Can You See Karma Comin’?

In the past I’ve polled to see if people would speak up if they saw a friend headed for a cliff and the vast majority said they would not. I would.

Separate but related I just wrote to reassure a client she was on solid ground and mentioned I can almost always tell when someone is headed for a fall. It’s just something I know due my Capricorn, I think, in combination with my 8th house.

If I spot a stranger heading towards collision with a wall, I would not interfere in their process as it it none of my business. People have any number of reasons to head straight into situations that are going to devastate them, subconsciously or otherwise. They may simply have to hit the bottom to learn something important similar to when my husband climbed on the roof with his superman cape when he was a kid and then jumped in expectation he could fly. He went and got a parachute after that, see?

So there is that but also it’s just plain rude. If you ask me, I’ll tell you. But walking up to someone who thinks they are flying high and telling them, “You’ve got about 3 weeks of rope left, buddy,” is beyond inappropriate.

Can see the bad thing coming? What’s your chart like?

19 thoughts on “Can You See Karma Comin’?”

  1. Ugh… Elsa I can not wait until I can afford a reading with you. Seriously. I so need someone who will level with me and not feed me BS. Saving my pennies… (that SHOULD be going to creditors, but ugh, they can wait a little longer haha) Love your site. : )

  2. I would do exactly as you would, Elsa. I can see it, too — I’ve got the Cap and lots of Pluto. I would definitely tell a close friend, except those few who I know don’t ever want advice unless they ask for it. (Yeah, even if they’re headed for a wall.) As for strangers… when I was younger I butted in a few times where I shouldn’t have, and usually got a shred torn off me, and why not. I had no idea why they were doing what they were doing, and they don’t know me so why would they listen to what a stranger is telling them?

  3. I do tell clients by the way, provided they ask. I tell clients whatever they want to know to the best of my ability. I have no choice but to do this as a point of honor and integrity.

    It usually works well even if it is upsetting in the near term. People are so afraid I am going to say something bad when I say something good they wonder but not for long because I always refer back to my reputation…

    “You can take that to heart because I am not one to flatter as you know…”

    They always seems to know what I am talking about, LOL. I mean I WILL tell you for good or ill – if you ask, and I will be damned sure what I say is solid because if not, guess who it comes back on?

    I am very grateful to have clients and if I want to continue to have clients, I have to do this job to the best of my ability, will no slacking, ever,

    I have that kind of chart. I slack, it comes back like whiplash but besides that I just like to work,,. 🙂

    Remember that guy who called me a work-a-holic? Ha ha ha.

    Degrade the working man – why?

  4. I would with anyone of a friend level and above, but co-workers and below– I have learned to mind my own business.

    The exception is if my radar picks up a sense that a person is desperate because they haven’t got anyone. Then I would briefly offer support or advice to a stranger before withdrawing.

  5. Only if I am close to said person who is about to crash.

    I don’t offer unsolicited advice, because I hate it when people offer it to me.

    But I do think I am pretty good at seeing someone sliding downhill fast.

  6. I could sometimes sense things. I physically get sick and get wrapped up in my feelings when ill falls upon close ones. I usually cannot articulate it enough to help people, but sometimes I come through. When really bad things (like major illness, death, bankruptcy)are coming toward my friends, I get a sick sense about it and can’t help but tell them. The words spill out of me.

    I have a heavily scorpio-sagittarius chart and 11th house placements.

  7. I like Helping People but i have seen that some of them dont listen, theySome use help for doing wrong theysome dont appreciate it and there are some that use help to blame U !!!!

    There are others that are Really Grateful !!!

    Now I try to help Only People i know and people i trust !!!

    Best Regards !!!!

  8. “You’ve got about 3 weeks of rope left, buddy,”

    Love that, Elsa! You have my permission to warn me, if you ever see my rope coming to an end!

  9. Yes.

    If it seems that the person I don’t know well wants to know the truth, then yes.

    If it is a friend, I do my best to warn without speaking badly of the situation at hand or judging and, of course, tell them that I cannot make choices for them.

    If it’s a really close friend who values my advice, then yes, I give a heads-up. It’s only right. And if he/she knew something similar about a situation I’m in or about someone I’m doing, say, business with, I’d want to know too.

  10. Avatar

    I have a stellium in the 12th house. In the past (if not the present) this has meant that I haven’t seen where my blind spots trip me up. Thus, no, I don’t necessarily see Karma coming.

    Sometimes yes, sometimes, no.

  11. My Cap moon (1st house) makes me think of the worst case scenario & helps mentally prepare myself so when something does happen (not all that often) I’m the first one to jump into action!! (Mars in Gem)
    Usually though if I think something bad is going to happen to a friend I might give ambiguous clues, like be careful! so they can choose wiser if they’re open to see it for themselves along the way… if not I just talk about what works for me and say maybe it could work for them too! {o_~}(Pluto 10th)

  12. oh & my Karma comes to me fast… like if I’m having a bad thought about someone (whether they deserve it or not) I’ll trip or poke myself in the eye or something silly like that making me feel like I shouldn’t be thinking that way…

  13. We can’t be choosers. If we only want to see the good Karma coming we would spoil like milk in the sun.
    A certain program makes us realize that a person has to face plant into the cement before realizations happen. Some people have to face plant several times before they realize it hurts, and they are not superman. Even superman has Kryptonite to fear.
    Karma makes us strong, flexible and empathic. Life would actually be boring if we did not have to face up to ourselves.
    Would I tell a friend that they had only 3 weeks of rope left? Probably not.
    I have never been able to escape my karma, but seeing it in the distance has prepared me for it and by the time I get there it can change because I changed on the way to it.

    scorpio sun in house twelve,cancer moon in house eight, capricorn mars in house two

  14. I’m remembering a time long ago in Woodstock when Mike Esposito, Blues Magoos guitarist, came up to me and sat down and proceeded to answer an unspoken question that was on my mind.. he didn’t know me, and he must have that extra sense.. but I’m glad he did. Don’t have a problem with speaking up if I feel someone needs some caution, because there’s a way to broach it gently. Weighing the balance between protecting someone’s life and losing them as a friend, I’d take the knocks and follow my conscience. When strangers do this I always feel like somewhere it’s the spirit guiding them and I’ll listen.

  15. I would let people know if they’re on a close level with me. Exceptions, cheating spouses and bratty children. There’s never any nice way to point that out, best kept to yourself…

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