Psychopath Mind Trick

8th houseFile this under, “Stuff they don’t teach you”.  If you tell a person the opposite of the truth, with emphasis, the average person will lose their ability to discern the truth. This is a common tactic used by psychopaths.

Your knee-jerk reaction may have you not believe me but it you take a minute and consider what I’m saying, you’ll see this is very hard to deny. It’s psychological phenomena.  Your processing of the lie blocks your other function. Like an opposition in astrology? I’ve mentioned many times, it’s my favorite area of study in this realm.

It gets even more interesting if you understand that normal people don’t do this. I’m not talking about lies, large or small. I’m talking about the opposite of the truth.  This is psychopath mind trick.  When normal people do this, they’re being facetious.  The psychopath is gaming you, mocking, exploiting your weakness.

I suppose some people may think this is irrelevant to them since they don’t run with psychopaths but this is not the case. There are many psychopaths in the “public square” and they routinely tell you the opposite of the truth; hitting the trigger you don’t even know is there.


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  1. Could you give an example Elsa? I’m not comprehending why the opposite of truth is not a lie and I would really like to understand.

    1. From a psychological standpoint, I THINK that what you’re talking about is gaslighting.

      Gaslighting undermines a person’s perception of reality. You end up second-guessing yourself, your memories, events, and perceptions; you’re left feeling dazed and wonder if there’s something wrong with you. This is a well-known tactic used by narcissists and abusers for a variety of reasons, but ultimately it’s all about manipulation and control.

      And when these tactics are successful it creates cognitive dissonance – hazy confusion of reality – because now there are two contradictory thoughts, beliefs, or perceptions about the same thing.

      For clarification, “psychopath” is not a clinical definition or diagnosis, but rather a description of a cluster of traits typically found in individuals diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder or ASPD. ASPD affects about 1-4% of the population, the majority of whom are males. About 1% of that (1-4%) demographic present with psychopathic traits.
      As a licensed therapist in more than 20 years of practice I have never diagnosed a patient with ASPD. This doesn’t mean I haven’t met any, just that 1) the diagnostic criteria is stringent, and 2) these individuals NEVER seek out treatment unless court ordered to do so; even then, it’s easy for them to “fly under the radar” in short-term treatment unless the clinician really knows what they’re looking at. That’s where comprehensive psychological evaluations can be helpful.
      *sorry for my non-astrological two cents

    1. Gonna take a gander, this is so complex in my opinion.

      Not speaking for Elsa…but if I may provide examples of how I interpret this – both to Libra Stellium and Emma.

      Difference between opposite of the truth and a lie. Maybe this applies more as it evolves….

      Opposite of the truth goes against observations. So one can be observing things but told by trustworthy sources that it’s really not the case (of what is being observed) and it’s actually XYZ or 123. There is a pr-existing premises there, perhaps an established ground work from trustworthy sources which helps to bypass the observers observations.

      A lie is typically told but there is a speculation or a nudge/intuition in the mix. Maybe the exchange is more arid more based on a less trustworthy groundwork.

      Such a complex subject…just my beginnings of my two cents to get the conversation going…I am curious what others have to say.

      1. ……oh and a lie beats around the bush.

        An opposite of truth is flat out as it is, no room for someone to pick up on the ‘beat around’.

  2. I’m sorry. I thought I was clear.
    I will try to think of a better way to convey this.
    Until then, if you remove the astrology / opposition, does that help?

    1. Reading “Which Zodiac Sign Lies the Most” helped me think through the topic much clearer. Although I still find the tern “opposite of the truth” curious and wonder if I’m missing something.

  3. Me too. That’s confusing me the opposite of the truth but not just a lie. Facetious I get but to me that’s just sarcasm or joking but “inappropriately” as it say in the Dictionary.

  4. When I wrote this, I ran it in my head to verify. I think it is easy to grasp, but I am failing to communicate so I have to think it through.

    But if you want to do what I did (before I have a chance to think), consider someone tells you black is white and you accept it. IMAGINE this in your head.

    Then someone tells you the truth a week later – you reject it.

    This is real thing I am describing here, and if you’re the psychopath making it happen, you’re quite pleased.

    Check these

    I cam

  5. I see exactly what you are pointing out Elsa.It is obvious enough to see from where l am standing.There is a huge amount of the opposite on display and it’s everywhere.
    It is not complex to comprehend. It is stated to be________. They often force-feed the narrative with confidence and use authority and repetition while playing on emotions. It works on many people. You would have to take this on faith alone to believe and follow. Evidence does not support what has been stated.
    It is in actuality_________.It is the opposite of what they are force-feeding you. It is insulting, mocking and beyond devious. It is a blatant lack of respect and a violent abuse of privilege. It is Psychopathic and it has been used by these parasites for a long time.

    I am glad you brought this forward.I see this as an important distinction. It is different than the general lie in the extremity. The psychopathic operation makes certain that truth becomes lies and lies become truth.

    1. Thanks. I really think this is a psychological phenomena.

      Just think about looking at something. The truth is behind you. You can deal with your peripheral vision but if someone tries to actually turn you, your subconscious won’t allow it.

      1. Oh yes it is a psychological phenomenon. It seems they know an awful lot about the workings of the subconscious and how to weaponize it against humanity.

  6. “The 87,000 IRS agents will go after the rich”- They will go after waitressing tips.
    “The Vaxxes will prevent serious complications and death”- Excess deaths since the implementation of MRNA vaxxes are shockingly high, especially in geographical areas with higher implementation of vaxx protocols.
    “Trump is in Russia’s/China’s pocket”- Biden’s son has implicated his dad via his laptop in millions of dollars received from the mayor of Moscow’s wife, and from China, not to mention the Ukraine.
    Need I go on?

