How To Stop Withdrawing From Life – Stellium in 12th House

Hi Elsa,

Don’t know if you can help but I’ve got Jupiter and a Moon/Saturn conjunction in my 12th house, in Virgo. I want to stop withdrawing from life so much, and wanted to know what is the best way to handle 12th house placements if you’re someone who seems to fall back on them?

Thanks from the UK

Thanks for the question. I’m not sure how much effort you should put into being someone you are not.  This is not a general response to this question, it’s specific to your particular stellium in the 12th house.

Moon conjunct Saturn tends to feel they’re not good enough, regardless of where the pair is placed.  I wonder if you might be feeling lousy for being you. I’ll give you an example.

I work at home. It’s isolating. It like working in a prison of sorts.

Should I feel I am doing something wrong? Maybe it’s the way I am, or even my lot in life.  It sounds as if you’re judging (Saturn) yourself as a failure in some way. I’d think about it.

As for Jupiter, he’s a gift. You can change your perspective about this.  I don’t like being alone so much but I would like office politics even worse. I’ve been dealt these cards, I play them.

If none of this strikes you, I would still frame this differently in order to solve it. You state that you “fall back” on these 12th house planets. This sounds like a weak Mars to me.  You’re unhappy with your level of courage?

If so, I would work on building that muscle…and continue to retreat to the 12th house for rest and respite, communing with the ethereal.  I’m just not convinced your 12th house is the culprit.

Last, you don’t mention what you’re doing when you withdraw. If you’re escaping via addiction, you do need to address it but again, I’d look outside the 12th house for the weakness.  Back pain is relieved if a person strengthens their abdominal muscles.  Try to think in those terms.

Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “How To Stop Withdrawing From Life – Stellium in 12th House”

  1. Thanks for a good (and new to me) view of 12th. I hadn’t looked at it that way – a place of rest and respite.
    Both my parents had Sun in 12th, and I wondered about this. So, maybe they were getting respite from somthing else. I hope so. (I think they deserved it)
    I’ve got Mars (in Libra) in 12th. This is not respite ; it’s a flat tire!!!
    And maybe I should stop trying to be someone I’m not.
    Great insight to be had!!!
    Thanks a million, and very glad you’re feeling better.

  2. I have Mars conjunct Pluto conjunct Venus in 12th House Virgo, where I brood in my blasted tower. I think deep, deep thoughts and stare in the mirror at my shadow. Next door, however, in my Leo 11th House there’s another stellium: Sun-Uranus-Mercury. Each day when the sun rises my maverick self charges out of the dark tower and turns the old order on its head – organising and getting stuff done. When the sun sets I slouch back to my lonely spire…

    1. This made me laugh up and down. Such a great use of the whole self, Eleanor. My Capricorn Moon in the 12th is conjunct my AC. My emotions are deep and affect my self-esteem and if I had mirrors I’d stare at my shadow, too.

      1. Hi Mokihama, I’m no expert, but it seems to me that Cap Moon in the 12th conjunct AC is perfect for using the energy of those deep emotions and turning them into probing contemplation and study. This placement is perfect for those seeking to explore archetypes or arcane subjects. With Cap’s keen, very sane perceptions and staying power, I’ll bet you uncover what everyone else misses. As for the mirror – are we not, each of us, a mirror, reflecting out and into ourselves at the same time? Intriguing, eh?

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