Can You See Auras Or Energy Fields Around People?

ryan whiteI met a gal once who told me that she could see that I had a dark past but now how light / good energy around me.  This was a number of years ago. Who know what she would see or say today. But it was interesting.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen dark around someone though I can usually tell when someone is going to die (Sensing Death).  I have most definitely seen light around someone though. Often enough, it’s the people near death who are also near light.

I can say this because I spent those years bringing communion to people in the hospital. I routinely saw people who were terminally ill. Sometimes it was gnarly but sometimes I could feel the peace in the room as soon as I opened the door.

I also see or sense light around some people, out walking around, living and talking or whatever.  Ryan White (pictured), the boy who did the talk show circuit as he died of AIDS, was one of them. That kid was luminous. But I see people like this is my real life as well.

I attribute this ability to the planets in my 8th house. It might also be Chiron in Pisces, aspecting Pluto.

What do you think about this and what’s the astrology?

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  1. I can’t see auras at all (think I’d rather not to be honest) yet can usually notice people’s emotions, attitudes and good/bad motivations readily (8th house moon trine pluto.)

    Making a guess, I’d think people who can see auras would have neptune and pluto strong yet especially neptune.

    Not feeling confident enough about this subject to venture whether these planets’ aspects would be hard or soft aspects.

  2. I can’t see auras either. I’m going to go out on a limb and choose Uranus because of insight. Now with Uranus being a generational planet, I can’t explain why not everyone a certain age can see auras. So it must be an aspect to Uranus. I am only guessing of course.

  3. I can sense energy with everyone. But Ive only spontaneously seen one persons aura, like with my actual retinas.

    Ive had two people tell me they could see my aura. One said it was white, the other said it was green.

    The planetary association with the third eye chakra is Saturn, interestingly enough.

  4. I have seen auras, once or twice. I can sense the energy in a room. This is going to sound crazy, but I can see the light of prayers, and if someone is truly a faithful person. It may be Chiron. It may be the eighth. I know what you said is true.

  5. Ryan White is indeed a beautiful and pure soul..his energy is totally pure. You can tell a good person this way and its true the saying that the good often die young… but not always…

    I can sense energy but I don’t know if I’d call it seeing light..more like sensing purity.

    I am around dying people on a daily basis (8th house sun and moon) and I agree that people near death are often spiritually lighter and more pure. I can feel it for sure. The energy in a room right after someone dies and up to an hour or so after is often so beautiful and as well.

  6. Nope, can’t see auras.
    But I’ve read some books about mediums, seers and healers. Apparently they have special sensitivity for this.
    Since they often use this to heal people, I’d say it has to do with Chiron, but also Neptune for being able to see things in other planes, “hidden” from plain eyesight.

  7. Can you see Auras Elsa?
    I sense energy just like most people..especially people on here who are more in tune with energy.
    My issue with this is that it overwhelms me if it’s bad energy & if it’s good energy I don’t want to leave its presence.

    1. I don’t know. I don’t see any colors, that’s for sure. It’s just like I said in the post. I can feel “death” and see “light”. And the light has different qualities. Sometimes it’s calm and peaceful but sometimes it’s more eccentric. In whatever case, it’s LIGHT and it can not be mistaken for anything else.

      1. Interesting.. I’m still figuring out exactly what I experience because I know it’s more than just sensing good and bad energy.

      2. Actually I do see something like light…but not like light as we normally think of me it looks more like a soft luminous glow..a subtle white/pearly color. I guess when I think of light I think of like a bright light but this is more like a luminois whitish glow that I see raditing around a person. If it were in a painting it would be the slightest hint of whitish opague. But I have definitely never seen colors either.

        1. This describes what I’ve read concerning mediums, seers etc. They are special kinds of light, unlike the lights “we” normally see. They can be very luminous, but not blinding, can also be in colors like rainbow, or glittery, powdery and be in movement, wax & wane etc. Pretty fascinating! (for me, at least..)

  8. I can see auras when my mind is in a light trance, totally relaxed…I was surprised to find that even mountains have auras–they’re whitish…Asian friends say that mountains have spirit.

  9. I have a coworker who thought something was wrong with her eyes and tried to ignore the colors around people. When I talked about auras, it finally clicked for her. And, she can see people’s auras when she concentrates. I have read thaf it is possible to develop this with practice and meditation? I have also heard that people who can see auras have extra rods in their eyeballs, more than the average person. This is all so fascinating!

  10. I can see them around people, but not everyone. I capture a lot of spirits in pics too. I think Pluto, Neptune, and Mercury are involved.

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