    1. It may fall under a “gaslighting” umbrella, but I’m talking about something specific here. OPPOSITES. “Gaslighting” covers any misinformation; it can be vague and it usually is. Plausible deniability.

      Oppositions are… violent, for lack of a better word. Nothing vague about it.

      1. Elsa, I think you are skirting around it, but what you are describing in the psychopath elite’s doctrine of inversion. At the core it is spiritual warfare.

        1. Actually, I am not skirting around anything. I am writing about what I know. This is a straightforward post, with no secrets or additives or hints or Easter eggs or whatever.

          I am trying to share something that is not taught, but it used to be taught. It has been taught and it should be taught again.

          There will be more on this that may better clarify. I wish I would have done a better job composing it.

  7. My partner’s mother is exactly THIS. He has some great, huge karmic debt to her and follows her around like a puppy dog.

  8. Avatar
    Tess Charbonneau

    The gas pipeline was blown up by the U.S./ Have Prez and former people from previous admins stating this and….Russia blew it up
    and soooo much more

  9. A friend I’d only known a few months told me he lived with his grandpa; who wasn’t his real grandpa, but a longtime [now ex-] friend of his dad’s who took over as grandpa. He said he had moved in to take care of grandpa. Well, one day grandpa was in a car accident and refused medical eval and my friend was at work, so I said I would go check in on grandpa.

    Well I got there and grandpa seemed fine. He also starting talking about my friend. I mentioned that I thought my friend (a gay man) has bad taste in men (seems to gravitate to destructive, unavailable relationships). Grandpa just looked at me. Turned out Grandpa is not my friend’s grandpa at all, but his much older partner.

    My friend kept his partner separate from his friends and told all that’s his grandpa because then he could live the life of a single guy and not be judged. He let his partner think he was committed to their relationship when he wasn’t so he could live there for free and be taken care of. And of course he didn’t want his friends to know this, either.

    When I finally told my friend I knew who grandpa really was, he doubled down on his lies (said grandpa was his first boyfriend who really was his ‘grandpa’ at first while they’re not together anymore, he still cares about him) and he also said that he doesn’t sleep with grandpa (which he does).

    And here’s the opposite thing he said: [Because grandpa purportedly abused him when they were together], he’s not at all attracted to grandpa; grandpa grosses him out.

      1. Yes! No explanation was necessary, but then again, I have been trying to be a successful actor and thus navigating Hollywood, the Den of Lies, for quite awhile now (Saturn in Cap/Cap rising). I have seen a bit.

        1. I have long pondered and studied the phenomenon of professional — although I would argue, quite UNprofessional — liars. Typically so deluded by their desperation to get ahead that they lose all capacity to discern the truth from the lies that they become perpetuators of The Great Lie themselves because they don’t have the capacity to live anything but.

  10. I believe there is also room in this discussion for the penchant of psychopaths (clinically diagnosed or othwrwise) to intentionally lead you down the garden path with promises and behavior that would lead you to believe they have your best interests at heart so you will be a compliant little doormat.

    1. We all lie to some degree. I think of it as social grease. It helps us slide through society without constant confrontations or dealing w questions that are private & nobody’s business but our own… rather a gray or blurry area of boundaries. But what I’d call psychopathic is a highly conscious behavior to get what that person wants w no emotional awareness of cost to the other. They don’t care what it costs.
      They want what they want. It’s highly intentional & benefits them. They can want money, power, control, prestige, love, connections. But it is driven, focused & again, intentional & strategic. Most of us don’t have that kind of energy or focus-a lot of lies to keep straight. But hey, a good offense (attack) is a great defense. So hold your ground & vigorously defend what is opposite the truth! Beat them down.
      I see it in the public domain to a shocking degree. When science isn’t science, words are changed to a degree they don’t mean what they mean & there is no transparency to where or who is driving websites & news.
      There’s the saying “the ring of truth” – my body literally resonates to truth. It’s a weapon in my continual work to a higher consciousness. Which to my surprise, not everyone is working toward! 🙂 Great post & convo here!

      1. Yes, so true. I struggle or shake my head at how some perpetrators do so much cruelty, having been treated very cruelly themselves (up to child sexual abuse). I would not want to cause pain BECAUSE I have been caused pain.

  11. The opposite the truth, is being conveyed as the truth, according to the psychopath or whomever wants to weild “power over” someone else. As I understood you, Elsa.

  12. Wanted to comment on your statement re sharing information. There are several good astrologers on Youtube, who deliver long, interesting information on upcoming astro events, and listeners make wonderful comments. Although I respect their work, there is no energy exchange. The next ‘show’ is about the next astro event, no mention of the previous event.
    I know they are doing their best, as time would not permit the dialogue required for any summarisation. Just saying I appreciate your approach, and your invitation to the readers to share experiences and information.

    1. Thank you! I am always very interested in other people’s ideas or perspectives. I think we are designed to work together in complement but instead, people are divided (and conquered).

      1. Yes, this divide and conquer stuff is very real, and not something people click onto until the deed is done. Perhaps it’s another issue that will be brought to the surface in the future!

  13. Holocaust denial, is an example of this. Some say it just didn’t happen (despite evidence to the contrary and many, many lived experiences). Also, man walking on the moon. Some believe this just didn’t happen. The total opposite. And those in power certainly play this game, knowing that once the opposite is believed, no-one will want to look the fool and capitulate on it. They will say the thing, over and over, with no evidence – just ‘beliefs’ – and seek to gain a following for the thing.

  14. Hmm, reminds me of someone I used to date a long time ago. He would do this to me and I was often very confused. He needed an ass kicking. Apologies for my brashness, but he did. Probably still does.

  15. Well, I’m quite happy. I just came across a reference from 1975, explaining it has to be 100% diametrically opposed to what is right… I knew it!

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