Love / Hate Relationships (Mars in Scorpio, Coming Up)

Many have a real struggle separating love from hate. It also seems that this has become more and more common, but I can’t say that for sure. I don’t know that it’s not been this way all my life, but escaped me.

It may also be that everything is intensified at this time.But I’m thinking a person can benefit by working to separate love from hate.  Because I’m not sure these things even go together.

It may be that saying you love/hate someone simply means you’re a coward. You’re non-committal. You’re wishy-washy, or a flake. Because if you truly love someone, how are you going to hate them? Why can’t you give your love fully?

If you’re against someone or something, why do you lie (to yourself and others), professing to love them as well?  Do you want to make yourself crazy? Is misery fun?

Mars has been in Libra for seven months. I think that’s enough with with indecision!

Mars will enter Scorpio, next week. It’s time to focus your loyalty and your energy as the planets heads towards conjunction with Saturn towards the end of August.

Ditching the concept of “love/hate”, seems a good way to start. Because ultimately, you’re in or you’re out. Who are you kidding, sitting on the fence?

It’s occurs to me that framing things this way, doesn’t help.

Does love/hate truly exist?


32 thoughts on “Love / Hate Relationships (Mars in Scorpio, Coming Up)”

  1. Bravo :)) well said!! thank you elsa!
    ( my natal scorpio mars applaudes you )
    ….passive -agresive libra mars for 8 months- was almost the death of me-((((((There is NO such thing as love-hate arghhh))))

  2. I went to a sermon last year where the vicar preached about love and fear as the two greatest powers that we encounter in our lives, and of course that love is the only power stronger than fear. I have since tried to meditate over how much of ny hate and pride is actually fear in various disguises..

  3. I think this can come into play if we are with someone who represents qualities. Getting close to the person is desirable because we may think we can pick up those qualities via association or osmosis, but then when we notice the gap between ourselves and who we may want to be, we can start to hate the other, esp. if they represent the kind of person we wish we were.
    This is a bit long-winded, but basically what I mean is that love/hate does not exist organically, but it is a name we give to a psychological game we play with ourselves.

  4. I think maybe, its feels like that when you want someone to be the person they are not, or you do not want to see the situation or the person for who they really are, because there are some good things or points about the person, but there’s not enough there for them to be in all the way with you.

  5. Yikes, I’m scared of Mars in Scorpio when it hits my stellium. I already started fights with Mars in Libra. Will these little fights finally face its death or will they be reborn into something better? Scorp Mars will also square my Leo stellium so its gonna be some explosive fireworks. I crave and fear this energy.

    1. No scorpion mars will so positive aggression that can settle many issues.marital relation can also improve provided moon and Venus are in good position. No body would prefer to damage his own mars will give better and satisfying result.

  6. & passion is the kicker. We all know about Scorpio Passion. Someone should invent a special word for it! Teamed with Mars?!!

  7. I think they are the same thing – hate is love turned inside out. When we are engaged in a deep love union and the other doesn’t reciprocate to meet our expectations at a particular time / day then that love can turn to frustration, anger and full blown hate in that moment. I have this kind of relationship. We have nuclear moments, where each of has the finger hovering over the ‘annihilation’ button, but we never go there, it’s more than our hearts can bear. This happens when we feel our love union is under threat. (He’s jealous and I like to smile to everyone) So to keep his love, which is the most beautiful and important thing for us, means I tone down the smiles to absolute zero and his jealous rage is kept in check. There are slips – I smile, he quakes with jealous fury and goes frosty with hate. I hate his coldness and I rage with denial. So I can understand this Love / Hate issue. By the way – We ALWAYS make up because ‘annihilation’ is not an attractive option. Love to you all who love to love.

  8. My beloved has mars in scorpio, this kind of love is special, it comes at a price but it’s worth it. Scorpio love is devotion with a capital D, they give all to the beloved.
    Worth the small sacrifices and moments of rage and hate.
    Much love xxx

    1. I love your response. Why would a Scorpio be jealous/rage/hate if that intense love didn’t exist? Beautiful.

  9. I think Robert Palmer had it right in his 80’s song..”Addicted to Love”…or addicted to the feeling of being “in love”…when it’s just perimones and hormones raging about. I had a Scorpio dad and a Taurus mom…constant havoc..she was totally “in love” and he was brilliant, but a bully and a chauvinist..demanding, never us. People would say it must be so wonderful to have such a charming man as a dad…where? who? Him? Mean, nasty..finally off’d himself. I went to make sure, for myself, to the services. Thought of taking a spike along, in case. An alcoholic..dry one..mean & nasty. He modeled himself after his grandad and succeeded, greatly. Anyway, I do understand the attraction, I suppose…as I did date a couple..charmers, but I knew that trick..but the absolute magnetic/electrical field..actual charges from them, passing near, was uncanny..and real! Super sex. Super. I enjoyed it, against my better judgement, because they can be terribly possessive..obsessively so…and dangerous. Luckily, I was able to part as friends, with them both. I’m a Gemini with Aries rising, so I was kinda fun and a challenge…but, I think they want someone more subservient, who’ll dote over them and think they’re actually earthly gods, on leave from wherever their home..heaven or hell..or both. Risky business!

