Jupiter in Scorpio: Depth Has Come Into Vogue

Things have really moved this week, can you feel it? I’m really liking Jupiter in Scorpio. All this shadow sex stuff is coming out (Weinstein). But I also notice that depth has come into vogue!

I had an interesting conversation this week about what happens when a person is cut off from their roots. It makes them weak and easy to topple.

The person I was talking to offered the United States as an example. “If all you know is US history back to the Vietnam war, well..?”

This is easy to understand and apply to any situation. For example, someone might show up on my blog and think, hey! I’m smarter than this idiot. They may be right.

So they decide to attack me, not realizing I have blogging for nearly twenty years. My roots have spread in all directions. I’ve was introduced to astrology when I was eight years old! I think you find an easier target.
With Jupiter in Scorpio, consider everything you see to be the tip of the iceberg. Knowledge is buried. You’ll have to dig in the murky swamp to get at it.

Remember, Jupiter is concerned with the truth. Truth is power at this time and I’m lovin’ it!

How deeply rooted are you? What have you discovered with Jupiter in Scorpio?

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  1. What happened to me is anger, hurt and other uncomfortable feelings surfacing up like monsters and I’m noticing some strange reactions of mine (emotionally speaking) to stress triggering situations or behaviours that I perceive as attacks while it may well be just the ignorance of someone or their personal inability to choose another way, or just you know, being different to me. A lot of unconscious hurt and responses that seem like posttraumatic stress symptoms. All this actually began with an incident during the August Eclipse, but they effects are like a domino and since Jupiter ingressed Scorpio I simply refuse to submit my personal power to anyone, whatever the cost. I’m actually considering seeking psychotherapy. Enough is enough. Thanks for reading.

  2. Ditto Calestia. (Except I don’t feel I have much personal power)
    And I find this destabilising, doubting about things I didn’t think of before. It feels like like digging up hidden things.
    I feel I’m discovering murky stuff and walking on shifting sands.

    1. Exactly, I resonate fully…and often these days, I have a feeling like an inner cry..not knowing exactly about what…Healing time I guess, time to claim personal power and recovery from past traumas.

  3. I have noticed this. Tentatively speaking, I don’t know if I will be knocked over as easily in the future, after this. Really glad for this blog. Thanks, Elsa.

  4. I really like it. I have a Scorpio IC. I’m loving home-y things, in general, lately– I’m thriving in that arena. I also feel much more rooted – warm fuzzy feelings abound. Definietly feel the emotional depth too – in a good way!

  5. I’m just feeling tired. All this emotional crap is coming back up to the surface for re-examination from the Saturn in Scorpio time and it falls in my 4th. I want to retreat into my thoughts and my home and being left alone. After Jupiter being in my 3rd all year and being on-on-on all this time, I’m overdue for a major rest.

  6. anonymoushermit

    “…someone might show up on my blog and think, hey! I’m smarter than this idiot.”

    An egoic blind spot?

  7. In my personal life, I’ve been feeling angry/tired/grumpy, but still motivated in a why. Other than I love truth and justice too!

  8. I think I have shown up as a shadow figure for someone who has struggled to outgrow their juvenile angst at their mother. I showed him up in a massively public way, poking a bit of fun to pop his ego a bit. But even I was a bit shocked at the huge response to my satire. So now I feel sorry for him. Now I’m faced with apologising as it was a bit OTT, or being very honest and that risks me showing my own hand / buttons being pressed. And he is in a formal position of power above me so he could make life difficult for me. Hmm but it’s also a strangely humorous and ironic situation. We don’t even know each other yet it’s like we have karma. So this is what Jupiter in Scorpio is like! I have natal Jupiter in the 8th so am at home swimming in the depths, spearing spiritual egotists with darted arrows. No, actually I’ve decided I won’t say sorry because the truth is he did actually deserve it. And yet we may still become friends or frenemies. Or enemies. A friend years ago once told me ‘ that guy left because he knew that you were looking right into him and he couldn’t handle it. You saw through his act and he didnt like it.’ Will keep you posted…

  9. I realized I have never been in this position before: I’m not going AWAY, I’m not staying, I am moving a little,and I can come BACK, but don’t have to cut off old friends to make make new ones. Expanded Scorpio energy in an amazing way. Does that make sense? The depth of that is I am now more deeply rooted than ever before. Ha, what a feeling for a Scorpio to have!

  10. Avatar

    I’m getting in touch with my shame buttons, so I can get stronger. It’s like, know your human-ness. The more we know we are fallible, the more we can face necessarily and perhaps painful changes

  11. Avatar

    Also, facing how maybe we are not as effed up as we think we are, but that the external thoughts are definitely effing us up.

  12. Wow What a truth revealer this Scorpio Jupiter has been in Swedens televition sector! (Sweden has Virgo asc, so Jupiter is in the 3rd house).

    Several Tv- channel profils for ex program presenters and also the biggest Swedish televition chanel vd has been kicked out since this Harvey thing came out and lots and lots of women in this bransh now speaks up! just WOW! Very exciting stuff!

