Can You See True Courage In A Natal Chart?

I moved to the South in 2014. It took a few months but I found this incredible hair stylist. I kept my last hair salon for twenty years. I take this stuff pretty seriously!

I quickly learned that besides her extreme skill with hair, I could say anything to her. She’s a Scorpio with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in the sign. She’s hard core and she can be trusted. She met me at the time of her Saturn return and she’s done right by me, from day one.

I spoke with her yesterday about a situation I’m in. There’s what I feel should be done, which is opposed to what is being done. Basically someone is going to have to take a bullet. It should not be me but I’m pretty sure that it will be me.

My stylist agreed with me around what should be done and I realized, it is was what she would do. She would definitely take the bullet in this circumstance; and she’d do it without any kind of debate or hesitation because she’d see that it would just have to be done.

She’d see it because she’s courageous. I see now, it’s one of her strongest qualities. This was apparent the day I met her when some yahoo came into the salon talkin’ about how he’d screwed some gal and she was now pregnant. He thought this was her bad luck or some such nonsense. He acted like it was kind of funny, how this had happened to this gal…nothing to do with him!

You should have seen this gal lay into that guy. He was huge, too.  She was right up in his face. “You will not be doing that! You’re going to be taking care of _____ and you’ll be taking care of that baby or there will be no end to what I do to you….”

It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. This man’s tail was tucked between his legs in about thirty seconds.

After he left, she said he was a bit stupid, but that did not get him out of taking care of any babies he happened to make! I was not about to argue.

So after yesterday, I decided to look at her chart for how “courage” might show up. Easy answer…

She’s got all that Scorpio. Scorpio ruler Mars is exalted in Capricorn.  Of course this woman is going to do the right thing.

I also think, if you defy her, she may very well pick you up and thrown you down.

“You ain’t gonna make me do that again are you? Where’s your sense?”

It’s almost as if you can separate people by whether or not they have courage. Those who do, do. Those who don’t…well, I wonder if it’s something you can acquire.

Do you have courage? No? Does it matter? What’s your chart like?

47 thoughts on “Can You See True Courage In A Natal Chart?”

  1. The south is so good for promoting honor. I grew up in Wisconsin then Texas, Louisiana then Colorado and I must say the south has a quality worth preserving. Strong women who very vocally insist one tow the line. They don’t need a court to do it for them. Thanks for sharing Miss P…

  2. Mars in Capricorn gives me sense of justice, Moon on Scorpio gives me strong feelings. Mercury at 1 Aries is my weapon. Yes, I have courage and will always defend those who need to be defended against the bullies of this world.

    1. Aphrodite, yes: “will always defend those who need to be defended against the bullies of this world”. I know this one!
      Discernment is of great importance here. To know when you are doing well. At least that is my experience!. 🙂

  3. Yes, it matters to me. I can’t stand enablers. I get picking your battles, but enablers can use that excuse of ‘picking your battles’ to be selfish.

  4. I don’t feel I’m courageous when faced with a sudden event. I keep my head in emergencies (medical issues, even when I was robbed at gunpoint) but I am not outspoken or challenging. I’m a Sagittarius sun but with Virgo rising, Pisces moon and a stellium in Libra – no I’m not brave, just persevering. It is a trait I admire greatly though and am drawn to those who demonstrate it.

    1. Yes Wila, persevering that is what I recognise. And I think it is an art to know the difference between stubborn and perservering. Especially when you are young! 🙂

  5. Ive had moments of god given courage. I do believe it was grace that gave it me. I had an inisight once that it takes courage to wake up in the morning and live life. Any life. Courage and Life go hand in hand in that way.

    I think ultimately though, what we normally percieve as courage is just common sense in the eyes of the one who’s courageous. They see more value in aligning with their inner morality than some outside force. Courage just makes more sense really. It prioritizes the inner world over the outer. Do i want to be able to look at myself in the mirror? I do. I want to be comfortable with myself, so i do whats right. Its not selfless and thats fine by me.