    1. Low Scorps addicted to drama, mebbe?
      Not to make light of your life experiences, but “Thought of taking a spike along, in case” tickled my Mars/Merc square or is it my Mars trine 8th house Moon?

  10. Elsa, you always hit the nail right on the head! I have libra in the 12th–this year feels like a time of cleaning up every speck of remaining karma. I feel that I saved it all for this lifetime. I had to come face to face with(what I hope is all of) the unconscious hatred that I’ve been carrying, own it and go through a process to forgive myself. Deep inner soul work after nearly dying early in the year. I can’t imagine what mars in scorpio in the 1st house will bring.

  11. I’ve never hated anyone I didn’t love. Love/hate is about the complex feelings of abandonment and feeling like the love I want isn’t being reciprocated or its as though I’m being prevented from loving fully either by the object of my affection or another outside force. If I love, I love. If I hate, I want to love but I’m hurting and too upset or angry to access those softer feelings.

    Fear is where cowardice comes in and a person is afraid to love so they act on hate. It’s very brave to choose love.

    Cancer Venus trine Scorpio pluto (square mars) opposite and sextile cap neptune respectively. 7th house pisces. If I love, I love forever although that love may change. Love means I care about you and your well-being. I want to see your life grow. Even if hate makes me joyfully plot your death. I don’t act on my rage or pain out of love for the other and that’s how I know I mean it. In a dangerous situation leaving is also an act of love.

  12. From what I have read – and seen – it is peeps with planets on that Saturn/Uranus inconjunct who are fence sitting.

    1. lol you could be on to something. The cancer sun was exact inconjunct the aquarius moon when I wrote my comment.

      How have you seen saturn and uranus as a factor?

  13. Yup. He hated the fact that he loved me. Maybe he really just needed me. It wasn’t really love. Couldn’t live with me, couldn’t live without me kind of thing.

  14. I would say it’s entirely impossible for me to hate someone I love, or that I have ever loved. It just not possible. Perhaps this is personal.

    1. Yeah I think its entirely personal. I have a Libra friend who can be very happy committed to various men. Or not committed but having lots of sexual fun. I absolutely cannot do that. It hurts for me. Its not fun, it feels empty. I’m not judging it, I’m saying I can’t feel that way. It will never be in me.

      Some people looove to hate. I mean they hate for sport. They hate everything enjoy making others feel hated and there’s no underlying love underneath it. Maybe a quest for power. I will never feel that way. I don’t like hurting people and I can’t tear anyone down without examining what it is about myself that I’m hating or avoiding and reflecting in them. I’m not better than them I just don’t detach like they can. Other people see no reason to think as I do because they’ve never felt certain things or had certain experiences.

  15. I think they are two sides of the same coin. People don’t hate unless their capacity to love feels rejected in some way.

  16. Elsa do you think when mars leaves libra that people will be deciding finally to commit or cut off relationships?

    1. I think everyone will be deciding, but yes. Mars in Libra too! I have this and once in a blue moon, I do make a decision!

      Like today, when I bought the tile for my kitchen and bathroom, even though some things are up in the air. 🙂

  17. yeah I meant everyone in general… so, once Mars shifts into Scorpio we might see results within relationships from things that occurred during this period while Mars has been in Libra?

    1. so it blends into the mixed drink(emotions)from relationship unbalanceness? since LibraMars would have “past” problems that are carried into the future? isn’t this a cast of attachments, unforgiveness,

  18. Avatar

    Love and hate are found along the spectrum of emotions. If we depend on someone to love us, and keep us feeling good about ourselves, we can easily change our mood when the “lover” decides to hand that job back to us.

    I find Mars in Scorpio to be more about control and ownership than love, though the passion can feel like total and complete love and devotion.

  19. My cute Scorpio Mars is in the 2nd house and one thing I get so worked up about as a free lance artist is when my fees are not being paid or a promoter tries to con me. This has recently happened and I must admit I have worked out terrible mafia retribution scenarios in my twisted brain. I have decided, though, to let my attorney take over. I suppose it is not unhealthy to feel the Scorpio Mars’ dephts as long as you don’t act upon all its impulses…

  20. not sure. if you love yourself, why would you hate. maybe out of envy, jeolousy,what is it? Where did this love/hate relationship start, and is there an ending or does it continue from where it was left unresolved.Don’t actually know, I’m a hermit at heart, so don’t confront many unresolved issues or ppl, i’m sure their out there,??. Or to avoid, what would it be to shine the light of truth into every aspect. What would it be like and mean to leave no stone unturned and to stop avoiding and an unwavering fidelity to truth? I can’t know until i do it, until i step into absolute fidelity to the truth. This is the sacred marriage, where only a fierce commitment to the truth will suffice.

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