    ANd soo super sad women do not stick togeher and speaks out early on. We are not as strong as the sociaty tries to make us believe 🙁

  13. Jupiter in Libra was weird. It was my Jupiter return, too. Nothing, nada there. Maybe w/ it in the fire of the Uranus Pluto square at so many degrees, it just fizzled out and went nowhere fast.

  14. I was a frequent mass attender and helper at the church but now I’ve gone into the forest, quite literally, every day but why? I’m deeply moved to get to the inner workings of the soul, the quiet solitude, the hidden sacrifices, the deeper undertanding of the human heart. The hidden life of the contemplatives, their inner searches, pains and excavations of spiritual treasures. I’ve landed in something of value. Yes, this is just the tip of an enormous iceberg that from the surface looks pretty impenetrable, perhaps even threatening but I know the only way forward now is down. . . down deep, below. Thank you jupe in scorp, sextiling my cappy sun, I need this right now.

  15. A lot going on for me. One thing is I am a Scorpio with Scorpion Ascendant, and at work, a newish job for me, I’m realising that my scary serious intensity is too much for most people. It’s a helpful welcome realization to be in a safe enough environment to see that about myself and to work on it.

  16. It is like taking a very deep drink…

    On the real though, there are continual natural disasters.. are we being shaken off the earth? Astrology wont help me understand

  17. I am diving deep into Jupiter in Scorpio with the opening prelude being an old friend dying. It’s so sad. Watching him slowly and progressively “commit suicide” over the years with drugs. The darker side of humanity. Hunger for Love but not open to receive it. So many people have been impacted by this person. He had a Heart of Gold and helped others even when he couldn’t help himself. Yet he couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting out of this place.
    I suspect I will be diving into darker parts of myself as well. Revisiting my FTW punk mentality of youth. Exploring death and dying, actually considering becoming a crime scene investigator. Hope the depression lifts soon. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

  18. Tonight I remembered a bit if advice Madalyn Aslan gave about Jupiter in Scorpio:

    “Do not give away too much of yourself or chatter.”

    Normally, I feel squeamish about doing this anyway. Maybe it’s my Pluto/Sun or my Scorpio stellium (by progression). But lately I am bothered by it more than usual. Chatty people are giving me a headache! Lol

  19. I also love Jupiter in Scorpio energy. A deep sense of optimism infused with hope. I have 3 planets conjoined in scorpio merc nept ven at 4-7-9 all trine mars in cancer.
    Early 80’s Jupiter in Scorpio i was giving the opportunity to live and work on a hunting lodge in the highlands of Scotland. The start of my travels.
    The 90’s Jupiter in Scorpio, the greatest gift, my 1st son, an Aries born with Jupiter conjoined Scorpio in the first house.
    2005-2006 Jupiter in scorpio was the best year financially for my business.
    Optimistic for 2018♏️

  20. I don’t know how deeply rooted I am. But I do know I have access to a lot of wisdom and strength. It’s not mine, necessarily but I know where to find it. I guess that’s what I’ve discovered. Also that I might have something to offer the world.

  21. Jupiter transit Scorpio, conjunct my Venus, Mercury and Pluto, in 2nd house, sextile my Neptune in Capricorn and my Moon in Virgo. Venus conjunct Mercury, Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Pluto, all in Dcorpio, in 2nd housr. Phew! What a mess! I’m Libra Sun and Rising, but with Sun opposition Jupiter in Aries, so I didn’t really feel Jupiter transit Libra good energies. Just enough to recover from illness, and meet a great guy. Hopefully, Jupiter transit Scorpio will bring more depth and help me cleanse myself from past hurts and mistakes. I’ve started this transit by crying over my first love, and all the pain that we caused to each other, yet, I still want to rekindle our relationship if the opportunity presents itself. Not sure if it’s the right thing to do, so I’ve been crying myself to sleep for days now. I don’t bother to refrain myself from it, I just let the tears flow, eventually, it’ll stop. I really need Scorpio depth and intensity, I can’t live in this superficial world anymore. LOL Sex is also big on my mind, thank God, I don’t live with anyone, or I’ll literally kill the guy in bed! LOL I’m scared (for him!) for the next time we’ll meet up. I go from joy during the day at work, to sadness during the night at home. I don’t try to fight anything, I know it’s Scorpio teaching me something here, and I know I’ll get to the bottom of it and will rise stronger and shinner.

  22. I ran away from home! Got in the car and drove straight to Florida! I’m sitting on a chair looking at the ocean as I type!

    BUT…. on the way down here I had a very unfortunate experience. I met real and pure evil for the first time. The kind that scares you and rattles you so deeply you can’t believe you’re living to tell the story.

    I never want to be that close to evil again. That story I always tell. …The one where I claim I’m not afraid of anything. … I take it all back. I’ve never felt this kind of fear before and I hope to never again.

    For about 15 minutes I got a taste of the kind of fear a person feels when they are about to be abducted and killed.

    Chilled to the bone over it and I doubt I’ll ever shake it.

    What this has to do with Jupiter in Scorpio, I don’t know. At any rate I’ll be haunted for the rest of my life.

  23. If I didn’t have excellent intuition….. Stellar Scorpio Spidey senses, I’d be dead right now. And no one would ever find the bones in the back woods of southern Alabama.

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