A Tale of Two Capricorns: Part Deux

I was standing in my friend’s kitchen. This scene had just transpired and I’m suddenly reminded of another New Year’s party at a different Capricorn’s house.

Doodle-eee-ooo, doodle-eee-ooo. Please make wavy fingers in front of your screen to take you into the flashback.

I was obligated to be at this party.  I was someone’s girlfriend.  I had duties, such as accompanying my boyfriend to parties where I didn’t know or like anyone.  I didn’t really mind.  There would be drinks and snacks.  I could amuse myself.

After a few hours of listening to a bunch of strangers’ high school reminiscences I broke away and found the kitchen island replete with all the hors d’oeuvres one would imagine a stuffy middle class white girl, I mean our lovely hostess would set out.  Little shaped crackers, cubes of various cheeses, a round plate of vegetables with an indention designed to cradle a bowl of dip, said bowl filled with ranch dressing, etc.

I popped a squat on one of the high back bar stools and started grazing.  I was gratuitously enjoying the crispness of a mini stalk of celery in a way that said I thought I was alone when the hostess materialized next to me.

“Are you eating the celery.” Same falling intonation as before.

Crunch. I answered with my mouth full “Yesh.”

“There’s celery in the refrigerator. ”  She informed me.

I imagined this was true.  Often times after preparing a platter of crudités there is left over celery and people store it in their home refrigeration unit to maintain crispness. Yes, this is plausible. But, why am I being told this? My ponderous pause exceeded the allowable response time, so she continued without me;

“You don’t have to eat that.  There’s fresh.”

“Oh! No, these are just fine, don’t bother.”  Honestly, they were just fine.

“You’re sure?” she said like a schoolmarm questioning my ability to discern good celery from bad.

“… … … yeah, these are good.”

She hovered over me, watching me eat with a constipated scowl.  I had had a few drinks and as I write this it dawns on me that may have been a factor.  The cold sobriety of Capricorn’s natural demeanor can be difficult for the inebriated to handle.  Anyway, I was annoyed.  Why would someone set out decoy appetizers, then come along and make me feel judged for eating them? Would I have to give in and take the “fresh” celery just to make her happy?

There were other factors influencing my reaction, I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Capricorns: Part Deux”

  1. “…stuffy middle class white girl, I mean our lovely hostess…” LMAO

    This story is great… can’t wait to hear/read the rest! Thanks for the laugh this morning, Nota! It’s the best way to start the day!

  2. Nota…that is over the edge Capricorn….I would picking up the platter and bringing it to you and standing next to you so you wouldn’t have to get up. I would be thrilled that someone was eating the food I had worked all day to prepare (true)….I don’t do store bought appetizers to begin with.

    But, seeing what I wrote, makes me an over the edge Capricorn anyway because I would be so concerned that people at my party get the best of the best and are enjoying every minute…hahahaha, so I can see her wanting to make sure you had the best celery stick available….hahahaa….

  3. Ohhh capricorns LOL

    Hmm… at first I wondered if it would be hell when two capricorns meet each other at a party… but then the host-capricorn would probably go for the best-host prize and the guest-capricorn would go for the best-guest and…

    Perhaps. Hahaha!

  4. Good story..I can feel the cold stare of the hostess – I mean being a white middle class girl from the Midwest and all..

  5. Ha ha ha! I have Capricorn and HATE having people over, I’m the worst host ever! Total nervous nelly. I’m a great guest though:)

  6. Doodle-eee-ooo, doodle-eee-ooo. Please make wavy fingers in front of your screen to take you into the flashback.

    Your spirit finger flashbacks crack me up, Nota.

    The Cappy was probably anxious because in her mind she was remiss in not pointing out/keeping out the fresh celery and somehow you were affronted/affronted her by eating the room temperature celery. Yes, duty extends to celery and hovering. Or something.

  7. The reason I rub with most Caps:
    This story and the one before it, I totally would have at least thought (if not said, depending on level of inebriation), “Go control someone who needs it and leave me alone, h’okay? It’s a party. Allow yourself to have some fun.”

    😛 😀

    I totally did the flashback fingers. *nodnodnod*

  8. I’d be her. I completely lose my congeniality when people enter my home. I blame hard aspects to my 4th House Mars. Now–if you needed someone to stand guard with a gun to shoot off any intruders, I’m your woman:)

  9. My mom always says “You can tell a Capricorn by that big stick up their butt.”

    This is especially hilarious to me because she has a Cap moon and the stick to go with it.

    (note: the author of this comment does not endorse identifying Capricorns via anal inserts. This method is highly unreliable as almost anyone regardless of sign can have one and not even know it.)

  10. haha, Opal, I thought the same thing (I have lots of Libra; trouble is, I have Cap as well as a 4th house Mars/Moon combo……I take my hostessing seriously……everything just-so, and ever-so-beautifully displayed…..why, even the stick is color-coordinated……however, I draw the line at actually taking the food out of someone’s hand because it clashes with their drink-of-choice) 😉

    I haven’t been attacked by a guest……yet.

  11. I work in a cafeteria ,and there is rules that say that food can’t be left out more than 2 hours. *I stayed home today to because of foodpoisoning, someone not following rules!:-P…
    I think she felt guilt…. 5 hours ,and no second serving? That’s torture…

    It has nothing really to do with this, but it came to mind:

    Years back my family and my aunts family choose to rent a cabin together for summer vac in Denmark.

    About one week after arrival we throw a huge barbeque in stead of eating out. Very nice…afterwards the dishes had to be done and my god my mom and my aunt gets into the hugest discussion ever over who is doing it ! And not: “You do it”, but “I am gonna do it” -“NO I am”….”Let me”…after a lot of arguing , my aunt broke some plates, packed the car and took her family home to norway. There was a pool a
    beautiful beach and 1 week left of vac. Over dishes!!Libra -Aries fight

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