The Inner Circle Of A Scorpio (Moon)

Little black book‘Got any news?” I asked my husband. He was on the road.

“No, I don’t have any news.” He explained that he was dispatched on a long trip would not talk to anyone for a few days.

“Well you can have news other than from your dispatcher! I’m not talking about him You have other sources of news. You can get news off your (psychic) antenna or someone may call you or you may call someone.”

“Call me? “Well lemme just get my little black book out here… oh yeah! I never invested in one of those because I’ve never had any friends.”

“Yes you do have friends. You have friends! Your friends beg to differ. Your friends say you have friends and that they are them.”

He laughed. “Yeah, well I think I can remember the 4 or 5 friends I’ve had in my life, P. I don’t need to get a book for that.”

I changed the subject.

6 thoughts on “The Inner Circle Of A Scorpio (Moon)”

  1. hey, i know what that feels like. but i’ve lost touch with some of them anyway 🙁 luckily facebook helps, a little…

  2. I can relate! I am very easy to get along with in a social situation but I prefer an inner circle of people I know I can rely on and vice versa. I tend to always have about eight people I socialise with and five are long term and life long. I have had long friendships that have left my life too. I’m perfectly friendly in day to day transactions but to me an aquaintance is not a friend.

  3. Good friends are hard to find so having a few friends must mean they are good friends. Better to have a few awesome friends then lots of acquantences.

  4. Mm, my brother has a Scorpio moon but with my full 8th house I feel like this blog reflects me more so than him in that way;

    Do enjoy your blogs!

  5. That picture reminds me of a movie I watched last night, “Something’s Gotta Give,” remember that scene where Nicholson opens his drawer to reveal a whole pile of those little black books? Was he heading toward a Saturn moment or what?

    But as to the topic: for most of my life I was living my Leo sun and had all kinds of friends, but now that I’ve been satisfying my Scorpio moon the last few years with a great deal of solitude, what little time has been spent with friends has been with a trusted few. Now I just have to figure out how to integrate these two sides of me – a daily struggle – I envy those like the Soldier who can just do it.

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