Why Do Astrologers Say All Virgos (Or Whoever) Will Find Love “This Year”?

Dear Elsa,

I know. Another sex topic but you can’t say I’m not consistent. Plus Scorpio moon is coming.

What common aspects in our charts would signal meeting a new lover?

All the yearly horoscopes say for Virgo’s this is the year for you to find new love etc. How do they know that? Obviously not everyone in that sign is going to fall in love. So.. it must be certain planets knocking boots with other planets and passing over your chart right?

Wondering Virgo

Virgo – I have a hard time trying to explain how other astrologers come to their conclusions, particularly when I don’t agree with them so I don’t think I will be much help answering your question. But I will try and maybe someone else will chime in?

I did not read the scopes you are referencing but I see no indication that Virgo, in particular would find love this year. I don’t think in terms of what will happen to an entire sign during a calendar year. People are way too varied. But if I tried to think like this, I’d note Saturn in Virgo and state that Virgos were going to have to work hard and grow up this year. I might say they were being called up to act as authority figures and leaders but love and relationship does not come to mind. However, Pisces is a different story…

If I was doing this (and I don’t do this), I would probably say Pisces would be the one likely find themselves in serious or committed relationship because Saturn is in Virgo, the sign opposite and oppositions always involve the other.

But I would be loathe to say that as well because Saturn often deprives people (especially those who act like babies) so you wind up saying a person is going to be in a relationship… or maybe not. This makes you sound like a jackass which is why I don’t make these kinds of statements. I’m really attached to my credibility!

So that’s my answer. But there is no sex in this, Virgo, so I feel let down.

(that’s a joke)

Anyone else?

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  1. I read cards so I get even more crystal ball kinds of questions I think. I had a woman last week who kept asking me whether she would take a job that would allow her to move to Europe (she wanted to be an officer in the army), how her relationship would be, whether she would get married, have children. She just did not want to hear that all of these things were choices she would make and that those choices would affect her answers.

    Will I find love this year? It depends on whether you are really interested in finding love and doing things to support that.

    I’m with you Elsa, the answers depend on the questions and when you write general predictions it is harder to come up with answers that apply to everyone. I try to teach people to ask better questions when I read. If you want love you might ask “what can I do to become more open to finding love based on my specific chart and the planets in the sky”.

  2. I think a lot, if not all, of those general horoscopes are written for the rising sign. Virgo risings have Jupiter in the 5th house this year, hence the grand conclusion of romance for all.

  3. A technical answer: If the person asking the question is referring to daily horoscopes or some other type that doesn’t take into account personal natal charts, that makes sense. I mean, daily scopes put the sun sign in the first house (for everyone, obviously) thus putting transiting jupiter in the 5th house of love affair/romance, etc for virgos.(That’s also why they always say read for your sun sign and your rising). So I think maybe that is what is confusing–

    I have virgo rising and jupiter is transiting my 5th and….

  4. Elsa, I was going to say the same thing before the other two gals posted. Jupiter is in the SOLAR 5th house of Virgo and trining Virgo Suns.

    It drives me nuts when these “basic” astrologers reduce the 5th house down to nothing but “finding love”. I have a strong natal 5th house emphasis, and that simplistic explanation doesn’t even begin to cover what a 5th houser’s life path is about. (I have the Sun, Mars, and Mercury there.)

    They also don’t take Saturn transiting Virgo and Pluto backing up into Sag and hitting the late degrees of Virgo again into account.

    They just don’t look at the whole picture.

  5. I noticed a similar relationship theme for Cancers in 08 ‘scopes. And some will say upfront it has to do with Jupiter in the SOLAR 7th house. At the new Moon in Aries, I radically stopped doing scopes on my site — just didn’t feel right. Even though, I didn’t use solar houses — I would try to look at the holographic influences in my mind’s eye for all the signs. I’d like to return to a monthly, but with more general themes, affirmations, encouragements, etc.