    1. I think your response is dead on LibraNoir. At least it is for me. I do have a venus in Scorpio and my moon is in the 8th House of Scorpio. Virgo in 12th like Dorien. Leo north node in 11th. I’m just not sure if Scorpio is THE indication of Courage. Perhaps a certain type of courage. Leos and Aries are known to have courage. I knew a cancer man with his Mercury in Leo. I never met a braver man when it came to being epressive, open and vulnerable about his feelings and allowing others their feelings to be heard and expressed.
      courage is also a matter of firm immovable conviction for the truth. And we Virgos have no problem standing alone in the face of other people’s opinions. If we know something’s right. We stand by it.
      But while The Scorpio is a Title Wave. We are the tidal wave in the ground. We the earthquakes that create immovable mountains.
      Scorpios are tenacious. We are stubborn.
      I was also born in the year of the Tiger. If you consider the Chinese Zodiac.

  6. I have moon conjunct saturn and vesta in aries. 8 house Cap sun square jupiter in libra. I’m not afraid to stand alone against the crowd if I believe it’s the right thing to do. I’ve done this on many occasions and still they come. Honour with diplomacy (Libra stellium) but not afraid to wield the sword. In this position right now actually . . .again.

  7. I sure have! But it took time before I could use it outside my owwn home and family haha! I was insecure as teenager, and not assertive against people outside family or strangers. Then at my early twenties I started to go overboard and very confronting against strangers, neighbors, I was striving to find a balance. At my late twenties I have found it. I will be calm and collected, but no one can fudge with me, I will tell people off without problem, and I will say something if I see someone being harrased by someone else. Civil courage is very low in Sweden where people are scared shitless by confronting others. Its ridicolous! If you were to be assaulted in the bus for ex, youcan almost be sure no one will gonna stand up for you in Sweden! Its true! I’m not making this up. Swedes hates confronting, and they are often very scared in a lot of situations, sadly. (sweden has virgo asc).

    Thankfully my parents are from a medeterrenian country, confronting and standing up against bullies or bad behaviuor is in our and my blood!

    I have Aries stellium in my 8th house. Mars, Moon and Chiron in 10th house aspecting Saturn and Uranus. Even though my Mars is not in capricorn, being aspected with Saturn gives me courage I think. Also I have Mars sextile Jupiter,, that helps too.

    And I’m highly Plutonian. Pluto is my last dispositor, Oppo my Sun and Mercury. Sextile asc. No one can mess with me, and people underestimate me by my looks virgo asc and my petite frame, but my eyes gives me away, that deadly pluto stare haha

  8. I have Mars in Capricorn. Aries on the cusp of house eight. Saturn in Scorpio. Capricorn on cusp house vive. Sun in Virgo in house twelve: it is a deep well from which I can draw. It is a great gift!! Pluto is in Leo in house 12 as well. It all has to do with each other. And there were times in my life I needed this very much,
    tuff times! They took years and years! I use this gift for helping
    people in the elderhouse: demented people panic to calm sometimes.
    But also people there give me responsibilities for which I have no degree. I am very aware of that!And take responsibility for say “no”. :-). I think I still don’t exactly know how great this gift is even now I am 63!!

    1. Its interesting you say that Dorien… about working with the elderly and people with mental issues. I have too.
      That involves courage. To serve those who live in society’s shadow. Those places that most people feel afraid or uncomforable with (how many people can say the feel comfortable visiting or working in an elderhouse or mental ward. Not many. A Virgo with that placement are those courageous to heal where the soul is isolated and neglected.
      Bless you.

  9. my mother and my grandmother has this kind of courage. they lay it unto people who they think are immoral and do wrong to others. they won’t be quiet about it either.

  10. I don’t see how you can’t be courageous, the situation often dictates it.

    I’ve often suffered something because “I can take it” when others can’t. Realistically maybe they could, but whatever. If you think about it, it’s quite Jesus-y, isn’t it?

  11. Very much. The only thing is I have mercury in Pisces. Mercury in detriment is no good for thinking on your feet– i don’t know if I would have got in the guys face on the spot but I would have had to think about it and come up with a plan to set him straight.

    I am not afraid of much. I have Mars in Aries as one of the final dispostors, (other dispositor is jupiter in Sag which trines Mars) in my chart, my Mars is powerfully placed and well aspected (not to brag or anything, hey it’s not all good anyway, im a female for one). I think the hidden aspect of the parallel to Pluto is really what makes me fearless though.

    I also have Saturn in Scorp conjunct Pluto at the IC which I feel gives me very deep reservoir of strength and tenacity.

    But yes, i do not hesitate to stand uo for myself and others.

  12. Well, it seems that the birthday of this girl is close to mine 🙂
    I’m extremely cautious, but the thing is, one must know when to take a stand.

