Dealing With Cardinal T-Square Involving the Sun, Uranus and Pluto

The Sun, Uranus, Pluto t-square is in effect now, and will intensify as we head towards the the end of the month. It peaks on June 29th, but will be in effect through the first week of July.Β  Some egos (Sun) will shatter between now and the end of the month, but this will pave the way for liberation.

Be aware that people may driven by their subconscious to act erratically, . If you see someone who appears unstable or to be spinning out, I’d give them space unless you’ve got the skills to help them out.Β  This is self-centered transit in many ways, which means a person in crisis is not likely to be considerate of anyone but themselves.

I don’t mean to suggest a person lose compassion. It’s just that people who lose it at this time are likely to be self-involved and will not take kindly to someone’s attempt to control them. It’s also dangerous to throw gas on a fire, so if you see a plane spinning down to the ground it’s probably best to get out of the way, rather than try to catch the thing and wind up becoming collateral damage.

Power is shifting now. Understandably, this unnerves people and balance (Libra) is key. Imagine yourself on small boat being rocked. Balance yourself and stay afloat, rather than go flying overboard. This time will pass!

Can you relate to this post? What’s happening?

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  1. Unfortunately, my son seems to be spinning out due to shocking news. How far down can he spin? This has beem uears, but he was doing better until the latest news.

  2. I feel this way RIGHT NOW! I have been feeling strange since yesterday and left out! totally a self absorbed feeling…maybe I can start focusing on others to keep myself balanced?

  3. Um, YES — a male friend, who things were just starting to get romantic involved with, seemed to suddenly sabotage the whole thing by, basically, spinning out a couple of nights ago. Acting like he didn’t care of a sudden, being negative… & I must have ignited him further by leaving a social situation we were at together suddenly, saying goodbye only by text. I know his “issues” are larger than just “us”… something seemed to be erupting in his world, coming from his subconscious, & indeed – my instinct was to step aside……….!! Your post here is very affirming/confirming. πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  4. Oh man I need to set this post to a daily reminder for the next few weeks. I could be either character at this point or, it’s possible, both. Ugh. Thank you. Needed this.

  5. Yes. Yesterday I felt totally isolated and kind of freaked out (internally) a bit. Today I was on the bus on the way to work and the scenery just looked alien to me…I FELT alien to the area. Like “where was I?”. I feel something building but I have not idea where the big eruption may happen. Ironically, people in my world have calmed down and all but disappeared. But there are three more days…so we shall see.

  6. WhosThatLady et all – same feelings! I am feeling selfish, bratty, firey, but my aries sun is within minutes conjunct Uranus….

    yesterday had a huge ego blow.

  7. For me I noticed a definate shift in energies yesterday which has carried over to today – and for me its fantastic. I feel very charged and energetic and my mood has lightened considerably. My daughters however seem to be more moody and sullen (which isnt really the ordinary for them even though they are teens) and my husband is just exhausted.

  8. I just know that life has been really pressured for a really LOOOOONG time. This is probably just anooher storm in a teacup.

  9. Too Funny!!! “It’s also dangerous to throw gas on a fire, so if you see a plane spinning down to the ground it’s probably best to get out of the way, rather than try to catch the thing and wind up becoming collateral damage.”

  10. I’ve been working, physically working hard which is always really good for me. When I was in school I had a lot of creative and intellectual work but it wasn’t enough.

    So–I’m actually doing really good right now. Not looking forward to Mercury moving into my 8th House tomorrow. C’est la vie.

  11. I have natal Jupiter and Saturn at 8 degrees in my first house of Libra, there’s a cardinal cross being activated in my chart and is propelling me enormously. I’ve never felt such drive in my life. I also broke up with the man i thought was my soulmate. Tears, blame and sorrow, but now i cant help but to move forward. Mercury, the moon and the sun are activating my MC and i got the opportunity to start a new study that will open so many doors for my career. A month ago I didn’t know where i was going to, nor had the strength to find my way on to the next road i will travel. Now feels completely out of my hands, everything is happening and changing so quickly, i was moved to the passenger seat and destiny is doing the driving. This is the last stage of my Saturn return. Be it through pain or joy, I’d never felt so alive!

  12. Carolina, I am seeing a lot of clients with that conjunction. We should really have a thread about it on the boards.

  13. I sure enjoyed your analogy of the boats, Elsa!

    I’ve used it myself before in attempts to convey that there is an escape hatch, sorta’ in our boats. It’s like a tube to deeper waters that run still.

    It’s our ego’s attachments that are being shattered and activating our subconscious survival fears. Whatever comes out and is expressed has been within and needs to come out. It helps if we keep in mind it is just energy and we can allow it to pass through us. Don’t re-act from defensiveness but act from a place of understanding.

    Current lifetime events may be triggering the releases but there is no telling from which lifetime or how many lifetimes it is coming up and out from. The importance is that it is coming out and being released but while in the process it doesn’t really feel pleasant. At least it wasn’t for me. I compare it to getting really drunk so that throwing up sounds appealing.

  14. It’s strange. I have felt a lot like what Carolina describes but also super bitchy, rotten, snappy at times too. I have no idea!