  6. …and uranus is still in pisces (solar seventh house) but he’s been there for awhile.

    i rarely read my sun sign in those things. they’re pretty much all calculated by house position + aspects. so if i want any useful information it will be in my ascendant. but even then a lot of them right about really superficial cheesy things. i like rob breszney though. maybe because he’s a total loon 😉 (in a smart way)

  7. 1. All horoscopes will predict love for everyone. Some people it’s emphasized for more than others, but no horoscope is going to say, “Virgos, you won’t get any nookie this year. Sorry about that. Go work.”

    2. Even if love is predicted for you, that doesn’t mean “all Virgos.” I had years where my sun and rising sign had love, love, love predicted out the wazoo, but that didn’t happen for me.

    3. When I had Saturn in my seventh, I did get involved with someone and it was heavy. Didn’t prevent a relationship there at all.

    So…unless you find an astrologer who’s looking at your chart specifically for overall aspects coming together to mean love, I would take it all with lots of grains of salt.

  8. I’m pisces asc and my SO is full on pisces, we are getting married in a few weeks. We both have grown up tremendously and it was due to choices of wanting to be in a relationship, choosing each other and loving each other. The uranus transit may have helped us land each other too 🙂 (hit his venus the day we met and my asc)



  9. well, i always fall for the “finding love” predictions though i usually find disappointment and strange situations. but i am always thinking i will find love everytime i walk out my house (on log onto the internet) because i have neptune on the DC.

    i have mixed feelings about horoscopes using the solar house positions. in my case, my sun is towards the end of virgo (virgo-libra cusp) but my moon is mid-virgo; i also take vedic astrology into account, in which the moon is stressed more than the sun. so, i usually look at horoscopes for my rising, sun, moon, and also libra. i’m also a horoscope fanatic so…

  10. That’s all right, but people who don’t know their rising sign won’t get it, and people who are astrologers themselves don’t need it 🙂

  11. I mean not only astrologers but people with some knowledge about the personal chart and a good astrologer like Elsa within reach. But Kashmiri, you’re very right, we learn something new every day!

  12. I write horoscopes for my blog. Looking over the yearly forecasts I did write it was possible for both Scorpio and Pisces to find their one true love.

    Though it was months ago that I wrote that, I think I did it on the strength of Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo sextiling those suns.

    I don’t use solar houses for the horoscopes, but I do use the moon in each sign against transiting planetary positions for the monthly horoscopes. Some people have told me I hit the nail on the head.

    And other people argue with me that horoscopes are not a worthwhile part of astrology. Go figure.

  13. I guess I am amature at this stuff, but I was looking at my chart and my mothers charts and I couldn’t help but notice that, her Sun is in Leo in the eighth house and mine is in Scorpio in the second house. I know the sun is in the sun sign, but what figures for the house placement of the sun sign?
    Also, I read somewhwere that the rising sign is the first house. But when I do the calculation this inncorectly puts LEO in the ninth, when in her chart it is in the eighth and and her sag. rising is in the twelfth house. Also on my chart. Libra is in the Twelfth house, but I have libra rising, so shouldn’t this put Libra in the first? Can anyone help me understand this better, or can anyone even undrstand this at all? Then I am also hearing that the sun sign is in the first house. So obviously this information does not add up. I am wondering if maybe there are multiple ways to create a chart. BUT wouldn’t this change the whole chart i.e person…Thanks. DD.

  14. I don’t pay all that much attention to the multitude of cookie-cutter scopes out there, but Michael Lutin, Penny Thornton and Bridgett Walther are usually right on if I read my rising. Actually, my rising is very late Aquarius, so I read their Pisces scopes because they’re usually really focused on activity in houses, and theirs assume the starting point of the first degree of the sign, so their Pisces forecasts fit me pretty well since the late Aquarius houses are so close. The only thing that doesn’t seem to apply is that they heavily weight aspects to Neptune as Pisces’ ruler, so that doesn’t apply to me much at all.

  15. Virgo’s 5th house is Capricorn in the scheme of Sun signs. I wonder what Pluto there says about new romance for Virgo? Perhaps the full moon will shed more light on your querie Elsa. The Saturn Pluto Sun trine is very potent indeed. Political perhaps and with degrees of generational gap involved.

    Oh well, Sun Signs are just Sun Signs.


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