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Speaking Of Remission (Lupus)

Ben emailed me today. He does not read my blog, but he does get my newsletter.  He’s not heard me talk about lupus lately. “I assume you’re in remission…” I hadn’t thought about it, but that’s a fair enough term.  You can’t get rid of lupus as far as I know.  There are antinuclear antibodies […]

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What Am I Supposed To Learn From Suffering AIDS?

Hi, Elsa My health started spiraling down around thanksgiving 2015 to the point of coming within weeks of death my T cells where almost non-existent; I did not know. The first week of January I was diagnosed with HIV AIDS and was brought back from the point. Within a week of being discharged from pneumonia

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Crippled Again

Saturn square Neptune. Saturn will hobble a person. Neptune will obscure the cause. I’m back to not being able to walk again. I’m so pissed. I had this problem last year and figured it out. It was such a shock. I’d get out of the car, and quickly realize, if I didn’t grab onto the car,

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Lupus Update

A few days ago, my elbow blew up. It swelled like a balloon for no particular reason. I then took something from the freezer and my fingertips turned bright red. I didn’t hold the thing for long. I was surprised. Where does this come from?  Change of seasons?  I’ve not been particularly stressed. Various symptoms

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