Saturn Opposing Uranus And The Case Of The Girl With The Ugly White Boots

mowgli.jpgI wrote several blogs over the weekend about the so-called freedom-loving progressives (Uranus) who actually try to oppress and control (Saturn) other people. You are going see a lot more of this as Saturn opposes Uranus (first exact aspect is on November 4th, 2008, election day).

Now I am going to hammer on this upcoming Saturn Uranus opposition the same way I did when Saturn opposed Neptune (Hall of Mirrors series). I feel ultra quipped because I grew up with two mega Aquarian parents (Uranus) but my double Capricorn grandfather (Saturn) lived 5 acres over and guess who went back and forth 10 times a day?

(swearing below the break)

And oppression / rebellion aside, it is not as if there is not affinity between these planets because there is. Uranus may rule Aquarius but it is co-ruled by Saturn so people who characterize this opposition as “rebellion against the establishment” are missing something.

Now there are two things I learned going back and forth between these two Saturn/Uranus houses:

1.) You have no right whatsoever to run another person’s life (Uranus)
2.) You have total responsibility to run your own (Saturn)

And here is a story…

white-boots.jpgMy sister and I are both Capricorn risings (Henry) with Uranus in the 7th (our parents). One day we were at mall. This was about 15 years ago and you should know that my sister is akin to Victoria Beckham when it comes to fashion. She knows it, she always has. She eats, drinks, breathes and sleeps clothing and she had me in the mall with her one day trying to dress Mowgli as she used to call me, as we are from the middle of the desert and in my case you can tell.

So we were walking through the mall, my sister with her Sun in Pisces trine Neptune psychic powers turned on. Because this is how she shopped. She would stop in the middle of the mall and feel where the exact right boots were and then we’d go snag them (her word).

So there we were standing and all the sudden my sister she put her hand up to shield her eyes. “Oh my God,” she said. “That woman.”

“What?” I asked looking around. “What woman?”

“She’s wearing white boots!” she said continuing to shield her eyes. “What the fuck is she doing in those? Jesus Fucking Christ is she out of her mind?”

I scanned the mall until I saw the boots. “Oh yeah, that doesn’t look so good,” I said with a snort. “No those are pretty ugly.”

“Let’s just get out of here,” she said. “I can’t look at that – ugly hurts my eyes.”

I laughed as we took off in the other direction leaving the white boots behind us and they were soon forgotten by me. But 20 minutes later we collided with this gal again, and again my sister covered her eyes.

“How could this happen?” she asked, sincerely confused.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean? Elsa, I am trying to avoid the ugly fuckin’ boots!”

I roared.

“Laugh if you want but we should not have seen them twice and if we see her again, we’re going home because it’s got to be a sign.”

“You’re serious.”

“Of course I’m serious!  Well come back tomorrow when boots chick is out terrorizing a mall somewhere else.”

Now here is the point:

My sister did not like this girl’s boots however it never occurred to her to stop the girl and tell her what she ought to wear. She took responsibility for the problem she was having and left the other person to live as they please and that right there is how you have boundaries (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus) at the same time.

Compare that to how people become upset with me or something I write and try to reform m: Gaslighting Redux

and  Dynamics Of The Disruptions On This Blog

Compare that to Bob Dylan’s audience who tried to oppress him when he progressed and maybe you see your options here.

The message simple – There is only one life that is yours to run and it’s your own and why people think otherwise is beyond me.

16 thoughts on “Saturn Opposing Uranus And The Case Of The Girl With The Ugly White Boots”

  1. Yay, Elsa!!! Way to go!! This is a message we all need to pounding home and you are off to a great start.

    BTW, I never could understand why anyone would want to expend the time and energy needed to run someone else’s life. Waaaay too much trouble. I’m barely managing to keep my own sh*t together. But danged if I haven’t seen it time and again . . . 🙂

  2. Totally agreed. I went to a funeral a few weeks back and someone actually had the audacity to come up to me and told me I “wore the wrong jacket with my dress.”
    Never mind me saying in response “I love this coat.”
    “No, no, no, you did the wrong thing. Gee, thanks a lot.

    On another note, I love the person who said it and know they would be devastated if I told them off for it (because I know they would never intentionally hurt me), so I let it go. But it still makes me wonder: why the HELL do you care what I wear?

    Especially bad when the person talking wears beige…sigh. LOL.

  3. “My sister did not like this girl’s boots however it never occurred to her to stop the girl and tell her what she ought to wear. She took responsibility for the problem she was having and left the other person to live as they please and that right there is how you have boundaries (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus) at the same time.”

    I know in my case (I’m not going to speak for others here LOL) — sometimes I forget that the intersect of someone’s life and my life is not under my control. Because it’s an interaction that involves me, I tend to think that I have more responsibility than I actually do, not only for what I’m doing but for what they’re doing interacting with me. And, go figure, when I do that, I tend to drive myself nuts (and, probably, the other person as well!) So I’m taking this post and putting it somewhere where I can get a daily dose of “smack upside the head” when I need it! 🙂

  4. I’ve always believed in “live & let live”…don’t want anyone controlling me, and I certainly don’t want to control anyone else…people are going to do what they want to do anyway…why expend all that energy for nothing?

  5. exactly.
    but as a teacher i have to let these kids know that they do have to take charge of their lives… or someone else will. someone else has to…
    disrupting the learning environment is a serious offense. and everyone has the right to an education…
    still, it bothers me to have to be so draconian…

  6. Man, I must be clueless because I thought the woman in the picture looked pretty nice.

    I will say an exception for people I have to share living space with. Ordinarily I am pretty hands off at this point. But, short of leaving the other person (which is an option), there is some compromise that needs to go on when I’m sharing a living space with someone. But that is pretty rare.

  7. You know, come to think of it, this theme also fits in with the sense of relief/sadness I have been feeling now that Pluto goes direct. I want to thank Elsa and everyone who comments here for their presence. Over the past year as I’ve learned more about my own astrology I have been stunned to see how it has played out in my life and my intensely plutonian relationships, and how much harder I made it for myself and others given my lack of (self) awareness. The only thing I have left now is to forgive myself and those others for some of the uglier manifestations.. forgive and accept. And take responsibility for how I move forward from here. I am full of feeling. Thanks..

  8. Whaaat! You mean there are people on this planet wearing uglier clothes than me? And they are NOT swarmed, like I am, by people telling them to wear something different?

    Cool story.

  9. Pffft I have big feet. White boots would only accentuate this and cover up my dancer’s legs! As if.


    All that aside, I like your sister’s approach!

  10. Your sister reacted really well. She didn’t feel superior to the girl either, didn’t belittle or feel sorry for her, which are reactions too.

  11. Usually I’m pretty good at letting everyone else live their own lives. Once made the mistake of trying to control someone else’s actions, hope to hell it never happens again. I just made myself miserable. Granted, there’s a lot of backstory and the other person isn’t lily-white, but… water under the bridge, maaan. I’ve always had leaky boundaries with this person, so I suppose it’s not an utter surprise.

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