CassandraDianne M left an interesting comment on my Negative Affective Presence post.  She mentioned, “Cassandra”.  I am not sure if she was referring to me, to herself or to both of us, but it got my attention because it was something I’d never heard before.  I’m Michael J. Burry? I had to think about this. Who is, Cassandra, anyway?

Cassandra is a gal, cursed with the gift of prophecy. She’s got to run around and say true things, that no one believes.  See – The Myth of Cassandra.

I might not have related to this right away, but earlier this week, I came across this post from 2012 – Pluto in Capricorn – Read All About It. It’s a collection of posts I wrote on this topic, beginning in 2006. There are a lot of posts; all about businesses shutting down and being degraded in a variety of ways. I saw this and tracked it in real time on this blog… as people rolled their eye and called me “morose”.

I also wrote about the government taking over parenting. You can imagine how that went over in the last 2010’s. I have to admit, I’ve wondered many times if I am a masochist, glutton for punishment, but that’s not it.  I get no pleasure from this.  I get no pleasure from being right, either.   Maybe it is a curse!

Maybe it’s a curse but I am going to argue against this because I’m pretty sure my ability comes from the Jupiter Uranus mashup in my chart. It’s always been there but both planets progressed into different signs, within a year of each other. I have no way to quantify how rare this is.  I cover this here:

Jupiter Uranus: Truth Upended – Changing Worldview

If I had this ability before, it’s been enhanced by the progression. Jupiter progressed into Aquarius (Jupiter Uranus exchange) and Uranus progressed into Virgo. I think this signifies unusual thinking and information, in general.

Anyway, it’s not really me who is repulsive, it’s the disgusting, uncomfortable information. Just Because She’s Your Mother, Doesn’t Mean She Likes You? Ha ha ha. “I may be early but I’m not wrong.”

I have no earthly idea what to do about this. It’s inside of me. If you want to see what mean, here you go:

Pluto in Capricorn – Read All About It!

I want to finish this by saying, not all the news is bad! I routinely talk to people who are terrified in their lives, but when I look at their situation, they’re doing far better than they realize.  It’s either anxiety, or deep down, fear. It’s great when you can get free of that.

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  1. Yes, l was talking about you being Cassandra,Elsa, and you have proved it too. You were right. Have been right. And are often right…but those that were wrong seldom seem to admit it and l know the anger that comes with that. Cassandra is mine too.

    I thought about you yesterday. An image of a river rushing through a narrow chanel. The release from the 12th needed to be regulated like a weir…or it floods, l have found.

    I have been dreaming and making drawings.

    I have trans. Saturn Aqu coming up to conjunct Chiron 27, opps Moon and Pluto, sq Jupiter and Sun. Yep, Grand Cross.

    My node is in Libra in the 8th.l hear you about ‘balance’ l am no stranger to the dark and always prefer the truth. I will spit out ‘chewed food’ ‘spitting’ is part of the Cassandra myth too.

    Bye for now and thank you.

  2. I have Cassandra and Echo conjunct my Mercury/Mars in the 10th house Cancer. 😭 (BML hangs out in the 10th too)

    I have connections with all those conjunction to Neptune and Moon in the 12th and I sometimes dream of what people are doing in the present and the future.

  3. Dianne M love you brought this up & Elsa love your thinking…my Cassandra is 3 deg off my DC – been thinking about her a lot over this last 3 years… I’ve taken this to mean that many of my friends won’t be listening to me on my worries (the sort people don’t want to hear as they are worrying and not part of the consensus) …recently learnt there’s 3 stages … the first you almost disbelieve yourself, the second “you have the strength to hold your ground even though no-one believes a word you say” & thirdly when others have their own truth detectors switched on, “they will understand what a wealth of preventative information you actually possess” [Taken from Casey’s Oasis] … a big hurrah for everyone that has their truth detectors on!! dunno if it’s the similar to your mash up Elsa, but I’ve got Jupiter conjunct uranus aspecting my sun & Mars … my biggest ‘red line’ … I really only try to rebel when there’s a cause – seriously, I’ve made it my business to try & be mindful about this! :0)

  4. I don’t think it’s appropriate to call you Cassandra . You are very insightful, articulate and extremely clear in your writing . Most of the the people who follow or read you , do so as they believe your interpretations, and take the early warnings with gratitude . I do . Once again, many thanks. Take great care of yourself.
    Bear .