  15. My neighbor ‘erupted’ and normally, I would step in to calm things down, but my inner senses told me to not ‘engage’. This post is very timely and validating. I had felt a moment of guilt, but glad I followed my gut. Thanks Elsa!

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    I’m very self involved at the minute. I had a dream where I’m telling certain family members ‘to mind their business’ (don’t want to be controlled). I even told the Virgo the other day that I’m trying to run away from my family because I’m tired of doing as they wish. I have a Chiron square Saturn transit at the moment so I have to live for my own individuality. In a way I’m staying away, it will drive me crazy!

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    Elsa, the link your post doesn’t work.

    ‘Sorry, no posts match your criteria’ was the message when I clicked it.

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    I feel like im going crazy!!!!

    I’ve been thinking so much about my life lately and everything is becoming clearer but im not at all calm about it and im definitely self-absorbed. Actually I only recently became aware of my selfish thinking and behaviour.

    I feel power over others (finally :)) but I also feel like Cyclone Drama Queen and i keep sucking other people into my own drama storm even though im unsure how to word exactly what is going on and those people don’t even need to be in it. I need some warning signs for people.

  19. People are driving very aggressively the past couple of days, I’ve noticed. No drama on this end… though since I feel that “it isn’t drama until someone loses their shit,” I’m not losing my shit and therefore it’s just life stuff.

  20. I love this picture too. It is exceptionally apt for the post.
    See how the water is so calm, low chop/wave? The day is sunny, no storm–no flotasm or obstruction…How did this happen?!
    Easy to see how this happened if you know what you’re looking at. The person driving jacked the tiller over. See it pulled almost flush to the back of the boat? They were cruising along at a fast clip and he jerked his arm–maybe just even a little–and WHAMMO. At lightning speed, that tiller slammed to and careened that boat up and over. Plus, the people at the front were standing or sitting at the edge of that shallow draft boat. They didn’t really stand a chance against those physics.

  21. Wow, Elsa what a great post. I went vending with my ex yesterday, he had a snapped out episode. I did everything in my power to avoid being trapped in his venom ego but somehow somewhere we broke up; he moved all his stuff out and made a big scene doing so. Not sure were his Uranus and Pluto were but it was nothing nice. I’m a little hurt but this to shall pass. Feeling liberated but a bit co-dependent. You told me last year in a reading I will be on and off in this relationship. Oh boy, was that true. It’s really draining me emotionally. The above picture explains exactly what happened.

  22. Have natal Mars in 9th @ 8 degrees Cancer Opposite Natal Saturn at 7 degreed Capricorn in the 3rd. Mercury in the 6th at 6 degrees of Aries. Pluto is conjuncting my Saturn, opposite Mars and squaring Mercury i think? As well, as Uranus by transit, right on the edge of my 7th house cusp. just exhausted. any input? thanks.

  23. This T-square has some pretty sweet aspects to my natal chart, sextiling and trining my Venus at 8 Pisces and my Moon+Mars at 7 Scorpio. That’s six positive aspects all within a single degree orb!

    Maybe it’ll shake things up in a good way.

  24. It’s kind of like dancing and keeping in step to some new moves you’ve learned and watching the scenery and an occasional conflicting situation. People seem to be winding up in the direction they’ve been heading; and those that stop to overthink it too much will risk tripping.

  25. the neonatologist wants to see me every week for the next month and then twice a week the following two months. (these appointments last two to three hours and involve lots of expensive medical equipment and trained professionals.) insane.

    someone is paying for all this medical care. me, i’m just losing hours of work. that i really need to get paid for. considering i will be taking unpaid time off in large chunks here real soon.

    so, uhm, no. not unless there’s actually reason to think something might be wrong. which there isn’t. it’s all cover your ass for malpractice crap.

    should get interesting.

  26. i have felt this way until the transit. feeling quite balanced today. i also feel like i am gathering strength, that i must be watching myself and waiting for something. but i am a libra sun. my leo partner and i may have experienced some sort of liberation. this pluto must have worked well for us.

  27. Holy moly. Screamed my head off at my man on Friday because he pushed my buttons over money. I’ve been funding him for over a year while he goes on his crusade against the system (while living off my money earned from working in the system). All I/we want is a home and a family but this is never going to happen with all the stress (mortgagee sale on his part/armed police/court hearings over his strategy against the system) I am constantly under, while also having to provide the stability of home and money. I mean yes I lost my rag – but is it surprising…

  28. i had a friend eat a bullet on tuesday. and this pretty much spells out what led up to it. she hid it pretty well, though. no one suspected. although based upon what she’d been going through, i am not surprised, after the fact. for what good that does now. i guess i had more faith in her resilience.

    natal sun/moon/mercury/venus/neptune opposition between cancer/capricorn dragged into the tsquare.
    transiting sun on natal mars, squaring natal pluto and jupiter.

    she was well loved. a beautiful spirit. the shock waves are pretty immense.

    being a pregnant woman in a house full of grieving people is a strange experience. serving as some weird icon of hope but personally, hormonally ballistic.
    nevermind the fact that i could use a couple shots of jameson myself. but that can wait.

  29. thank you. so very much.

    i’m having a hard time working my head around it. and i’m watching people take it even harder and trying to keep them sane… it helps that i have aquarius, at times like this. but only so much.

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