  13. Yes, I have courage, I’m a Leo. One night when I was 12 my Mother and brothers and I got home and my alcoholic father was sitting there in the dark, alone. I knew he was going to kill us. Most of the time I held the door open, but that night I walked in first so that when he shot me the rest of my family would have a chance to run and live.

  14. Mars in Capricorn conjunct Sun, Jupiter in Scorpio…Yes, I have taken quite a few unpopular or somewhat dangerous stands….

  15. 4 planets in Scorpio, 3 in the 8th house. 8th house moon in square to natal Mars in Capricorn…

    Yes, sometimes I take stupid risks. But more often than not I find myself fearless in the face of an adversary, imaginary or not. Like I took on my drunken dad’s BS as a teenager when my mom and sister were really afraid of him. I’d really rather face the Bull head on.

    I put on my best clothes, straighten up and do a Steven Seagal:

    “If I’m going down, I will make sure it’ll be in a blaze of fire and smoke” ?
    *throws hand grenade over my shoulder and walks away with a satisfied smile as everything behind me explodes*

    You can’t beat a fearless Mars and a 4 planet Scorpio stellium.
    We are some defiant f*ckers. ?

    1. You can’t beat a fearless Mars and a 4 planet Scorpio stellium. We are some defiant f*ckers.

      5 planets in Scorpio and Mars sq Pluto… oh hell yes we are some defiant f*ckers!!!

  16. I am contemplating going to Puerto Rico to volunteer but i dont want to catch a river disease. I want to be courageous yes. Saturn is coming into my 12th.

    1. Yes! She’s a trip.

      The whole salon dressed up for Halloween. They did Disney characters…everyone was a Princess or someone cute. She was Mickey Mouse because someone had to do it.

      They won the contest. No way would they have won without her. It’s just would have been off balance. Instead, they have this wonderful group photo.

  17. That pic is so phallic, lol. Every time I see it I think the same thing.
    Bullets and phalluses are both very Mars-y and penetrative, so there you go. Ha!

  18. I’m a Scorpio with Mars sextile sun at 29 Leo. Moon in Capricorn trine Mars. Having a Libra ascendant, I used to project my Mars onto my then-partner until one day i woke up and discovered I was the one with courage. In fact, enough courage to leave and start a new career at mid-life.

  19. I work with criminals every day. One on one. Some really horrible people. I stand up to them. I don’t take any shit. I am fearless. I don’t know how I can be so in that area and not so in others.

  20. L. Frank Baum, who wrote the “Wizard of Oz,” had the formula right: it’s a combination of a brain, a heart, and courage. If you are missing any one of these traits, then you don’t have it.

  21. I am courageous. Mars conjunct Moon at 6*Scorpio for thinking and acting at the same time. Mercury 8* Scorpio for speaking my mind. Neptune 10* Scorpio for religious conviction. 2* Virgo rising conjunct 29*Leo Uranus for mental brilliance. Pluto/Venus first house for powerful presence. Jupiter Saturn conjunct in Capricorn for a serious approach. Libra sun to make it all pretty.
    My sisters said I approached love like a guy. Love em and leave em, I guess. I cannot tell you how many times I confronted guys roughing up their girlfriends in public just using public shaming to stop them, provoked guys into spontaneously racing me in muscle cars over long distances(me winning), and prevented best friends from doing stupid things like going swimming in the ocean at night- because I wasn’t going to let them put themselves in danger no matter what.
    I come from a completely Scorpionic family where I was tested cruelly, rewarded for spirituality, and I learned how to be kind, merciful, and relentless.

  22. Nice story.

    I have to have courage. I have natal Mars conjunct Scorpio opposing my Moon. Pluto in Scorpio too. Mercury in Capricorn. At times I can start trouble, but I attract it too.

  23. I think it is something you can acquire. Until recently I was a progressed double Scorpio (Sun and Rising). I learned a lot of lesson about abuse, rejection and abandonment.

    After a while, I began to think: I don’t deserve all this. I started speaking my mind, which people don’t like (they don’t like the truth). They want you to keep quiet about it, if you even see the truth at all which I didn’t (Neptune rising) for a long time.

    Now, I don’t let people eff with me. I have learned the hard way to just ignore them, as difficult as that can be a lot of times. Sometimes I fall back and start thinking negative thoughts, but what does that solve?

    I had a neighbor slight me yesterday afternoon on Christmas Eve. A person who I thought was a friend, and developing a friendship. A person I opened up to and confided in. There she went, taking gifts to the neighbors and passing me up.