    1. Thank you, Bear. I think you both have a point. There’s a varied audience. Clearly, there are many who know I’m out there but also tend to hit the mark, more often than not. 🙂

      1. I didn’t know about an asteroid called Cassandra (Kassandra).

        I don’t look at all the fixed stars or asteroids. I do have Agol close to my sun…it can go two ways l have found. I am too tired to be the Great Evil one…although, l have gone dark once or twice.

        Cassandra (in the myth) was right but was not believed…that was Apollo’s curse.

        I did say l was new here. But l did pick up that Elsa had said things (clearly) that have come to pass…but she wasn’t heard or believed by some. And that was my reason for making the comment.

        I am a little bit freaked bcs. if l understand what Ana said Kassandra is at 27 aqu. ( conj. my chiron in the 12th).

        I hope you do check it out, Elsa.

        1. You are right. I have been called morose and depressing, frequently.

          I did check out “Kassandra”. It’s tightly conjunct one of my Lights so pretty significant.

  5. I have Uranus cj my asc and trine Jupiter, and I spent a long time last night trying to correct someone of their ridiculous assertions that Russia is ill equipped militarily, that Putin is scared, that Putin was the aggressor, that Ukraine is winning, etc, all to no avail.

  6. i have been tracking asteroid kassandra for quite a few years. natally it’s in my 11h aqua. I’ve had business and other various ideas and epiphanies my friends laughed about, until 2 or 3 years later someone starts making a lordship of money with a similar idea. like podcasts. I’ve been saying podcasts were to be the next big thing since the times of the original Skype and then blog talk radio. that’s mid 2000s… so I know exactly what you mean on the disgusting side as well. I bet your kassandra also has something to do with your sensing death by looking at a person/change in energy etc.

  7. Lots of people born 1976-1978 have Transneptunian “Hades” conjunct “most evil” fixed star “Algol.” I am lucky enough to have them joined at 26 Taurus by asteroid Kassandra 114 and Requiem 2254. I publicly predicted Uvalde the morning it happened.

    Elsa I would be curious if your asteroid Kassandra is in relation to Grieve (4451) since you can tell people are going to die before they know/ it happens.

  8. My husband calls me the doomsayer. I believe there are transits that are objectively bad while believing good and bad are a joke. It’s all just stuff, it’s all just experiences. That’s why I like Elsa. She’s actually a lot more positive than me. Her insights have only ever broadened my scope to include the good possibilities when I take responsibility for my lot in life.

  9. I have known about Kassandra the asteroid. I have also read the story of her in my youth

    In 2018 I got a “mental download” or sentence popping up in my head… It said “From 2020, innovate or die”

    Didn’t really get what that was about but I am heavy Scorpio in 9th house and also have Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mercury there as well, my moon in Libra, 8th house, Saturn and Pluto there too …

    I am often right

    Pluto in Cap transits my 12th, answering to Neptune in Sag.
    My Uranus is in Sag too… Answering to the Ascendant in Aquarius.

    I am such a bad liar!
    But I can usually sense death and the future. I guess the mental download was pretty accurate even if it was pretty general at the time.

    My natal Chiron in Taurus is in my 3rd house of speaking, conjunct Algol, opposite my Scorpio (personal) Planets …

    I haven’t checked my Cassandra. She is probably touching some hot degree in the horoscope, wouldn’t surprise me!

  10. Dear Elsa,
    I never see you as doom and gloom! I generally feel you take ANY planetary situation and make it look like it can be conquered! Perhaps because you have done so in your life with your chart.

    You always state a positive way we can handle the energy even if it is just to hang on, never give up. I’ve studied astrology, mostly just following the ephemeris when I have time to check Solar Fire or pull out my paperback replacement of ephemeris from 1900 to 2050. (in two volumes)
    I used to have those little blue German books that covered a multitude of mostly decades. I feel doom and gloom myself half the time because I am wired to warn, to try to prevent, to help remind (my family) to walk forward, keep walking, don’t look back…….you know. You get the drift.

    When I am down in the ditch, I see you beckoning me back up.
    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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