s is in Cancer atop my Sun. That Sun-Moon in conjunction in synastry is not as easy as you might think. She was wonderful in some ways –she loved me a lot and doted on me as much as she could but she was also very much a smotherer and didn’t grant me the space or a healthy amount of emotional detachment I needed to breathe as a Gemini moon! I had to run away on several occasions to gain it. Worried her sick but I couldn’t deal with her. Still to this day, our interactions have to be kept short and sweet as to avoid old drama. (Cancer Moon forgets nothing and resents for years!) I love her lots though. Wish it could be different.

    With my kids, I have two with Scorpio moon, one with Aqua moon, another with Libra moon and then the baby with Taurus moon.

    It’s been an experience with the kiddos. Even though Gem & Scorp are very different, Scorpio moons fell in my 4th were very near and dear to me And still are. Our bond, now that they’re older, is much more telepathic… We can intuit each other’s boundaries and try not to cross them.

    With the Aqua moon, falls into my 7th house and we get along well –he’s a brilliant young man and very independent! But I do worry whether I am giving him enough affection as the little ones tend to demand more attention. With the Libra moon, falls right on my IC and it was instant, in-utero telepathic connection. I knew the sex and the name he chose for himself long before I even had the ultrasounds! But that doesn’t mean it’s been a cakewalk. With his Saturn-Mars on top of my Saturn, it’s power struggles galore. He wants to go and I have to say no. And my youngest, the Taurus moon who sits in my 10th right close to my MC, is my Achilles heel. He is the most adorable but demanding, willful child I’ve ever experienced and dominate attention away from the rest of my brood. He will not give in my like my older, easier-going Pluto in Sags. That Pluto in Cap in him is strong… His Pluto squares my Sun near exactly. I hate to say it but he gets away with waaaay more than his older siblings ever did. I hope they remembered that I tried my best. Mothers are just as prone to flaws as anybody else.

  27. My daughter and I have lots of Uranian connections, with her Uranus square my Moon and my Uranus oppose her Sun (EXACT) plus her Uranus opppose my Stellium and her Uranus invonjunct my Uranus. I also have my Sun in her 8th house and my Moon in her 12th….I love her with a love I can’t explain but find it so hard when she disconnects from me with all the Uranian squares and oppositions. I want to feel close to her and I do at times, but it comes and goes from her and makes me feel so insecure and sad at times. She is not like that with my husband, they have a consistent loving bond and I want the same for me and her. I understand her emotions and even her unspoken feelings deeply due to my Sun and Moon being in her water houses (8th & 12th) but I find it hard to feel loved back. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with difficult Uranian aspects??

  28. My adult daughter’s moon is in Scorpio while mine is Capricorn.Does the house placement hold any specific aspects? Ours both are in the first house, 5 degrees apart. We each can be self-protective, but it is me she calls to share thoughts/worries of next steps. I can hear into her voice anytime but not necessarily her emails. To me, she is deep and amazing.

  29. Dear Satori,
    Could you write more about enriching and supporting the Capricorn moon? My older 12y old son has Cap Moon conjunct Black Moon Lilith trine Saturn… in his 2nd House. Although I have earthy Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter and SN, I do have plenty of problems helping him, giving him firm boundaries he needs, that I don’t need at all… He is not a social person at all too. What was the best for somehow very resrved, shy Cap Moon to feel better

  30. Incompatible moons between mother and child seems to be widely spread nowadays. However, this is not easy to handle. There is no emotional understanding, pulling together, when the child has its moon e.g. in Lion and the mother has her Moon in Pisces. Such a child can drive this mother into insanity or the other way round. There is no mutual emotional refueling between mother and child. Eventually, the child seeks friends or other relatives to be understood emotionally. A kind of prank caused by karma. Naturally, a child should feel emotionally secure with its mother.

  31. My mother’s moon is in Aries and mine is in Pisces, and we were frequently at odds with one another. However, her moon is trine my Neptune, so despite our differences, there’s a deeper understanding. My daughter’s moon is exactly conjunct my moon, so despite my fears that I would have a similar relationship with my child in her teenage years that my mother had with me, I have hope that we will continue to have a good relationship.

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