    Avoiding me for the past few weeks. Not responding to texts, while texting me to ask me to drive her to the airport (a huge one 25 miles away) at 4am and and an 11:30pm pickup a few days later.

    At first I said yes. Then I saw her pass me by and then ignore a text I sent about my landlady, a friend of hers, who is in a coma in the hospital on a ventilator. No answer. So I texted her back and said, look I’m uncomfortable.

    I don’t really need the money right now and she offered less than the going rate for Uber or Lyft. I only agreed just to help her out. But those are not good times for me and I’m uncomfortable. So, no. She texted some PR b.s. back and wished me a happy holiday, blah, blah, blah.

    After this, it’s smiles and waves and nothing more. No more personal info, no more friendship. I don’t trust her anymore. She showed me who she was at the beginning. I saw it. I wanted to look past it and I did (that’s what people with a lot of Libra do, because that’s how we are. And that’s where we get stung sometimes, by our own choices/decisions.

    For her, if you’ve got an impressive car, a career, plenty of money, and are good looking (well hell I’m good looking but struggle in other ways now that I’m old), hey you’re worth her time and respect! Screw that. So much for her type of “friendship.”

    I’ve got Scorpio and Sag and now Cap happening and I don’t like it when people pretend to be my friend, pry info out of me and then shut me out because I somehow don’t measure up to their standards — and I’m not going to keep quiet about it. I may keep my mouth shut but I’ll make my point known in silent ways.

    My Sag son who is now 31 yrs old has always taught me, by his intrinsic nature, a lot about the stark truth – ha! Sometimes I haven’t like it, but you know what? A lot of the time he’s correct.

    So yeah, it’s Christmas morning and I’m hurting and a bit angry but I’ll get over it. In the grand scheme of things, she (the neighbor) could have mattered, but she doesn’t anymore.

  24. PS So that’s my story of my own courage. Instead of saying “oh, it’s OK, treat me however you want.” Guess what? They DO. And they WILL.

    So the courage for me is about being truthful to me, to myself, to my feelings and having the courage to let others know I see their b.s. when they hurt me and not let them get away with it. Sometimes I have done it the way Elsa’s hairdresser does it. But most of the time I stay silent.

    Most people can’t and won’t handle the truth. Then it opens up a big can of worms. Courage comes in different forms (I know Elsa and everybody here knows that!!)

  25. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    What is courage? Most have talked about their ability to fight, to see justice (what’s that?) done. Because of Election Day being dead Scorpio, Americans, their government, the cowboy gun fetiche, have cultivated this aggression style they’re so proud of and promote through Hollywood/TV. That’s crap. Most the times aggressive people are scared child trauma ‘survivors’ (US is Cancer => child).

    What is Courage?

    There’s this really nice Liz Greene lil book about Saturn. Read it diagonally, wanted to get clued up about a friend. I learned big time. Saturn in Aries or Scorpio may be big pussies. Saturn is fear so it would mean fear of fighting.

    Why all the talk about Scorpio – and not Aries or Leo? Because Scorpio is death and rebirth, never leave something half way (or half assed), go to the end of the issue (til there’s no more = it’s dead). If one has Scorpio big time one personifies death, it has no misteries, no fear of something one knows and is.

    Knowing no fear is being courageous?

    Another expression for being courageous is having Heart. Unlike the cowardly lion of Oz. Heart organ ruled by Sun which rules Leo.

    To check someone’s chart I’d thus check
    – Saturn
    – Mars
    – Sun

    It’s important if it’s a man or a woman given Sun and Mars are Man and Moon and Venus woMan. So a woman may be ballsy with Moon in Scorpio or Leo etc but I’ve seen women with Aries Mars and Leo Sun being complete very coward simply because those are supppsed to be their man’s traits.

    So it all depends.

    Have a splendid 2018 y’all! 🙂

    That New Moon in Capricorn with 6 planets in the sign!!!! (trembles)

  26. I defended my brother once against some guys who were both older and taller than i was and who were bullying him. I was about 9 years old, these guys were teenagers. The biggest bully stood in front of me while i was confronting him telling him to leave my brother alone. He then lifted his leg and planted his heel in my foot while threatening me. That hurt like hell, and i almost peed my pants, that’s how scared i was, but that didn’t stop me from defending my brother: because no one messes with my family. Defending myself in the same way has always been a problem though!

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