Jupiter Uranus: Truth Upended – Changing Worldview

learning curve“A worldview or world-view is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the whole of the individual’s or society’s knowledge and point of view.”
– wikipedia

Having discovered the various levels and endless layers of lies and deception that surround me, I’ve been updating my worldview. It’s quite a bit of work but I’m compelled to do it because I just don’t like being stupid.

I was going to post this in the forum to ask others if they were undergoing something similar when I realized this may be personal to me.

Some years ago something truly unusual happened.  Both Jupiter and Uranus changed signs in my Progressed chart. Not only that, the planets aspect each other.

I wrote about this at the time.

Progressed Uranus Changing Signs

I had some handle on what might happen and while I don’t think I was wrong, it’s clear to me today, this is much bigger.  Bigger… Jupiter.  The concept of change is further amplified by fact, progressed Jupiter is in Aquarius.

Had I thought about it more, I might of realized, everything I thought to be true (Jupiter) would be upended (Aquarius / Uranus).  This is certainly what happened.

Every single thing I have ever believed has to be recalibrated.  It’s a laborious and sometimes painful process but I’ve had no choice.  Thankfully there’s a learning curve with this. I still got more to do but I’m beyond the hard part.

Has anything ever happened to you that forced you to rethink your views on things? What’s the astrology?

4 thoughts on “Jupiter Uranus: Truth Upended – Changing Worldview”

  1. I’ve been going through this since 1999 when I found out the Federal Reserve is not only not Federal, but they don’t reserve anything. Nothing I believed has turned out to be true, and I continue to find that I’ve been lied to and misled.

    Currently, I’m attempting to learn to escape Plato’s Cave in the event reincarnation is real. I want off this shi*hole planet for good. Since I’m not an astrologer, I have no idea if this has to do with Jupiter and/or Uranus in my chart. I’m a Pisces sun, Aquarius rising and Sag moon.

  2. I have to change the way I thought about Everything many times over, pretty much my whole life. Just when I think I get a handle on my perceptions ba bam. And also I get that this reaches far beyond my perception or those around me and goes global. Age of Aquarius. Maybe? Hell idk. I feel like the whole world is changing, being upgraded. And today, just today I was looking at the difference between Roman Catholics and orthodox religion. And I am feeling wild. Lol🤣 no but for real! I feel like we are being downloaded with new energy, and it almost feels like a dark night of the soul but there is also liberation, free. Like just be. The art of Buddhism. Maybe we as a collective are changing and some of us just feel it more.

  3. I think this rethinking everything is widespread on planet Earth right now. And it’s likely that, as you say, Elsa, “Every single thing I have ever believed has to be recalibrated. It’s a laborious and sometimes painful process but I’ve had no choice.” I’m not an astrologer but I work with a lot of people and I’m seeing that some people are in denial, others are not in denial but they are struggling, as you describe. Most likely, the more open we are to rethinking the world, the easier to adapt. And it still is/will be hard. Most likely, the best solution is to be in a space of love.

  4. In 2020, Saturn & Pluto came together on my Sun plus a Full Moon eclipse in Cancer. Thank heavens we had a lockdown! I didn’t know nothing! Ashes falling & personal inner losses but all looked stable. Also Sun progressed to Aries/9H & in last few months so did Mercury, both coming out of 8H for 30 years. My Pluto in first opp Venus in 7H = constant death & rebirth of close relationships. The biggest change came when I got on my team & quit beating myself up for every little thing. I am narrowly focused on my inner world & what nourishes me. I offer TLC & kindness but to a smaller circle – so I have energy for them & they bring energy to our relationship. Saturn left my Sun & tromped over my Mercury, Desc, Jupiter & Venus. Returned & stalled on that Venus Pluto opp. At 72 yrs old, I have Progressed Venus conj my natal Venus w a Saturn transit stalled there. Wow! I’m flabbergasted by the tumbling of a house of belief cards and I’m so grateful. I’m looking w experience but also a return to innocence. I’m remembering my chart is to help me sort what is mine to do & it’s okay to do it my way. I see our charts are our face of god & to focus ‘out there’ well, that is the illusion. My Saturn had a stalled transit by Neptune too…we live in many dimensions…at any time & they each have rules, best practices & a lifetime of experience to draw on. Not to mention the Mysterious forces…the wild card! And what is Mystery. In contemplation I realized mystery is Anything I don’t know. OMG! I don’t know way more than I do. What a humbling relief. “I don’t know” came into my conversations & freed up a lot of none-of—my-business energy. 😉 All that buzzy-body energy focused on what others think/do/say from near & dear to talking heads…all I need to do is me, consciously, which takes a continuous quiet sorting. My home & garden have been as transformed as I have as I ‘sorted myself out’ on inner & outer levels.
    Elsa, your changes of sign in progression – That is a wow! If we let them, they are like a cold water shower waking us up from our fixated dreams that were Then into the Dream of Now. I feel like rusted scales fell away & I am more current with myself than EVER! Aries in the 9th seems to be more about faith & optimism than sorting beliefs. Of course this comes from a Capricorn!! But really, all of us could humbly do ourselves & let others do theirs…

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